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Free Pattern Friday – Owl Wish Upon A Star


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

Once again, I’ve dug into my “Unpublished” folder and come up with what I hope you will think is a gem!

Way back in 2010 or 2011, I sent out my first offering to a magazine for publication. It was this fun pattern, Owl Wish Upon A Star. Unfortunately, this sweet guy was rejected and he’s languished on my hard drive ever since!

Here he is today, a super simple 12″ pattern to paper piece. I’ve also included some fun mocked up versions so you can see what a repeat of this sweet block looks like.

owls and stars block 2

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owls and stars quilt.JPG

How about a fun quilt mock up using one block repeated?

owls and stars quilt colorful.JPG

Now, what if it was really colorful? I just love this one!

halloween colors.JPG

And. of course, I had to have one for Halloween! (Thanks to Jewells for the nudge!)


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Name That Quilt!

The Project That Needs A Name

I love coming up with creative titles for my projects, but even my name bank runs out from time to time. The above quilt is 12 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ and is entirely paper pieced. It’s the latest design in my wall hanging series for the Sewhooked shop. The pattern itself tested, edited and ready to go. As soon as I have a name, it will be ready to sell!

This is where you come in! For the next week, add your title idea in comments. I’ll put up a poll including all the suggestions* and the one with the most votes is what I’ll use for the new pattern! The person that suggests the winning name will receive the very first hardcopy version of this pattern and a Sewhooked button!

*I reserve the right to not include names that are 1)inappropriate 2)obviously copyrighted by someone else. Please ask me first if you’re not sure! You’re always welcome to email me with questions.

ETA: The poll will go up on Friday, September 24!



Paper Piecing: Seeing Stars

click on the image for the pattern, except Rising Sun, bottom right, which has 4 pattern pieces:
1, 2, 3, 4

I have been drawing a lot of stars lately. Some, like the Tone Tone Star and the Chubby Star, were for a quilt block swap I recently participated in. The Arkansas Snowflake, a very common and popular block, was drawn as a replica replacement for a quilt top that was a thrift store find.

After reworking and rearranging some of the patterns over on the sewhooked Paper Pieced Patterns page, I realized my count of star (or, in some cases, star-ish) patterns online was up to six and thought it would be a nice to present them all together.

As for the changes in organization over on sewhooked, you will find the “Miscellaneous” category has been broken up into two new sections:  People, Places and Things & Shapes.  As I create more varieties of patterns, I try to arrange them as logically as possible to make them easier to find.  I hope this will help visitors to sewhooked to find what they’re looking for more easily.

If you make these or any sewhooked crafts, I’d love to see a photo!  Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting!