Poppies from the Past

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Sometimes, magic just happens and sometimes, I really have to work at it. With Poppies from the Past, I did not have to work at it.

Bee-Treat 2011

At my last quilt retreat, my lovely friend Marylin pulled out several lovely hand-pieced blocks that she’d found at a flea market. Inspired, I took a photo of the block, thinking vaguely that I might like to make a block or two.

Once I was home, I started searching through my books and the web, looking for a pattern for the block. By the time I’d given up, the basic design for Poppies from the Past was already in my head.

My poppy differs from my vintage inspiration in several ways. For one, mine pattern is completely paper pieced, no hand applique or set-in seams! Secondly, I designed the actual flower just a little bit different because I wanted a more upright effect with the petals. Last, my block is much, much smaller; only 7″ compared to the originals approximately 14″ – 15″.

Bonnie Blue Black Background fabric

You may remember that not long ago, I was on the hunt for the lovely background fabric I used in this project. That was the only hard part of this project, running out of fabric and then not being able to find what I needed locally! Fortunately, I have fantastic friends and with their help, I was able to get this project complete.

Poppies from the Past is available for only $8 for instant PDF download with secure PayPal payment from the Sewhooked Shop. You get foundation patterns for the poppies and the flying geese border, as well as fabric requirements, cutting and stitching instructions to create a 14 1/4″ x 29 1/4″ wall hanging.

Poppies from the Past alternative colors 01 Poppies from the Past alternative colors bw Poppies from the Past alternative colors soft

Alternative color combinations, created in EQ7


This version was created by Midge, who helped me test the pattern.

Happy stitching!


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