Hello, friends.

I am no longer able to accept donations on behalf of The Linus Connection. I will continue to #quiltforgood and will still work with orphan blocks to make that happen, but if you have quilt tops, quilts, fleece, knit, or crochet blankets to donate, you can drop them off at Honey Bee Quilt Store (Austin, TX), Poppy Quilt N Sew (Georgetown, TX), or drop them at the monthly meeting.

If you have been mailing in donations to me personally, I encourage to you find a non-profit in your area. Your talent will be needed and appreciated.

If you prefer to continue donations via The Linus Connection, you can send donations to The Linus Connection, P.O. Box 29491, Austin, Texas 78755.

See you on Tuesday!

❤ Jennifer

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