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More Tabby Faces for the Lotto!

Tabby Faces!



Look who came in the mail yesterday! We’re up to 18 blocks in our lotto. Fingers crossed for even more sweet faces to show up before Monday!

On a side note, thank you for all the well wishes on my first day at my new job. I definitely jumped right into the deep in, but I’m sure I’ll be swimming in no time!


Tabby Face Block Lotto

Join me for the  Tabby Face Block Lotto! This is the last week to get those blocks in! Click here for details! Use coupon code TABBY in my Etsy shop to receive 10% off your total order during the month of September.



paper piecing mini quilt swap

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Learn to paper piece with me now through December with my full-length video workshop available only through STITCHED. You get access to over 20 classes AND instructors and registration is now only $40! Click for details.

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Tabby Face Block Lotto!

Tabby Face Block Lotto

Welcome to the Tabby Face Block Lotto!

How would you like to win a pile of Tabby Face blocks made by quilters from all over the world?

This is your chance!

During the month of September, make up to five Tabby Face blocks, mail them to the address below, and be entered to win.

One lucky quilter will win them all!

Tabby Face Tabby Face Tabby Face

Rules for Entry:

  • Use the free Tabby Face pattern to make a quilt block. Pattern also available on Craftsy!
  • Cats can be tabby or calico (see above for examples)
  • Use a bright tone on tone or solid background. Red, yellow, blue, orange, etc. work great to make that kitty face stand out! Please avoid pastels and black backgrounds.
  • Blocks must finish 5 1/2″ when trimmed. Make sure your printer is set to “no scaling” or “actual size” for best results. This step is very important. Blocks that are the incorrect size will not be included in the lotto.
  • Please staystitch 1/8″ from the raw edge of your block and then remove the paper. Staystitching helps prevent stretching on bias edges and removing the paper will help save the sanity of the winner!
  • Embroidered (hand or machine) whiskers are optional.
  • Please sign block(s) with your name and location on the front, lower right of the block (bottom of the kitty face or in the background fabric) using a quality fabric pen. Micron Pigma Pens are awesome for signing!
  • You may enter up to 5 blocks. Each block receives one entry. If entering more than one block, try to make each of your cats different. The more variety, the better!
  • Please include your name, mailing address and email address on a 3″ x 5″ card with each block you enter. This is very important as it is how the winner will be chosen, contacted and the blocks mailed.
  • To be entered to win, mail your blocks to Tabby Face Block Lotto c/o Sewhooked; 12903 Margit Dr. Austin, TX 78729, USA.
  • Blocks must be received by October 1, 2012. Winners will be announced October 2.
  • Spread the word with copy and paste HTML badges for your website or blog!
  • Add pictures of your blocks to the Sewhooked flickr group! (Pretty please with sugar on top?)

Tabby Face

If you downloaded Tabby Face prior to today, please note that there is a minor update to the pattern. The pattern itself has not changed, but I added an optional note for a nicer finish.

To celebrate the Tabby Face Block Lotto, use coupon code TABBY in my Etsy shop to receive 10% off your total order during the month of September!


Time is running out!

Learn to paper piece with me now through December with my full-length video workshop available only through STITCHED. You get access to over 20 classes AND instructors and registration is only $40! Click for details

Block Lotto On the Way!

Tabby Face Block Lotto

Coming September 1!

It’s been ages since I did something like this and it’s high time for some fun around here!

The last time I hosted a block lotto was way back in January 2010 with Batiks on Black.

Full details on Saturday!


Use coupon code TACKETT right here on Sewhooked and in my Etsy Shop for 25% off your total order during the month of August. This special coupon has been created as a fundraiser for my beloved and sick kitty, Tackett. Tackett is a regular visitor to Talk To Me Tuesday and even has his own Facebookpage. The great majority of the patterns I’ve designed have come into life with Tackett sitting in my lap or on my feet.

Have you made patterns or projects from Sewhooked? I would love to see!  Add them to the Sewhooked flickr group for a chance to be featured on my blog!


Time is running out!

Learn to paper piece with me now through December with my full-length video workshop available only through STITCHED. You get access to over 20 classes AND instructors and registration is only $40! Click for details

Free Pattern: Contessa’s Canoe

contessas canoe pieced by shae

UPDATE: This pattern has been updated for 2013!

Click here to see the new version and to get the updated free pattern!

The following picture was posted by a friend on Facebook, along with a request for some help finding or figuring out the pattern. The photo poster, Contessa, states that she has it from a 1970s quilting magazine. She was looking for any information on the pattern, but most specifically, she really wanted to make it and didn’t know where to start!

Well, as these things sometimes do, it caught my fancy and it was a nice 15 minute project while I ate my breakfast. I took some liberties since I had no size or color information. My version makes a 6″ block, but the individual pieces would be easy to enlarge and I’m sure it’d make a gorgeous 12″ block.

contessas canoe repeat - mock up

Just for fun, a mock up how the pattern repeats.

Contessa’s Canoe – Free Paper Pieced Pattern

Unlike most of my patterns, this one does not include seam allowance. That was partly for time and partly so it will all fit on one page. I have a super easy way of adding seam allowance to any paper pieced pattern right here.

Huge thanks go out to Shae for testing the pattern and making the gorgeous block shown here. You rock!

Happy Crafting!


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Batiks On Black Deadline!

This is it!  The deadline for Batiks On Black is next week!

Blocks have been coming in and they are all gorgeous!  For a small sampling, check out the BoB Flickr Group.

If you’re participating and haven’t yet sent your blocks in, please get them in the mail and email me the number you’re entering so your name can be included in the drawing!

Click here for more details!

Batiks On Black 6″ Paper Pieced Block Drawing


I can only ponder an idea for so long before jumping on it and making it a reality. Maybe that’s why I have don’t ever get quite enough sleep!

Introducing The Batiks On Black 6″ Paper Pieced Block Drawing!

How to participate:

Make a 6″ (6 1/2″ unfinished) paper pieced block, any design, made with batiks on a black background. Send that block to me via snail mail. It will go into a pot and on the December 15 January 19 Talk To Me Tuesday, a name will be drawn from all entries. That person wins ALL the blocks sent to me between now and December 15 the week of January 12, 2010 (deadline extended!).

What patterns?:

Blocks must be paper pieced in order to participate. You can use any pattern you’d like, but here’s where I sweeten the deal. If you use a sewhooked pattern, you will receive 2 entries instead of 1. Nice, eh? If you use a sewhooked pattern AND post it to the sewhooked Batiks on Black flickr group, you will receive 3 entries. Even nicer!


Blocks need to be 6″ (6 1/2″ unfinished). You can use a smaller pattern (most sewhooked patterns are 5″) and add sashing, or you can size it up, as long as you follow the Batik on Black theme.

The Paper On the Back of This Block:

Ordinarily, I’d say leave the paper on your blocks. However, since this is a drawing and there could possibly be loads of blocks, I think it would be much nicer to the winner to remove the paper. SO, either use sashing to lock in the possibly bias paper pieced seams and then square it to 6 1/2″ OR make a 6 1/2″ paper pieced block and then staystitch the block 1/8″ from the outside edge and then remove the paper before sending.

Ready to Send?

When you’re ready to send, email and I will send you my mailing address. What? You didn’t think I was going to post it here, did you? 😉  When you send your block, be sure to include your name, mailing adddress, email address and user/screen name (optional).  Only your first name or screen name and location will be posted if you win!

Why should you trust me?

Well, I’ve been organizing swaps and challenges for several years. I spent almost two years as the Swap and Challenge Elf at HarryPotterCrafts Yahoo! Group, have organized challenges for the Livejournal communities: hp_paperpiecing, paperpieced, and both challenges and swaps for twilight_crafts. I also have hosted a monthly drawing on hp_paperpiecing for the last two years, giving away fabric from my own stash each month for participation.  I promise I won’t keep your squares, no matter how tempted I might be!

Link to this post!

Text boxes do not work on, where I host this blog, so I cannot include copy & paste html here.  Please feel free to grab the icon of your choice for your blog or website and link it back to this post OR you can grab copy & html from the sewhooked home page.

Batiks On Black 6″ Paper Pieced Drawing!

Small Icon:

Large Icon:


The more blocks, the bigger the pot, the bigger the pot, the bigger the quilt the winner will be able to make!

Now, have fun sewing!