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Paper Piecing: Mmmm, power pellets!

The first video game I ever played on a home console was at a friend’s house in third grade.  She’d received an Atari 2600 for her birthday.  Such a huge gift for one person was beyond my eight-year-old comprehension.  My family was on a much different budget and something like that would have been, and eventually was, a gift for the whole family.

We played Pac-Man all night, eating up the dots of light and squealing when we got a Power Pellet.  I remember too much sugar, too much caffeine and absolutely no sleep.

A couple of months back, I dreamed of Pac-Man (yes, I’m that geeky) and in the dream I was drawing the chomping-mouthed fellow.

Not just drawing though, designing…and turning him into a paper pieced pattern.   Silly, probably, but it made me laugh, so I did it.

Pac-Man Paper Pieced Patterns
by Jennifer Ofenstein

click on each image for the pattern

Pacman Pacman Ghost Pacman Sad Ghost

with thanks to Shae, who made the sample blocks

Sad Ghost

I mentioned that I’m a geek, right?

Now, we can play Pac-Man for free online. The trademark music never fails to remind me of that first sugar-laden all-nighter my friends and I pulled sending a gold chomper around a maze and avoiding the ever present ghosts!

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If you make these or any Sewhooked crafts (geeky or not!), I’d love to see a photo in the Sewhooked flickr group!

Happy crafting!