Comment to Win Faux Mitered Marvel!

As you read this, I’m with my family driving my daughter to her first year at college.


To celebrate this next big step in our lives, I’m giving away one free copy of my new pattern, Faux Mitered Marvel to one commenter.  This pattern was created for my darling daughter and she has given me permission to share it with the world!

That’s it, just comment and you could win! Please be sure I can contact you via your comment. I have to be able to get in touch with you for you to receive your prize!

Faux Mitered Marvel, is a full-color six page pattern complete with fabric chart and instructions, just $8 on Craftsy. The best part is you could feature ANYTHING in the 8″ and 5″ squares.

In other news, I’m phasing out selling hard copy patterns and clearing out my Etsy shop! Get 40% off your total purchase with coupon code 40PERCENT now until August 31. Not looking for patterns? I have some other great, ready-to-use items as well!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to comment! Winner to be announced Tuesday, August 27!


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41 thoughts on “Comment to Win Faux Mitered Marvel!

  1. Cindystraw

    A simple bold pattern that will comfort an away from home daughter. It’ll give those hugs that you aren’t able too. A great adventure for all … the world expands! Congrats and good luck.

  2. Shirley pearce

    I really love how the faux mitered really makes your Dr. Who quilt pop! Now maybe I will be able to make my quilt pop like yours! hope I win!!

    Thanks so much for offering this free pattern.

  3. Su Scott

    Gulp, I know how you feel about college…. we did that twice! I’m so amazed at your faux corners…… totally awed! Your quilt turned out wonderfully and I know your daughter will feel all the love you put into it! Good luck to both of you!

  4. Karin

    have a safe trip! hope you packed some Kleenex for the ride home!! this pattern would be AWEsome featuring some really pretty machine embroidery or a great focus fabric in those middle squares, no? Thanks for the chance to win it! heading over to the shop next!

  5. Donna W

    Another one of those big moments in life! Congratulations and enjoy the moment. Thanks for the chance to win this fun pattern

  6. usairdoll

    What a neat pattern! I’m happy that your daughter wants to share her pattern with us. Congratulations to your daughter and yourself! A great milestone! Have a safe trip!

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  7. Jan

    Congratulations and Good Luck to your daughter. I saw the quilt you made for her on TTMT and it is absolutely stunning!

  8. Jan

    Jennifer, will you ever separate your Peace, Love, Pi pattern? I see you sell the Pi pattern separately, but I’d love to purchase just the Peace and Love patterns.


    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Jan, they are on my list! My master plan is to separate all of my block sets. I’m giving them all an update as I go, so it’s taking me ages! I promise to post them here when I do.

  9. Gwen Fisher

    Congratulatins to you and your daughter..the quilt you made for her will be a wonderful reminder of you and her family while she is away. There is no place like home.

  10. Pam

    WooHoo Jennifer. Now I know what I am going to do with the layer cake I have been saving for my daughter!

  11. Deborah French

    Off to college, that is hard on Mom and exciting for her!! Thanks for the chance to win the pattern, I really like it!!

  12. KayOvel

    Congrats! I’m sure that she will love her Who quilt for years to come, I know I am so excited about mine!

  13. Susan

    Empty nest syndrome? Her quilt is really beautiful and it is so nice she is willing to have you share it.

  14. Shelley D

    Good Luck to Elena! Saying goodbye is so hard but you laid a great foundation for her and she’ll find her way back home. Thankfully she didn’t go out of state and is only a quick drive away……

  15. Terry

    Good luck to Elena!! Thanks to her for sharing and to you for having the talent to create a new idea to an old problem…mite red corners!

  16. Jane Leadmon

    Jane I love it… There will be lots of hugs for years to come wrapping around her.. How fortunate she is to have a Mom like you and how fortunate and blessed you are to have a daughter going to College.. Thanks for opportunity for ythe giveaway.Jane

  17. Jessica B.

    Oh, my goodness. What a versatile and amazing pattern! I have been working on a superheroes quilt and this would be perfect. And I am totally blushing to see the 50 years square as your label. Thank you for the honor!

  18. KatieQ

    Congratulations! It’s a major milestone. When my son left for his first year of college, I was okay. When my daughter l was a mess. It may have been because he was an hour away in the same state and she was 3 hours away in an area that was unfamiliar to me. It could also have been because she was the youngest. She loves the Boston area and after her undergraduate degree, she was at home for a year and then went back up to Boston for a 2 year Master’s program. I miss her as much now as when she was a freshman.

  19. Linda F.

    I am thinking about you this weekend honey. I know that this next phase of everyone’s life is going to be bittersweet but so exciting too :0) You have stitched such wonderful love and memories into your daughters quilt. I think this quilt will be a great comfort to both of you.
    Thank you for putting a pattern together for it. It lends itself to so many options for the center and border squares. Can’t wait to see what everyone does with it :0)

  20. Gail

    It seems like only yesterday that my middle daughter and then my son went to college and I cried both times. And I also cried when my oldest daughter got married!!! So I know everything will be OK!!! I am so proud of my children as I know you are of your daughter!! Have a blessed day.

  21. Beth Carver

    Yes….I remember the day my one-and-only went off to college – it was the beginning of the four year transition of seeing the beautiful young adult develope that is now my best friend! Please enter me in your gracious giveaway, thanks, Beth in AL

  22. Denise Finucane

    I can’t quite sympathize with the kids going to college yet, but my little guy starts kindergarten in just over a week! Love the quilt you made, and very glad you’re sharing it for this occasion!

  23. DebV

    I know how hard it is to take them to their first semester of college. It does get easier. I just took my oldest to his last semester and have started to look at colleges for the youngest who starts next year. Such and exciting and terrifying time for all.

  24. Cindy Pyle

    Just got home from taking my daughter (#2 child) back for her second year of college out of state. So much easier than last year and watching her walk away with a huge group of friends today was a great moment! Elena will have so many fun things to share with you and the year is going to seem to fly by. Enjoy!

  25. Judy

    It is hard to send your kids off to college. Fortunately for me both of mine went to the same college which was only an hour and a half away. Our son now lives on the opposite coast and that was difficult when he first moved but the truth is you get used to the way things are and you do really want your kids to have their own life wherever that takes them.

    Great pattern that would be great to win. I have enjoyed watching the progression of the quilt you made for your daughter and love the blue colors that you used.

  26. Joan Archer

    Oh, wishing those college years back again for me. Hoping your daughter makes some wonderful memories. Just became a widow at the young age of 55 and am so glad I have memories of all the fun things I did and learned.

    Hope to win the pattern but want to thank you for sharing a very exciting life moment for you and your daughter!

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Hi Joan! You are the winner of the free copy of my new pattern, Faux Mitered Marvel. Drop me an email at and I’ll email you your free copy!

      My thoughts go out to you on your loss. I find sharing the moments of our lives make them feel more real somehow!


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