Batiks On Black 6″ Paper Pieced Block Drawing


I can only ponder an idea for so long before jumping on it and making it a reality. Maybe that’s why I have don’t ever get quite enough sleep!

Introducing The Batiks On Black 6″ Paper Pieced Block Drawing!

How to participate:

Make a 6″ (6 1/2″ unfinished) paper pieced block, any design, made with batiks on a black background. Send that block to me via snail mail. It will go into a pot and on the December 15 January 19 Talk To Me Tuesday, a name will be drawn from all entries. That person wins ALL the blocks sent to me between now and December 15 the week of January 12, 2010 (deadline extended!).

What patterns?:

Blocks must be paper pieced in order to participate. You can use any pattern you’d like, but here’s where I sweeten the deal. If you use a sewhooked pattern, you will receive 2 entries instead of 1. Nice, eh? If you use a sewhooked pattern AND post it to the sewhooked Batiks on Black flickr group, you will receive 3 entries. Even nicer!


Blocks need to be 6″ (6 1/2″ unfinished). You can use a smaller pattern (most sewhooked patterns are 5″) and add sashing, or you can size it up, as long as you follow the Batik on Black theme.

The Paper On the Back of This Block:

Ordinarily, I’d say leave the paper on your blocks. However, since this is a drawing and there could possibly be loads of blocks, I think it would be much nicer to the winner to remove the paper. SO, either use sashing to lock in the possibly bias paper pieced seams and then square it to 6 1/2″ OR make a 6 1/2″ paper pieced block and then staystitch the block 1/8″ from the outside edge and then remove the paper before sending.

Ready to Send?

When you’re ready to send, email and I will send you my mailing address. What? You didn’t think I was going to post it here, did you? 😉  When you send your block, be sure to include your name, mailing adddress, email address and user/screen name (optional).  Only your first name or screen name and location will be posted if you win!

Why should you trust me?

Well, I’ve been organizing swaps and challenges for several years. I spent almost two years as the Swap and Challenge Elf at HarryPotterCrafts Yahoo! Group, have organized challenges for the Livejournal communities: hp_paperpiecing, paperpieced, and both challenges and swaps for twilight_crafts. I also have hosted a monthly drawing on hp_paperpiecing for the last two years, giving away fabric from my own stash each month for participation.  I promise I won’t keep your squares, no matter how tempted I might be!

Link to this post!

Text boxes do not work on, where I host this blog, so I cannot include copy & paste html here.  Please feel free to grab the icon of your choice for your blog or website and link it back to this post OR you can grab copy & html from the sewhooked home page.

Batiks On Black 6″ Paper Pieced Drawing!

Small Icon:

Large Icon:


The more blocks, the bigger the pot, the bigger the pot, the bigger the quilt the winner will be able to make!

Now, have fun sewing!

8 thoughts on “Batiks On Black 6″ Paper Pieced Block Drawing

  1. Leah

    Do the blocks have to reach you by the 12th or just posted by then?

    I only ask as I’m in the UK and it can take 2 weeks for parcels to reach the US

    1. ofenjen Post author

      As long as I know you’ve mailed your blocks, I’ll include you in the drawing. Just be sure to let me know how many you’ve mailed or send me an email when you’ve posted to the flickr group.

      Thanks for asking, that’s a great question!


  2. myra

    what if you didn’t use a sewhooked pattern, sorry, but did post it on your flicker page? bonus? or if you got it in before the original deadline? i’m trying for an extra entry here 😉


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