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Storage Solution from Pinterest!

Source: thestressedmom.com viaRobin on Pinterest

 I see, and pin, a lot of things on Pinterest. If you’re on Pinterest, you know you do it, too! Many things are ideas that I might like to try or just stuff I think is kinda cool. Storage ideas are fantastic, primarily because my home has so little of it.

There’s a fun list I came across earlier this week that includes 10 things to do with an over-the-door shoe organizer. The one that really caught my eye was storing cleaning supplies. I can never find anything under my kitchen sink, and it’s doubly full as I transition from non-green products to green products. Two of everything? I have them!

over the door shoe organizer for cleaning supplies

I found a shoe organizer at my local supermarket for $5. I didn’t hang mine over the door because I don’t need instant access to any of this because most of these are the supplies that I’m transitioning away from. Also, banging. LOTS of banging. All this on the back of a door that’s opened regularly? Not so fun.

I’m loving the way this works for storage and am seriously considering adding one more in my closet to store socks and other items I don’t have a good place for. My shoes can stay in the closet floor…for now!

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All Sudsed Up – Homemade Hand Soap!

Homemade Liquid Handsoap made from a bar of soap

After seeing this recipe for making a gallon of hand soap on Pinterest, I could not resist giving it a try!

It takes one bar of hand soap, 2 TBS liquid glycerin and 1 gallon of water. So simple!

I used a bar of tea tree soap for my version, and followed the recipe to the letter. My house smelled extra-nice for a couple of days, and the soap smells just as good.

For the first few hours after cooking, the soap looked a bit like milky water, but once it was completely cooled, it was absolutely the perfect consistency for a hand pump.

I doubt the refills will last for a year for my family, but we will get a lot of use out of that one bar of soap!

If you try this, make sure you have containers ready to go. I filled all my soap dispensers as well as one empty soap refill bottle, but I had to improvise with the rest.

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