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Paper Piecing Vintage – Coming in 2014!

Let’s face it, when I get ready to sew, paper piecing is what I love best.

There’s this other thing, too: I’ve always wanted to make a vintage-inspired sampler quilt.

After years of contemplating the idea of paper piecing vintage blocks and considering what blocks I personally would most like to include in a quilt like this, the idea has solidified.

Please join me beginning January 1, 2014

for a very special year-long event:

Paper Piecing Vintage - a Block of the Month Sample

This will be a for purchase Block of the Month (BOM) through my Craftsy store that includes each month’s block in two pattern sizes: 6″ & 12″.

The entire quilt is designed in two colors with a solid background. Can you make it scrappy? ABSOLUTELY!

If you sign up in December, you will get a super duper special discount, because honestly, I want you to play along. Quilting is more fun when we do it together!

The best part? You only need to sign up once:

It works like this: 

  • Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive a notification from Craftsy to download your pattern.
  • One the first of each month, I will update Paper Piecing Vintage on Craftsy.
  • You will receive notification from Craftsy that the updated pattern is available.
  • Download and print the pattern for each month’s block in the size of your choice.
  • That’s one payment, one time for the entire 12 month series; that’s 24 patterns total, each of the 12 patterns in two sizes, all for one price.
  • Any questions? Ask! I’m just a comment away. 😉

I'm a Craftsy Designer

Remember, buying a pattern from time to time helps keep my free content free, and I LOVE to share free content!

Sign ups begin December 3!

Do you think you might play along? Let me know in comments before December 3 and I will give two lucky commenters a free copy of the first month’s pattern!

Do you Facebook? Join our spiffy new group for Paper Piecing Vintage and quilt with friends during 2014!

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

Don’t miss my Blog Hop Party post with a fun giveaway, a free project and a special, limited time coupon for blog hoppers!

Movember is almost over, but there’s still time to buy Mustachio! Remember, I’m donating $1 to Movember for each pattern set sold during November!

Thanks for hopping, I hope you’ll stop by again soon!

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In The 80s

Jennifer, 1991

My high school reunion is on Saturday. I get to see a friend I really want to see for the first time in several years, and in the context of people we went to high school with.

1980s Girl
Me, 1987-88ish, freshman in high school. Rob Lowe and Princess Reebocks ftw!

I still have the unicorn blanket…

I am very, very excited to see my friend, but about the rest of the night, my emotions have been fluctuating between Totally Awesome and Gag Me With A Spoon. We graduated in 1991, which makes this twenty years. 20.

1980s Glossary

So, today, a tribute to the 1980s, which was the decade in which I was a teenager.

This post is dedicated to my daughter, Elena. It’s Homecoming on Friday and this is Spirit Week at her school. Today is 80s day. Now I know how my parents felt when we had 60s day…

Elena on 80s Day

This is Elena, wearing the jacket that I embellished my freshman year. I helped her roll up her jeans. She did the rest!

I wish I could find a photo of myself wearing this jacket, but alas, I do not have one.

Elena on 80s Day
The jacket from the back. Yeah, that’s how I rolled. Even back then. I love seeing my daughter in my jacket from high school!

And now, for another musical interlude.



While looking for the jacket Elena’s wearing today, I remembered a vest that I’ve kept that has my button collection from middle and high school on it. These are some of my favorites. In self-defense, I’d like to comment that I was an honors student. 😉

1980s buttons
Did I ever mention that George Michael’s Faith tour was my first concert?  And oh, Jon Bon Jovi, how I loved your hair.

Time Capsule
Some of my stickers from high school,  found when my parents moved out of our childhood home.

So, high school reunions. Did you, would you, could you go to yours?

Time Capsule

my signature, ca. 1989


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Grannie’s Trunk Quilt

Grannie's Trunk Quilt

I see and touch a lot of quilts. With my work through The Linus Connection, literally hundreds of quilts will go through the hands of myself and the other volunteers when we distribute quilts each month.  With that many quilts, it can sometimes slip my mind how special every quilt really is. It’s the time, the thought, and the effort that makes a quilt a quilt.

This quilt is very special, indeed.  My mom unearthed it from a trunk in my grandmother’s house after Grannie passed away.  It started out in my hands as an awkward UFO made of hand-cut (and perfectly proportioned!) flour sack blocks.  These are not reproductions, these are the real deal, some of which still  showed stitching marks from where the bags of flour were originally stitched closed.

It was very long, about eight blocks longer than you see in the photo here.  It was narrow, too, just a long, skinny quilt top, with the occasional hole from being folded for 40 years (give or take a few).  My mom estimates the fabrics themselves are much older because the original sacks were used as pillowcases before they were cut up for quilting.

The first thing I did was remove the extra length.  Then, I very carefully removed the damaged blocks, most of which were across the middle, replacing them with some of the ones I removed from the length.  All the blocks left over became new rows to make the top wider.

And then it sat in a bag in my sewing room for over a year.

It was my amazing friend Linda that inspired me to finish.  She co-owns a long-arm quilt machine and was nudging our friends to share thing with her to quilt.  I pulled out the border-less top and what remained of a bolt of muslin I bought several years ago.  There was the perfect amount for borders and backing.  Poking around my supplies, I realized I had batting, too!  Obviously, the quilt needed to be complete.

Yesterday, Linda returned the quilt to me, which I have named “Grannie’s Trunk Quilt.”   I added binding and washed the quilt – the first time this fabric has been washed in ~40 years!  It washed up beautifully, crinkling just the way an old quilt should.

What will I do with it now that it’s done?  I think it’s going back to the farm house where it began.  It’s journey would be full circle then, and that feels right to me.

So, Mom, this quilt will be coming home soon.  I hope you like it.

Grannie's Trunk Quilt

A close up of the beautiful fabrics and the scrunchilicious quilting.

Grannie's Trunk Quilt

Linda added flowers in the border, such a wonderful touch!

Grannie, Steph, Nathan, Pa & Jen
(L-R) Grannie, my sister Stephanie, Pa, me, and towering over us in the back, my “little” brother, Nathan.  March 1994.

Thanks once again to Amy for hosting another wonderful Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  I hope you’ll join in, too!

Happy Quilting!




Quilting: Around the Psychedlic Rainbow

Stephanie's Quilt

I did not make this quilt.  In fact, I had very little to do with it at all.

Back in January, I started cleaning out my sewing/craft room and one of the things I unearthed (a term I do not use lightly) was a quilt top my mom had given to my sister ages ago.

The top was made by a friend of my grandmother’s back in the 1960s, completely hand-pieced out of old clothes that belonged to our mom and aunt.

My sister doesn’t quilt (yet!) and I had told her I’d help her finish it up.

It sat in my sewing room for a long time before I found it again and I’m pretty sure my sister had stopped thinking about it by that point.  When I found it, it occurred to me what a great surprise it would be to finish it for her and then give it to her as a birthday gift.

I bought batting and a fun backing fabric.  After spending ages ironing down all the lumpy bumpy seams created by hand sewing all kinds of fabrics together, I passed the quilt top on to my lovely and talented friend Linda, who quilted it on her long arm machine.

She finished the quilting in record time and then I squared up the wonky sides and adding a dark green binding and a label.  Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a photo of the that.  It has the names of everyone involved in making it as well as my sister’s.

I dubbed the quilt “Around the Psychedelic Rainbow” because of it’s fun 60s colors and it’s Around The World quilt pattern.   It was handed over to my lovely sister last weekend and I feel especially happy with the project knowing I’ve shared in the history of this quilt.

Stephanie's QuiltThe whole shebang on my bed.

Stephanie's QuiltThe back.

Stephanie's Quilt - "gift bag"Fancy “gift wrap”

As always, if you make any pattern or craft from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting

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