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WRITE – A Mini Quilt To Paper Piece

write title square

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce a brand new (but kind of old!) pattern to share!

WRITE is an 8″ x 20″ finished, entirely paper pieced mini quilt.

You can find the pattern for just $4.95 in my Craftsy Shop. If you prefer, it’s also available on Etsy.

Members of the Sewhooked Patreon Pattern Club should already have a copy in their inboxes. Thank you so much for your support!


I’d like to spend special thanks out to Susan P. & MJ for testing this pattern for accuracy. They were extraordinarily helpful with the process and I was able to improve the pattern greatly with their feedback. Coloring page photo by MJ. ♥

rainbow cascade badge.jpg

Coming in September! Fabric amounts for each size to be released September 4!

Join the Sewhooked Facebook Group for community, support & prizes! I’ll be there, as will my awesome pattern tester Amber along with many other friends of Sewhooked. We’ll answer your questions and nudge you along if you need it. Joining the group is never required, but it is fun!



Night’s Reverie is back for 2016!

Night's Reverie, 2016 Update

After a year or more out of the spotlight (and out of the shop!), I’ve updated Night’s Reverie for 2016!

♥ Get Night’s Reverie on Craftsy ♥

This fun pattern was originally created in 2010 as a way to teach my local students how to freezer paper stencil.

This is a great pattern to practice stenciling and it now includes the option to hand embroider the design if you’d prefer.

With just a few elements, you can finish this simple wall hanging in no time!

Need to learn stenciling? More info here!

Night's Reverie, 2016 Update Night's Reverie, 2016 Update

Night’s Reverie 2016 Update, Stenciled with font variations.

Night's Reverie, 2016 Update Night's Reverie, 2016 Update

Night’s Reverie 2016 Update, Embroidered with font variations.


Original Night's Reverie

The original stenciled Night’s Reverie, created in 2010.


sewhooked.com February 2016 Flickr prize

Our February drawing will be for a custom quilt label professionally embroidered by Sarah’s Sewing Studio (photo soon!). Entering to win is easy, just share your photos with the Sewhooked flickr group, making sure your photos are set to share. You’ll be entered to win for each photo you share!

Want a quilt label? Get your own custom label for $9.95 (as shown with your name and recipient’s name) or $14.95 for additional text (for example, the name of your quilter). A two color option is also available. Contact Sarah’s Sewing Studio for more info. Make sure to tell her I sent you!

The March winner will be announced Friday, March 4, 2016 (that’s tomorrow!).

Want to sponsor a prize? Please drop me an email.

Join the Sewhooked Facebook Group for community, fun and support! This is absolutely optional and not required to participate in the BOM.

Happy stitching!


My Favorite Things. a Block of the Month by Jennifer Ofenstein

I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along coming 2016 on fandominstitches.com



Blogger’s Quilt Festival: The Body In The Library Wall Hanging

Agatha Christie quilt

The Body in the Library, a 17″ x 25″ wall hanging

Welcome to my first post for Amy’s Creative Side’s twice-annual Blogger’s Quilt Festival! First post? Yes, that’s right! I will be entering two quilts this year!

Be sure to read to the end for a fun giveaway!


The timing of this particular festival could not be better as my Wall Hanging entry, The Body in the Library,  was just finished earlier this month!

For weeks I’d been wracking my brain for an idea for the perfect birthday gift for Jewells, my best friend of almost 20 years.

While thinking about things I know for sure she enjoys, Agatha Christie came to mind.

On a whim, I began Googling.

Then I found this:

the body in the library agatha christie

Immediately, I knew it was The One. This was what I was looking for and it HAD to be a quilt; in fact, it had to be THE birthday quilt!

Don’t the graphics just shout QUILT!?

Within moments of finding this image, I’d fired up EQ7 and begun drafting.

In approximately two days, I designed, paper pieced, hand embroidered, pieced, free motion quilted, bound & labeled this little gem.

Agatha Christie quilt top half

The shelves of the quilt are entirely paper pieced.  These three shelves contain more than 36 pattern pieces. Not pieces of fabric, but actual pattern pieces!

Watch the video where I talk about this quilt!

Agatha Christie quilt close up

I straight-line quilted around the books and free-motion quilted the shelves, border and background, all on my Baby Lock Quest Plus.

IAgatha Christie quilt bottom

“Agatha Christie” is hand embroidered using DMC in a font called Alpaca 54. “by” was drawn by me.

Agatha Christie quilt back

The back of the quilt shows the quilting much better than the front!

You can also see the tabs I created for hanging. To make them, I fold a 3″ square in half on the diagonal and stitch them onto the corners when attaching the binding. Simply place a dowel rod in the pockets and it’s ready to hang! The best way I’ve found to do this is by using two 3M Command wire hooks placed approximately 6″ apart. The label is a larger square created the same way as the pockets at the top.

The Body in the Library is a Miss Marple mystery story.  According to Freaky Trigger, this particular cover is the  1942 Australian Collins Crime Club edition.

Quilts from 100 Blocks, Fall 2013 Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 7

As an added bonus today, comment on this post with the name of your favorite book for a chance to win one of two prizes! I’ll be giving away a free copy of Quiltmaker’s Quilts from 100 Blocks  and a copy of of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol 7. to TWO random commenters at the end of the festival!

Quilts From 100 Blocks includes my pattern Corn Maze and Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol. 7 includes my pattern Make Lemonade. Want these magazines now? Get them in my Etsy shop!

Mustachio 2.0 Halloween Bats

There’s always lots going on around Sewhooked! In October, join me Name That Mustache and Crafts of Halloweens Past!

Don’t forget to check out the Blogger’s Quilt Festival for more fabulous quilts!

I hope to see you around!


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Featured pattern: Jack Leaves The Light On, $6 on Craftsy

Let’s Talk Turkey

Turkey Talk from Sewhooked

It’s time to talk turkey, specifically about Turkey Talk!

So, there’s this idea I’ve had for a long, long time. It didn’t really start to take shape until after I learned to embroider for The Project of Doom. Before that time, the design was never quite right.

And then, inspiration!

My turkey was too quiet.

It was simple. He just needed a few words.

Words are a miraculous thing. Once added, I couldn’t wait to get this wall hanging made to share with you!

$8 – PDF Instant Download

paper piecing, strip piecing and embroidery

Turkey Talk from Sewhooked

French Knot eye…see that embroidery is coming in handy!
Turkey Talk from Sewhooked

Gobble Gobble? That’s what he said!

Turkey Talk from Sewhooked

Quilting close-up. Done on my Babylock Quest

Turkey Talk, a veiew from the back.And, from the back. Guess who forgot to add a hanging sleeve? Dang it.

Turkey Talk alternative blocks

Why does this turkey make me so darn happy? I couldn’t say, but he really, really does!

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Two Little Hooters

Two Little Hooters
Two Little Hooters

Sitting In A Tree

One For You

And One For Me!

Two Little Hooters is one of Those Quilts.  I woke up with a complete vision of it in my mind, started working and realized how cute and fun it was. And really, it was all about cute and fun while choosing fabrics and piecing it together!

Another fun thing? It’s my twentieth quilt in the Sewhooked Shop! *throws confetti*

Two Little Hooters

15 1/2” x 18 1/2”
Paper pieced and Strip Pieced

Includes full-color paper pieced patterns, cutting and piecing instructions for the quilt shown above.

$8 – PDF Instant Download

Now Just $5.95 in my Craftsy Shop!

Two Little Hooters, in progress, teaser pic

I posted this teaser pic on my Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday. I couldn’t resist!

Follow me there for chances to win free prizes and lots of carpool crafting!

Two Little Hooters, in progress

The quilt center is all pieced!

Two Little Hooters, in progress

Removing the paper…you can see how I color my patterns while they’re still being tested.

Two Little Hooters, in progress

Quilting in progress. I did simple straight line quilting to emphasize the design.

Two Little Hooters, in progress

Another teaser pic posted to Facebook. Binding, almost done!

Two Little Hooters

And, we’re done!

Two Little Hooters, Alternative Colors

Two Little Hooters, Alternative Colors

Fun alternate colorings created in EQ7

Two Little Hooters, Alternative ColorsAlternate Layout, also created in EQ7

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Poppies from the Past

poppies title page.jpg

Sometimes, magic just happens and sometimes, I really have to work at it. With Poppies from the Past, I did not have to work at it.

Bee-Treat 2011

At my last quilt retreat, my lovely friend Marylin pulled out several lovely hand-pieced blocks that she’d found at a flea market. Inspired, I took a photo of the block, thinking vaguely that I might like to make a block or two.

Once I was home, I started searching through my books and the web, looking for a pattern for the block. By the time I’d given up, the basic design for Poppies from the Past was already in my head.

My poppy differs from my vintage inspiration in several ways. For one, mine pattern is completely paper pieced, no hand applique or set-in seams! Secondly, I designed the actual flower just a little bit different because I wanted a more upright effect with the petals. Last, my block is much, much smaller; only 7″ compared to the originals approximately 14″ – 15″.

Bonnie Blue Black Background fabric

You may remember that not long ago, I was on the hunt for the lovely background fabric I used in this project. That was the only hard part of this project, running out of fabric and then not being able to find what I needed locally! Fortunately, I have fantastic friends and with their help, I was able to get this project complete.

Poppies from the Past is available for only $8 for instant PDF download with secure PayPal payment from the Sewhooked Shop. You get foundation patterns for the poppies and the flying geese border, as well as fabric requirements, cutting and stitching instructions to create a 14 1/4″ x 29 1/4″ wall hanging.

Poppies from the Past alternative colors 01 Poppies from the Past alternative colors bw Poppies from the Past alternative colors soft

Alternative color combinations, created in EQ7


This version was created by Midge, who helped me test the pattern.

Happy stitching!


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Birthdays and BFFs

Birthday 2010 - My gift from Jewells!

Just over a week ago, I got to do something that I look forward to all year around – see my best friend, Jewells.  We live hundreds of miles apart and with our kids still in school, we’re lucky to get one visit a year.

I’ve talked about Jewells here before, when I shared the quilt I made for her 2008 birthday.

Jewells always shares amazingly thoughtful handmade gifts.  She’s knitted socks for me, made “snowballs” for my kids (who rarely see snow here in Texas) and just generally shared her talent, creativity and thoughtfulness with my family.

Due to a variety of circumstances beyond her control, my birthday gift for this year was belated.  Parts on back-order and such created one delay after another for her.  Due to the delays, she was able to do something that I can’t remember happening in many years – hand deliver my birthday gift!

I’m so excited to share this truly wonderful gift here.  This gorgeous perpetual calendar was an idea from a craft store flier than ended up morphing into a whole new design that Jewells made especially for me.

She pieced, stitched, stamped, glued, stenciled, covered buttons, crocheted and oh my gosh, I don’t know what else!  Look and be amazed.  I am truly a lucky girl to have had such an amazing friend for almost half of my life.

Oh, and?  It was her FIRST QUILT ever!

Jewells talks about this project here and even more here!

The whole Kit And Kaboodle!  Why coffee?  Because it’s been one of our favorite past times since our time as college roommates and we still enjoy sitting over a cup o’ Joe and chatting the day away.

The months are stamped on felt which sticks right to the velcro.  Each month is customized with coordinating ribbon!

The months have their own nifty little pouch for storage.

Each date was stamped on fabric, which was then used to make custom velcro-back buttons.

The set includes the calendar and two pouches (one for the months, one for the days).  Even the back is coffee themed!

Perpetual Calendar...action shot!

I repurposed a cafe rod and hooks for hanging this beauty in my foyer.  The cafe rod and hooks were cream and brass and have been primed and spray painted black.

Thank you, Jewells, I can’t even express how much I love the time and thought that went into this gift.  Even better was getting to open it in front of you!




vlog: TTMT – Squee!Mail

Where I squee about Squee!Mail from archerpren, caitirin, elaby, hardhatcat and laci_l, show my finished green crochet block from last week, a sneak peek at a new project and my mom’s birthday gift.

Mom's House - paper pieced wall hangingMom’s House – original paper pieced wall hanging made for my mom

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