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TTMT #639 – Busy At Home

I’ve been getting a TON of stuff done and almost none of it is crafting or sewing, but DIY and loads of cleaning around the house. What little I’ve done is crocheting on the baby blanket I’ve been working on. I hope you are all safe & well. ♥


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TTMT #637 – Floored

In which I talk about finishing a DIY project that was long overdue, some mail, and a new crochet project.


Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links but I have no control over “sponsored posts” which are the price I pay for a less expensive website. Thank you for your understanding & support. ♥

TTMT #353 – Do It Yourself


I forgot to mention that the David Bowie Tribute on Fandom in Stitches did go up on Saturday. You can find that here.

Here are my contributions:

(from Space Oddity by David Bowie)
7″ hand embroidered
a free pattern
(from Changes by David Bowie)
7″ hand embroidered
a free pattern
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Storage Solution from Pinterest!

Source: thestressedmom.com viaRobin on Pinterest

 I see, and pin, a lot of things on Pinterest. If you’re on Pinterest, you know you do it, too! Many things are ideas that I might like to try or just stuff I think is kinda cool. Storage ideas are fantastic, primarily because my home has so little of it.

There’s a fun list I came across earlier this week that includes 10 things to do with an over-the-door shoe organizer. The one that really caught my eye was storing cleaning supplies. I can never find anything under my kitchen sink, and it’s doubly full as I transition from non-green products to green products. Two of everything? I have them!

over the door shoe organizer for cleaning supplies

I found a shoe organizer at my local supermarket for $5. I didn’t hang mine over the door because I don’t need instant access to any of this because most of these are the supplies that I’m transitioning away from. Also, banging. LOTS of banging. All this on the back of a door that’s opened regularly? Not so fun.

I’m loving the way this works for storage and am seriously considering adding one more in my closet to store socks and other items I don’t have a good place for. My shoes can stay in the closet floor…for now!

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Way Back Craft: Marble Backsplash

Once upon a time, we were renters. Every place we lived in belonged to someone else. The color and interest we had were from fabrics and furniture. I could not wait until we had our own place so we could add and change color whenever we pleased!

One of the first projects for my kitchen when we moved in nine years ago was a backsplash. There was originally nothing behind the sink except wall. The paint was peeling and just kind of nasty. I had been collecting different colors of florist marbles and the two came together one night in a stroke of inspiration. It’s been about eight years now and the backsplash still looks as good as it did then!

D-I-Why? Well, because it’s my house and I can!

Marble Backsplash
© Jennifer Ofenstein

● Clean, dry scrub brush
● Florist marbles (flat on one side), washed and dried
● Tile Adhesive in a tube
● Pre-mixed grout
● Sponge
● Grout Sealant
● Latex Gloves (optional)

1. Scrub off loose paint with a dry brush.

2. Using tile adhesive and marbles of your color choice (the amount depends on the size of your space), apply in a pattern or design pleasing to you, leaving a small (about 1/4″) gap between marbles.

3. Allow to dry according to label instructions.

4. Using fingertips (with latex gloves if you like), apply premixed grout. It only takes a small amount. This and the adhesive can be found in the flooring department of your local home improvement store.

5. Smooth grout until it fills all the gaps.

6. Following manufacturer’s instruction, use a damp sponge to wipe grout from marbles.

7. After proper drying time, apply a grout sealer, following manufacturer’s instructions. It’ll make your grout last longer and help it stay cleaner.

Additional information: The window surround is not grouted. The windowsill was contoured using Plaster of Paris to make it look more like stone. This was painted over with the same color as the wall paint.

The beautiful stained glass was made by my mother-in-law, Carol Ofenstein.

This is part of my “Way Back Craft” series’; patterns, crafts, tutorials and general crafty memories before the days of the blog.

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