Busy Bodies

Broomstick Witch

Potion Maker Fortune Teller

Oopsie Daisy Witch Green Thumb Witch Old Wise Wizard

My journey creating Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends, while frustrating at times, was overall a good experience. I learned a lot about publishing and layout, despite not seeing my book in print.

I’ve had many people suggest that I self-publish the book. It’s something I definitely haven’ t ruled out, but for now, I’m very happy to own my own small pattern company and to continue to share both my for sale designs and  free patterns designed both by myself and my talented Guest Designers on Sewhooked.

This is the last “official” set of Magical Friends, meaning only that these cute little characters are the last of the patterns that would have been part of the book.  Like any other project, there are often tangents that occur that may or may not make the final cut. Those design will be presented as supplemental sets. Those sets were, in my own opinion, not quite obviously magical enough or they have other elements that aren’t very Sunbonnet Sue, or they got away from the basic theme I was following. They’re still fun patterns that I believe captures my my style and enjoyment of the work.

Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends (Set 5) – Busy Bodies includes Broomstick Witch, Fortune Teller, Green Thumb Witch, Old Wise Wizard, Oopsie Daisy Witch and Potion Maker.

Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends are inspired by the classic Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam blocks, with a fun, whimsical twist!

Complete paper pieced patterns and sewing order for each. Pattern can be printed in color or gray scale.

5″ finished
patterns can be printed in color or gray scale

Included: 5  paper pieced block patterns with sewing order.

These patterns and others are super-easy to buy from the Sewhooked Shop as an instant PDF download with PayPal payment – completely secure shopping through E-junkie! If you feel more comfortable shopping through e-junking, you can go straight to my storefront there.

With your PDF download, you receive a 6 paper pieced patterns with seam allowance and stitching instructions.

Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends

Set 1 – Monster Madness

Set 2 – Wand Wielders

Set 3 – Fanciful Fairies

Set 4 – Friendly Familiars

Want to learn to paper piece? Check out my free paper piecing resources and text tutorial or take my Introduction To Paper Piecing class at Honey Bee Quilt Store (new dates coming soon)!

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