Fat Quarterly Is Here!

Wow, wow, wow!

Your reaction to Braided Kaleidoscope was fantastic, thank you so much!

By far the number one question I’ve answered since Friday is “where do I get that pattern?!”

Braided Kaleidoscope for Fat Quarterly

Braided Kaleidoscope

Braided Kaleidoscope is available only in Fat Quarterly E-Zine, Issue 8.

The issue was available to subscribers on Friday and is available to everyone today, just look for the Buy Now button on this page!

I’ll be showing off the actual piece in tomorrow’s Talk To Me Tuesday. I think you’ll all be surprised when you see it’s actual size!

If you do make Braided Kaleidoscope, be sure to add it to the Fat Quarterly flickr (you know I love flickr!!) and please, please add it to the Sewhooked flickr, too. I’d love to feature your picture right here on Sewhooked!

Just a reminder that STITCHED workshops will now be available for a full year! That’s right, six more months of workshop awesomeness, giveaways and access to fabulous STITCHED instructors, including yours truly teaching you how to paper piece! If you’ve been hesitant to sign up for STITCHED, don’t be, because it’s a fantastically fun site full of wonderful workshops and community!

I hope to see you there!


Workshops are open!

Register Now!

Paper Pieced Pattern-A-Day Garden Party Blog Hop

I’m still looking for designers!


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