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Linus Tomorrow

Wonky Stars for The Linus Connection

What with Blog Hops, awesome giveaways, Quiltmaker, quilt shows and my Trunk Show last weekend (wow, did that all really happen in the last month?!), I haven’t had much chance to mention my favorite charitable cause, The Linus Connection!

Despite all The Crazy, I continue with my personal goal to donate two blankets per month through Linus to children in crisis in Central Texas. This time of year is especially crucial because our requests tend to go up at the end of the summer as homeless teens graduate and we stockpile blankets for bereavement camps.

The quilt above is a Wonky Stars quilt I put together for last month’s Linus demo. When I took it to the meeting, it was just a quilt top, but with an hour or so of a Harry Potter audiobook and my favorite sewing machine, I have it done and ready to turn in!

Quilt for The Linus Connection

I would love to take full responsibility for this beautiful quilt, but I cannot! The center medallion was pieced by a very kind and talented lady named Patty, who then donated it to Linus. I added the borders, quilted and bound it, all ready to be donated at tomorrow’s meeting!


Want to help?

I collect 12″ (12 1/2″ unfinished) star blocks for The Linus Connection!

Click for more information.

I hope you are all having a lovely week and that, wherever you are, you have a beautiful and crafty weekend!



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A Year of Blankets

The Linus Connection‘s 2010 A Year of Blankets. Enjoy the gorgeous handmade goodness and consider helping out a blanket making charity in your area in 2011.

Learn more about The Linus Connection, my favorite charity:

My December Donations:

Modly Layer 'Em Up
The Ugly Quilt, a quilting experiment gone wrong. I just could not make myself like this. I tried. Eventually, I just gave up and stitched the blocks together. Several people told me it was very striking. The two redeeming qualities of this quilt – it lay perfectly flat for quilting and it squared up exactly. I’m sure someone will love it, I was just very tired of looking at it.

Blue Granny
Blue Granny – I love this ‘ghan. It is made of leftovers from Blue Bricks and the last couple of skeins of blue yarn in my stash.

Blue Granny
Also? Picot edges make me happy.



Project for Awesome 2010

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, then you know that The Linus Connection is a big part of my life. This year, I’m participating in The Project For Awesome in order to help raise awareness for my favorite charity. Please watch, comment, share with your friends and please Thumbs Up on YouTube!