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freezer paper stencil: Torchwood Me

Torchwood Stencil How To

Fandom is not just a noun, it’s a verb.  To be a part of fandom is to participate, geek out and show your love by wearing your fandom literally on your sleeve, or in this case, on your chest.

Oh Torchwood, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

22 hexagons worth, that’s apparently how much!

The amazing calypsobard shared her Torchwood stencil with me, which I photoshopped up to make it more user friendly.  This one is easy to cut out, but, in calypsobard’s words is “a bit hinky,” so I’ve added directions to the stencil itself that will hopefully make it more user friendly.

You’ll need:

  • Torchwood stencil, printed on the matte side of freezer paper
  • X-acto Knife or other stencil cutting tool
  • cutting board or other safe cutting surface
  • fabric paint, I recommend Lumiere by Jacquard, available online and at craft stores
  • sponge brush
  • iron
  • cardboard or newspaper for inside the shirt

Pre-wash t-shirt without fabric softener.

Torchwood Stencil How To

Carefully cut pieces out with an exact-o knife.  Start with the hexagons first, keeping them in order.  Then cut and discard the gray area.  (Or, if you’re my teenage daughter, pinch it from the trash and put it in the clear pocket of your binder.)

Set a dry iron to medium.

Place cardboard or newspaper inside t-shirt to help prevent bleed through.

Torchwood Stencil How To

Place stencil on t-shirt, aligning the hexagons until they are even.  Carefully press in place with the iron.

Torchwood Stencil How To
Use the foam brush to gently paint on the fabric paint, being careful to not push it under the edges of the stencil.

Torchwood Stencil How To
Allow a few minutes to dry, then carefully remove the outside of the stencil.

Torchwood Stencil How To

If the stencil is still wet, use a straight pin to remove the hexagons.  Otherwise, just gently peel away each one, setting them aside as you go.

Torchwood Stencil How To
Finish drying according to manufacturer’s directions.

Torchwood Tee

Final product.

Freezer paper stenciling is my favorite stenciling technique and can be used for any of my stencils and for most stenciling on fabric.

More Free Stencils on the Craft Page!

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stencil: Revisiting The Cullen Crest

Cullen Crest T-shirt
My original Cullen Crest t-shirt, made June 20, 2008

Once upon a time, I made myself a Cullen Crest stenciled tee.  I posted it here and started getting requests to share the stencil.

So I did, and then in November of last year, I posted about it here on the sewhooked blog.   I pulled the stencil together for myself before there was anything commercially available with the crest on it, back when all fans had was a tiny glimpse from an MTV teaser.

Fast forward to today and The Cullen Crest Stenciled Tee is one of my most visited posts, with a downright ridiculous number of visits each month.    The Cullen Crest in general is huge in handmade. If you don’t believe me, search it on etsy or on flickr.  Woah.

I have see my version of the Cullen Crest everywhere since I first posted it and I thought it’d be fun to show a few of the ways it’s turned up. If you look closely, you can certainly tell the difference from the official crest (shown below) and the image that I created (shown above), so you’ll always know which images, no matter how they are presented, came from the stencil that I designed.

The first peek, from this MTV article posted June 16, 2008

I took a lot of liberties with the official image to make it into a stencil from the tiny image shown above.   Those changes included greatly simplifying the image and adding the “Cullen” text to the top.


The Real Deal – “Rosalie’s Necklace”  from Hot Topic

The Cullen Crest goes viral…
My stencil makes it around the world and onto everything you can possibly imagine!

images from a variety of sources

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Some of the things I’ve seen the stencil on were for sale, and while I don’t condone the taking another crafter’s stencil, pattern or idea that is free for everyone to use and then making something to sell (in case you didn’t know, that’s a crafty taboo!), I don’t deny the ingenuity of the different uses the stencil has been put to.

To everyone that has used it on something for yourself, a friend, a swap, a gift or any other way that was just for fun and not for profit, A HUGE THANK YOU.  That’s why I share my stencils, patterns, crafts and ideas, to spread the crafty love.    Thank you, too, to Summit and whoever the awesome artist was that came up with the original crest!

If you make a Sew Awesome Craft or any pattern, craft or recipe from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo.  Email me or add it to the sewhooked flickr group.

stencils & stamps: Saving My Shirts

I’m not exactly clumsy, but I am a really busy girl with a tendency to not be careful.

Messy, clumsy, stuff on my shirt…call it what you will!

My favorite shirts all seem to have taken the same abuse.  A paint stain, a bleach spot or an unfortunate tear.  The number of shirts in my closet that weren’t being worn because of one of the above was getting completely out of control.

So, time for some quick and dirty fixes…and to haul out the fabric paint!

Shirt fix #1 – stenciling stars


  • sad damaged tee
  • freezer paper
  • marker or pen for drawing
  • Exact-o Knife
  • fabric paint
  • sponge brush
  • cardboard or t-shirt form

My poor Dumbledore’s Army shirt, with a bleach stain right on the tummy. What to do, what to do? I thank my sister for the idea for this fix: stencil some stars on!

Freehand stars on freezer paper, then cut out with the Exact-O Knife – instant stencil!

Iron the stencil on and insert a pieced of cardboard or shirt form inside the tee. Procure some paint and a sponge brush for instant repairs.

Sponge that paint on!

Peel off the stencil after a few minutes and….

Instant shirt fix!

My Evile Crafts tee, made by superfriend Kadi, had a big ole blotch of bleach, too, so it also received the star treatment, along with a little glitter spray paint.

Shirt fix #2 – stamp it!

This second shirt fix was inspired by Stampin’ On Stained Jeans.  Same problem:  A favorite tee gets hit by something that leaves a mark, bleach, paint, or something else that’s super-duper permanent.

You need:

  • oopsie tee
  • fabric paint
  • stamp(s) large enough to cover the spot(s)
  • foam brush
  • cardboard or t-shirt insert

Use the sponge brush to add paint to the stamp.  Don’t dip the stamp in the paint or you’ll end up with a blob of paint on the fabric.

Stamp on the spot that needs to be covered.  It looked awkward to me like that, so I just kept stamping until I felt like I had enough!

Another shirt, back in rotation!

Shirt Fix #3 = mask it!

This fix was a bit more complicated.  I had a cute girly shirt that got caught on something (no idea what) and I ended up with a hole right in the tummy.  After trying to stitch it and not liking the artificial belly button I received for my efforts, I decided to repair it with an iron on.  Great idea, until I realized I went from artificial belly button to giant round dot on my tummy.

For this fix you’ll need:

  • damaged tee (this works for spots, too!)
  • masking tape
  • cardboard or t-shirt form
  • fabric paint
  • foam brush or roller

Giant dot, as illlustrated by my left hand.

Mask out a large triangle with the apex at the top, with the damaged part of the shirt on the inside.  Make sure your cardboard or t-shirt form is inside the shirt.  Fill in the space with fabric paint.

Hint:  If you’re working on a stretchy fabric, iron freezer paper on the inside of the shirt for stability while painting.

Fill in the entire space.  Allow to dry a few minutes and the remove the tape.

And another dead shirt returns to ciruculation!  Pretty cool, too, if I do say so myself.

Allow all your awesomely repaired tees to dry per manufacturer’s instructions and then add them right back in to your wardrobe!

More t-shirty goodness:

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Stencils: Getting Ready for Harry

HPC Back To School Swap - Sent to Alli

Hufflepuff Tee  Elena's S.P.E.W. Shirt 2007_may (21).JPG

The movie release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is next week.


Okay, got that out of the way.

What better way to celebrate the Boy Wizard on the Big Screen than some wizard wear?  It just so happens that I have a reasonable stock of HP stencils that I’ve created over the years, both for myself and for others.

HP Quilt @ Hill Country Bookstore

Me, as Tonks in my Weird Sisters tee, showing my HP quilt in Georgetown, Texas in 2007

Hogwarts House Stencils:

Other Harry Potter Inspired Stencils:

***Stenciling video tutorial on YouTube***

If you’re stenciling a shirt for the HBP movie release, be sure and check out The Leaky Cauldron’s July Craft-Along:  Accio Tee Stenciling!

Don’t want to stencil? How about an Easy Student Uniform?

More Harry Potter themed stencils and fabric embellishments at The Leaky Cauldron

More stencils and Harry Potter craft ideas on sewhooked

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stencil: Bite Me

Fangtasia stenciled tee

True Blood season 2, it approacheth.

To honor the awesomeness of the show based on Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris, how about a new stencil with the name of everyone’s favorite vamp bar emblazoned across it?

Thanks to the fabulous Pren for trying out the stencil sharing her photo.  She added the cute fang marks and the gem to dot the “i”.  Love it!

Get it here!


Fangtasia – the bar with the bite


Fangtasia t-shirt for my sistermy version, made for  my sister

For more on stenciling, visit the Crafts page, right here on Sewhooked!.

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Stencil: The Angels Have The Phone Box

the angels have the phone box

I admit it freely.  I am new to the Doctor Who fandom.  My best friend is old school DW and my hubby has been into DW since he was a kid.   We’ve been catching up so we can go out with 10 next year.

My daughter has taken Doctor Who to heart and this is the latest in a line of Who craftiness.

One Doctor Who-inspired stencil:







*the original stencil was lost in a tragic file-accidentally-deleted mishap since this was originally posted. The current stencil includes an approximation of the original, plus a bonus, much more scribbled looking version.

Loads more stencils, right here on Sewhooked!

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Challenge: Winner!

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in the first ever Friends of sewhooked Challenge!  We had a handful of entries, and I appreciated each and every one!

The only requirement was to make any craft or pattern from sewhooked or the sewhooked blog and then post a photo either on the Friends of sewhooked flickr group or on the sewhooked_talk Livejournal community.    I also accepted emailed challenge entries.
The winner was chosen at random.  Thanks to my friend Cat for indulging me by choosing a number without any idea what I was up to. 😉

Without further ado, our winner!  ferraras on flickr!

Twilight Cullen Stenciled Sweater

ferraras stenciled the back of a black jacket with the Cullen Crest Stencil

A big congrats to ferrars, who will receive a hardback copy of Scrap Basket Crafts: Over 50 Quick and Easy Projects to Make from Fabric Scraps.


Happy crafting!

Ministry of Silly Walks Stencil

Ministry of Silly Walks Stenciled Tee

Here’s a fun stencil that I made for my son.  It’s a fairly simple stencil and a great conversation starter!

My family are huge Monty Python fans, so much so, that I ended up making a shirt for my hubby,too.

From the classic Python sketch, Ministry of Silly Walks:


In lieu of individual photos of the process, take a look at my how-to video for stenciling, which you may remember from this post or from The Cullen Crest post.

  1. Pre-wash t-shirt without fabric softener.
  2. Print stencil (or alternative updated version) onto freezer paper (matte side).
  3. Carefully cut out with an exact-o knife. There are loads of fiddly bits, so take your time and be careful.
  4. Set iron to medium.
  5. Place cardboard or newspaper inside t-shirt.
  6. Place stencil on t-shirt with a piece of blank paper on top (that keeps the tiny pieces in place) then carefully press with the iron.
  7. Use the foam brush to gently paint on the fabric paint.
  8. Allow a few minutes to dry, then carefully remove the stencil. For small pieces, use a straight pin to help get them started for easier removal.
  9. Finish drying according to manufacturer’s directions.

Ministry of Silly Walks stenciled tee #2Black on White Silly Walks

Silly Walk Tee
kirstencan’s Silly Walk tee from the flickr group

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also posted on craftster and cut out + keep

The black Ministry of Silly Walks tee was one of the winners of the Knitted Icons contest on cut out + keep. (Knitted Icons was the prize…the craft didn’t have to be knitted)