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Guest Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Tanner

designed by Jennifer Tanner
click on image for pattern

After a long time without a Guest Designer Spotlight, I’m proud to say that I have a brand new sewhooked Guest Designer to introduce:  Jennifer Tanner!  Jennifer answered some questions about herself for us so fans of her patterns can get to know her a little better.


First name and where you’re from: Jennifer Tanner; Zimmerman, Minnesota

Website/blog/online store or other place where your patterns or photos of your work can be found? I do not have a website & I hardly think you could call my Live Journal account a blog! But I am going to do my best to learn how to use it. I will keep passing on new designs to Jennifer though, so you can always find them at www.sewhooked.org on the Guest designer page! (Many thanks to Jennifer for creating this part of her website!)

How long have you been paper piecing and/or quilting? The first quilt I made was a baby quilt for my husband’s cousin. I do not remember the exact year but I think it was somewhere in 2001 – 2003. I didn’t start paper piecing until November of this past year (2009). I decided that I was going to get going on the Harry Potter quilt I had wanted to make since 2001. I started to get pretty downhearted when looking for Harry Potter material because it was OUTRAGEOUSLY priced on eBay. I then did a Google search & found Jennifer’s website. (HURRAY!) I had only heard of paper piecing once before so I wasn’t sure this would work either. With the help of Jen’s tutorial & another gal’s YouTube video, I gave it a whirl. Needless to say, I loved it!

What do you use own your blocks for? I am using my HP themed blocks for my Harry Potter quilt top. I designed a Christmas tree for a table runner, a Mickey Mouse outline for a pillow for my son, & a pirate square that hasn’t been tested yet. Once I am done with my HP quilt I would like to make a book bag using some of the HP patterns.


click image for pattern

When did you start designing? I designed my first block December 2009.

Was there a particular inspiration to draw your first pattern? Do you remember what your first design was? Seeing the fulfillment Jennifer got from her own designs inspired me to just go for it. My first block was a Christmas tree. My next block was a train engine that I drew up for my sister after not being able to find a pattern I liked online. That is what led me to design my Hogwarts Express. I just kept going from there.

Do you have a favorite among your own designs? I am equally in love with my Hogwarts Castle & Durmstrang ship. The ship is available for download on Jennifer’s website, www.sewhooked.org, but I decided to keep the castle as my own block.

How has the online community changed the way you craft/quilt/design, etc.? Where do I begin!?! God just blessed me with the crafty online community this fall & it has helped me so much! I would not be designing today if I had not discovered this community. Not to mention I probably would not be making my HP quilt right now either! I can go to YouTube & watch tutorials if I’m stuck on something; Jennifer has been amazing in answering so many questions that I’ve had about paper piecing & designing. The compliments people share with each other is so encouraging. It has inspired me to be a better crafter. I enjoy being able to share something I love with others who share the same passion! And I’m so happy to have found paper piecing. 🙂

What do you use to design your patterns?  Paper and pencil, a specific software, etc.  I hand draw all of my patterns using pencil & a ruler. I’ve tried & tried to get the computer drawing down. I can get the picture drawn, but can’t figure out how to get the seam allowance in there so old fashioned drawing it is for me!

find more of Jennifer Tanners’ patterns on the sewhooked Guest Designer page

Happy Quilting!