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Sneak Peek!

New Project Sneak Peek

Despite my more-hectic-than-usual schedule, I have managed to squeeze in work on a new design! This is a sneak peek of what I’ll be showing in tomorrow’s TTMT!


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Things to Come

Retreat Sneak Peek

I had a very productive weekend at my sewing group’s annual retreat! This is a tiny sneak peek of what I’ll be sharing on tomorrow’s Talk To Me Tuesday!

Today, it’s back to real life and back to work!


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It’s awfully quiet in here…

Sneak Peak

You might have noticed in yesterday’s Talk To Me Tuesday that I didn’t actually show anything that I’m working on.


There’s a mighty fine reason for that. I’ve been working on something I can’t show off just yet. In fact, I will need the all-clear from someone else before I share it.

Is that vague enough for you?

This photo is a teeny tiny sneak peek.

That’s it…I really can’t say anything else!

Back to hand stitching a hanging sleeve.

Oh, oh, could that be a clue?!

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Happy Stitching!


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