TTMT #709 – Serious Conversation

My dear friends, in this video I share an update on my post-op and talk about what you’ve all been asking me: why I can no longer take donations on behalf of The Linus Connection.

If you have mailed a quilt top to me in the last six months or so and you haven’t seen it quilted yet, please let me know if you are okay with my donating to a charity organization at a later date. I won’t be able to quilt for some time yet and I don’t know where my donations will be going at that time.

The orphan blocks you send will still be used to #quiltforgood because that is what I love to do.


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6 thoughts on “TTMT #709 – Serious Conversation

  1. playfulpiecing

    I have already privately said all the things. Sigh hugs

    On another note, I have been a moving guru for the last twenty plus years. So if you need anything or are pondering things, always reach out. It’s an adventure but stressful thing to do.

    Continuing to send you the hugs & healing vibes

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Yeah, It’s been a lot. There is so much I didn’t say in this video that I could have, but I am not vindictive person and the organization really does mean the world to me. I want the mission to keep on keeping on, even without me.

  2. Suzanne Cooper

    So sad to hear this. I love you to pieces. I will miss your happy face. Hoping your check-up goes well this week. My offer still stands.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Suzanne, I was sad to share this. I genuinely do not want this to reflect on the organization because I don’t think it was the organization at large. I’m not a gossipy person, and I’m not a vindictive one so I just want to leave it at that.

      I love you to pieces, too! You have become one of my favorite people to volunteer with. In case you didn’t already figure it out, you were one of the people I was speaking to directly.

      I promise to let you know if I don’t have a ride on Thursday. ❤️


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