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Some Friday Things.

Bottle Organ

It’s awfully hard to share crafty goodness this time of year.

Among my usual drafting and scheming for future projects, I’ve been working on some gifts for people in my life. Obviously, I can’t show you that, so I thought a quick tour through some of my Instragram photos might be fun!

The Coke bottles you see above are part of a bottle organ created by my son and and his friends. Among other things, they played the Tetris theme song. Who says kids are only interested in video games? ūüėČ

No idea what I’m talking about? Check out The Bottle Boys on YouTube. You’ll be entertained, I promise!

Scrappy binding cut for my Harry Potter alphabet quilt!

During the course of this past week, I worked on the binding for my Harry Potter alphabet quilt. I started with scrappy binding after a discussion with my trusty bee friends. Sadly, the awesome swirly purple didn’t make it in, but the rest of the lovely fabrics did!Binding in progress!¬†Getting there. #binding

I worked on the quilt a little each night this week while hanging out with my husband and son, or as I call them around here, “my boys.”

Done! #binding

Here it is, binding all done! I finished up last night while I caught up on Big Bang Theory.

Look for photos of the quilt itself when it stops raining or on Talk To Me Tuesday…whichever comes first!

Wait, what’s that in the background? Yep, the bottle organ is still on my kitchen table!

Time to repair the buttons on my favorite coat. #mending Much better! #mending

Also this week, I mended the buttons on my favorite coat. This is a lovely double breasted jacket I found in a consignment shop years ago. The buttons were just looking sad, so I searched my thread for the perfect color and, wallah, good as new!

Candy Cup for Christmas

Did you miss my holiday crafts recap? You can find some of my favorites right here.

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Livin’ La Vida Linus

My Quilting Helper

Marie was my helper for the day!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just really, really needed to get things done? Not a “I have to get this done” day, but a “oh, no, I’m running out of time, I HAVE to get this done!” day?

I had one of those yesterday.

You see, The Linus Connection meets on Saturday, and until yesterday, I did not have one quilt completely finished.

Enter the next five quilts.

I free-motion quilted the two Stars For Linus quilts as well as the blendy floral quilt that I’ve dubbed “Oh no, not *that* quilt.”

I bound those three quilts as well as the other two shown below.

Today? I can barely raise my arms after all that free-motion quilting. Who says quilting isn’t exercise?

Stars For Linus

Stars For Linus Quilt #1

Stars For Linus

Stars For Linus Quilt #2

Stars For Linus

A close-up of my free-motion. I fought with my machine all day yesterday, changing needles, thread and changing my bobbin to get this done. I’m still not great at free-motion, but if I can find the right mix to make my sewing machine ¬†(and by default, me!)¬†enjoy it, I think I could get better.

Stars For Linus Tag

The label I put on each of the Stars For Linus quilts. After all, it was a group effort!


Stars For The Linus Connection 

a free 12″ pattern

for best results when printing, set scaling to ‚Äúnone‚ÄĚ

Remember, I’m also accepting Wonky Stars…if you’d rather! Please makes sure they are also 12″.

Oh No, Not That Quilt

Oh no, not that quilt! I still can’t decide if I like this one or not… Experimentation with fabric samples and the 10 Minute Block.

Zepellin Threads BOM Orphan Block quilt

Zeppelin Threads orphan block quilt. The two house blocks were donated by Cat and Pren. I pieced the rest and did the straight line quilting a couple of weeks ago.


Zepellin Threads BOM Orphan Block quilt

I love how the quilting worked out on this, though you can’t quite see all of it. There’s a lot of stitching in the ditch. I tend to do a lot more straight line quilting because my sewing machine behaves better when I do.

Quilt from JoAnn M.

Quilt top donated by JoAnn M. Quilted by my friend Marge, bound by me…yesterday. This was the last quilt I worked on last night before giving up for the day.


JoAnn M - quilting close-upClose up of Marge’s quilting, done on a Handi-Quilter.

Today, I am giving myself the morning off to spend with my bee. I’ve worked extra hard every day this week and am in need of a respite!

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