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Stencil That Fandom!

I got on a bit of a stenciling kick yesterday. It started in the afternoon and kept going until about 10 pm, with various and sundry other things stashed in between, not the least of which was trying, quite unsuccessfully, to get my out-of-state house guest to try bbq ribs. Oh well, maybe next year!

Runs With Half Demons
The first tee was stenciled for my darling daughter, Elena, who is currently on vacation visiting her paternal grandparents. I haven’t seen her in two weeks and I’m starting to show some withdrawal symptoms. Anywhoo, this stencil was her idea, which I then took and created in Photoshop. She’s a huge InuYasha fan (definitive proof in this post) and thought it would be fun to do a play on the “Runs with werewolves” and “Runs with vampires” stuff inspired by Twilight. So…”Runs with half-demons” (of which InuYasha is one)!

Portal T-Shirt - Front
The second shirt is for Gareth, and was also his idea. Aperture Laboratories is the setting for the Portal games. He’s a fan and thought a tee would be hysterical…turns out, so does the hubby. (see below)

Aperture Science
We’ve talked about Portal here before and you may remember my Aperture pattern from a previous post.
Portal T-Shirt - Back
This is the back of the Aperture tee. This little addition was Gareth’s idea.

From Urban Dictionary:

Roughly translates to “your promised reward is merely a fictitious motivator”. Popularized by the game “Portal” (found on Half-Life 2’s “Orange Box” game release for PC, X-Box 360, and PS3). During the game, an electronic voice encourages you to solve intricate puzzles using cake as a motivating perk. When you have “broken out” of the game’s initial testing phase (from threat of death), you find scrawls on walls of the innards of the testing center warning you that “the cake is a lie”.

Employee #1: Yo, Dave, manager says we will probably get a promotion if we meet the sales expectations for this quarter.

Employee #2: Yeah, so, don’t get your hopes up on that one, Ed. The cake is a lie. 

Employee #1: Really, aw crap.

Portal - Aperture Laboratories tee #2
Why stencil one tee when you can stencil two? This one is for The Hubby, as mentioned above. He’s also a video game guru and loved Gareth’s tee.  His does not include “the cake is a lie,” but he loves it just the same!

Code Geass Black Knight Tee

Last, but definitely not least is the Black Knight tee. This one is a bit more of a mystery to me, because I’m not as familiar with the fandom, Code Geass. It’s the current favorite of my teen house guest. She suggested the design and helped me choose the font. I like the way it looks on the girl-cut tee! The photo came out a bit…crooked, but that has more to do with the angle of my squirrel-proof clothesline (read: chain) than the tee.

All-in-all, a very stencily day!

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Oh, Portal!

Aperture Science Aperture Science

Aperture Science, a paper pieced quilt block. L – EQ7 version, R-my pieced block

For a brief period in April and May, my thirteen year old became my personal assistant. He was helpful with laundry, with taking out the trash, yardwork…you name it!

While he is genuinely a good kid,  like most people that have jobs, he did it for the money. You see, Portal 2
was on the horizon, and as I was eagerly informed, it was a Must Have Game.

He worked hard, earned his money, and now owns (and has beaten) Portal II.

When I started Fandom In Stitches, the first comment he made to me was how amazingly cool it would be to have Portal quilt blocks. Spoken like a true fan with a quilty mom! He helped me choose a few that I could work on, the first being Aperture Science.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve transitioned from designing my patterns exclusively in Photoshop to using a combination of EQ7 and Photoshop. The advantage of this is being able to have sample images before I ever piece a block. It gives me a really good idea where a block is going and if I’m getting just what I want out of it.

Above, you can see the EQ version that I mocked up after drafting my pattern on the left and my actual pieced block on the right. Pretty cool, huh?

He loves the new block and has requested an Aperture Science pillowcase…perfect for dragging to sleep-overs with his video game loving friends!

For this pattern and more awesome free fandom patterns, visit Fandom In Stitches!