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STITCHED is Hopping Through March

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that am taking part in a Tutorial Blog Hop during the month of March that is brought to you by 10 STITCHED instructors, myself included!

STITCHED is a subscription-based community with a slew of awesome instructors, workshops, prizes and more!

Read all about STITCHED right here.

Each one of the tutorials in the STITCHED Tutorial Blog Hop is unique and FREE, so definitely check out each of these blogs, learn something new and have some crafty fun!

STITCHED Tutorial Blog Hop

My tutorial is March 15. Here’s a sneak peek!

Everybody Hop!
March 1st  – Deborah of Deborah’s Journal; Blog Hop: Handwriting on Fabric
March 6th – Jackie of Stitchworks; Blog Hop: Printed FabricPrinted Fabric part 2
March 8th –  Mollie of Wild Olive; Blog Hop: Honey Bee Candle Mat
March 15th – Jennifer of Sewhooked (that’s me…woohoo! AND this is my sister’s birthday!)
March 20th – Kelli of Kelli Nina Perkins
March 22nd – Tracie of Radical Recycks
March 27th – Alma of Alma Stoller
March 29th – Ann Tucker of The Lavendar Tree
In honor of my participation in the STITCHED Tutorial Blog Hop, get 15% off your TOTAL PURCHASE from the Sewhooked Shop during the month of March with coupon code MARCH15. Not valid on etsy or craftsy.
Paper Pieced Pattern-A-Day Garden Party Blog Hop

The Paper Pieced Pattern-A-Day blog hop is coming April 1, 2012! We have a full compliment of designers ready to share awesome free paper pieced patterns with you!

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