Paper Piecing: Bag Lady

Sue Upton, of PotterCast, receiving her Hufflepuff gift bag
during Lumos in Las Vegas, July 2006.

While I love all crafts, paper piecing is my One True Craft. (bold, capitalized, giant font ONE TRUE CRAFT). I love designing, making and sharing. The ideas come faster than I could ever possibly get them all down.

While paper piecing is definitely a quilting technique, quilting is definitely not just for quilts. I love using quilt elements in bags, pillows, clothing and art pieces.

I thought it would be fun to do a photo round up of some of the bags in which I’ve used paper piecing and other quilting elements.

All bags and block patterns were designed by me. Many of the patterns are available for free on sewhooked (see links below).

2 Hufflepuff gift bags
Hufflepuff Gift Bags (as seen above)

Gryffindor Gift bag for Melissa Anelli
Gryffindor Gift Bag, made for Melissa Anelli of PotterCast (gifted at Lumos 2006).

Slytherin gift bag for John Noe
Slytherin Gift Bag made for John Noe of PotterCast (gifted at Lumos 2006)

Hope's Messenger Bag for Vegas
Gryffindor Messenger Bag, made for Hope, 2006

Jen's Ravenclaw messenger bag for Vegas
Ravenclaw Messenger Bag, this one is mine all mine! Made in 2006.

mini-messenger Bday gift for Joseé
Ravenclaw mini-messenger, made for Josée, 2006.

Gryffindor pencil bag
Gryffindor Pencil Bag made for Elena, 2006

Hufflepuff bag for delana - back
Hufflepuff bag made for Delana, 2007.

Pirate Computer Bag
Jolly Roger Computer Bag (this one is mine, too!), 2007.

Kimmer's Ravenclaw Bag
Ravenclaw Messenger made for Kimmers, 2007.

LIzzie's Pigwidgeon Bag
Pigwidgeon Messenger Bag made for Lizzie, 2007.

Yellow Submarine Bag
Yellow Submarine bag made for Steph, 2006.

Gareth's X-Men Bag
X-Men Messenger Bag made for Gareth, 2006.

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