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Ministry of Silly Walks Stencil

Ministry of Silly Walks Stenciled Tee

Here’s a fun stencil that I made for my son.  It’s a fairly simple stencil and a great conversation starter!

My family are huge Monty Python fans, so much so, that I ended up making a shirt for my hubby,too.

From the classic Python sketch, Ministry of Silly Walks:


In lieu of individual photos of the process, take a look at my how-to video for stenciling, which you may remember from this post or from The Cullen Crest post.

  1. Pre-wash t-shirt without fabric softener.
  2. Print stencil (or alternative updated version) onto freezer paper (matte side).
  3. Carefully cut out with an exact-o knife. There are loads of fiddly bits, so take your time and be careful.
  4. Set iron to medium.
  5. Place cardboard or newspaper inside t-shirt.
  6. Place stencil on t-shirt with a piece of blank paper on top (that keeps the tiny pieces in place) then carefully press with the iron.
  7. Use the foam brush to gently paint on the fabric paint.
  8. Allow a few minutes to dry, then carefully remove the stencil. For small pieces, use a straight pin to help get them started for easier removal.
  9. Finish drying according to manufacturer’s directions.

Ministry of Silly Walks stenciled tee #2Black on White Silly Walks

Silly Walk Tee
kirstencan’s Silly Walk tee from the flickr group

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The black Ministry of Silly Walks tee was one of the winners of the Knitted Icons contest on cut out + keep. (Knitted Icons was the prize…the craft didn’t have to be knitted)