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TTMT #527 – Present, Past, Future

ALL the scrap fabric I was clearing out last week is gone! Thank you to everyone who helped me clean out my overloaded stash. I hope you get lots of use out of the bits and pieces and would love to see what you do with it!


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sew awesome craft: archerpren’s “recipe” for crochet straps


Without a doubt, my most popular crochet project to date is the Yarn Ball Cozy (on ravelry).

The uberamazing Convivial Crafter, Pren has taken the project to a whole new level and made it ultra-portable by adding a crochet strap.  Instead of writing a pattern, she’s created a two flexible “recipes” that you can use to create straps for the Yarn Ball Cozy or for any bag.  I suspect her straps would also make a pretty awesome belt!

Pren’s Recipes For Two Straps


Everyone needs a Yarn Caddy to represent their house, dontcha know!


Another adorable variation.

Pren should probably receive an award for making this project the most.  The last time I checked, she had four Yarn Caddies under her belt.  She is also an accomplished designer, having some seriously cool project designs on her various blogs.  Check out her Ravelry Designer Page (I especially love her Ribs and Ridges Hat) and her AWESOME Harry Potter themed crafty blog, Wilcox Wizard Wears, where you can see her AMAZING Beauxbatons student costume.

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