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Lavender Temptation

Kenmore Sewing MachineI freaking love old sewing machines.


I have three vintage Singers, and have had as many as five at one time.

What? I gave two of them away…and they have all been unbelievable bargains I found at thrift shops.

I saw this lavender Kenmore beauty at Goodwill today, and boy did I want to buy it.

I really, really did.

It was missing it’s foot & foot screw as well as the bobbin casing, so I didn’t buy it. I promised myself no more machines unless they came with all their parts. That followed buying a machine with no power cord and no foot control…

For $20, though…SO tempting.

So tempting, in fact, I’m contemplating checking in again tomorrow, just to see if it’s still there.

Seriously, folks, a lavender sewing machine! It was even cooler in person…

What do you think? Should I break my promise to myself and “adopt” this little beauty?


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