Lavender Temptation

Kenmore Sewing MachineI freaking love old sewing machines.


I have three vintage Singers, and have had as many as five at one time.

What? I gave two of them away…and they have all been unbelievable bargains I found at thrift shops.

I saw this lavender Kenmore beauty at Goodwill today, and boy did I want to buy it.

I really, really did.

It was missing it’s foot & foot screw as well as the bobbin casing, so I didn’t buy it. I promised myself no more machines unless they came with all their parts. That followed buying a machine with no power cord and no foot control…

For $20, though…SO tempting.

So tempting, in fact, I’m contemplating checking in again tomorrow, just to see if it’s still there.

Seriously, folks, a lavender sewing machine! It was even cooler in person…

What do you think? Should I break my promise to myself and “adopt” this little beauty?


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8 thoughts on “Lavender Temptation

  1. Gabriele

    Go for it! Not only will you give a great machine a loving home but you will also help disabled people get employment. 🙂
    Gabriele ( who just started working for Goodwill two days ago!)

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Oh, believe me, Goodwill gets a whole lot of money from me! It’s one of my favorite places to shop!

      A friend of mine sounds like she really wants it, so I’ll give her a chance to nab it first, and if not…who knows? 😉

  2. Jevne

    If I had a chance to buy it, I’d grab it! I have a Sears Kenmore that I bought new in Nov. 1962, it’s the only machine I’ve ever had. Weighs a ton though.

  3. heartsease57

    I’d grab it to, Michelle from Life with Lou blog could probably supply any missing parts!

  4. Jennie

    I would LOVE to have an old sewing machine! I’ve seen a couple really awesome ones at an antique store near me, but couldn’t bring myself to pay $100 for them….$20 sounds like a GREAT price!

  5. ruthiequilts

    LOL! It sounds like you’re a kindred spirit! I spend more time looking for spare parts (not to mention the cost) to fix up those thrift store finds!!! But… If you like the way it looks and you can use it for display, all the more reason to buy it! (I’m a bad example.)

  6. Terri

    Does your daughter have a machine of her own yet? You need a reasonable reason to buy a machine, and buy the replacement parts. You can do it. I give permission.


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