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Free Pattern: Contessa’s Canoe

contessas canoe pieced by shae

UPDATE: This pattern has been updated for 2013!

Click here to see the new version and to get the updated free pattern!

The following picture was posted by a friend on Facebook, along with a request for some help finding or figuring out the pattern. The photo poster, Contessa, states that she has it from a 1970s quilting magazine. She was looking for any information on the pattern, but most specifically, she really wanted to make it and didn’t know where to start!

Well, as these things sometimes do, it caught my fancy and it was a nice 15 minute project while I ate my breakfast. I took some liberties since I had no size or color information. My version makes a 6″ block, but the individual pieces would be easy to enlarge and I’m sure it’d make a gorgeous 12″ block.

contessas canoe repeat - mock up

Just for fun, a mock up how the pattern repeats.

Contessa’s Canoe – Free Paper Pieced Pattern

Unlike most of my patterns, this one does not include seam allowance. That was partly for time and partly so it will all fit on one page. I have a super easy way of adding seam allowance to any paper pieced pattern right here.

Huge thanks go out to Shae for testing the pattern and making the gorgeous block shown here. You rock!

Happy Crafting!


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