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A Year of Blankets

The Linus Connection‘s 2010 A Year of Blankets. Enjoy the gorgeous handmade goodness and consider helping out a blanket making charity in your area in 2011.

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Modly Layer 'Em Up
The Ugly Quilt, a quilting experiment gone wrong. I just could not make myself like this. I tried. Eventually, I just gave up and stitched the blocks together. Several people told me it was very striking. The two redeeming qualities of this quilt – it lay perfectly flat for quilting and it squared up exactly. I’m sure someone will love it, I was just very tired of looking at it.

Blue Granny
Blue Granny – I love this ‘ghan. It is made of leftovers from Blue Bricks and the last couple of skeins of blue yarn in my stash.

Blue Granny
Also? Picot edges make me happy.



Monique Baby Blanket

Monique baby blanket

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Monique is one of my favorite blanket patterns to make for The Linus Connection.

It’s easy, relatively fast, works well with just about any yarn and can be adapted to be a smaller or larger size.   Make it with all one color or use up your leftovers!

I’m not including yarn amounts here because it really varies on what size you’d like to make and what kind of yarn you choose.  The one shown is made with Caron Simply Soft.

  • You’ll need:
    The yarn of your choice, I prefer a soft worsted, like Caron Simply Soft. Please note that the amount will vary
    depending on your brand choice
    I hook – this is my preference, but it works with any size hook from G up to about a J, depending on yarn weight.

Ch 122 (or any multiple of 3 + 2)
Row 1: 1 hdc into third ch from hook, skip 1 st *(1sc, ch 1, 1 dc) in next st, sk 2 sts*, rep *to*, end of row, 1 sc in last st, ch 2,
Row 2: 1 hdc in first st, (1 sc, ch 1, 1dc) in ch sp of the previous row. 1 sc in ch 2 space, ch 2, turn.
Rep until blanket is approximately square or slightly rectangular.
For edging, continue pattern in ch sp around remaining 3 sides. Join with sl stitch and finish off.

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edging detail


completed blanket


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updated 01/06/2015

Coconut Candy Baby Blanket

July 2005

The striping in this blanket reminds me of Neapolitan coconut candy.

Brach's Neapolitan Coconut Candy

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Suggested hook: I

The finished size varies based on the weight of yarn and hook size used.  The sample was made with 5 skeins of different colored sport weight yarn (sample uses purple, yellow, green and pink pastels along with a skein of white)

(pattern is a multiple of 6 + 3)

Chain 116

Row 1 – In 5th chain from hook, *(2dc, ch 1, 2dc) in 1 stitch, sk 2 sts, (1dc, ch 1, 1dc) in next stitch, skip 2 sts*, across , (2dc, ch 1 2dc) in 1 st, 1dc in last st.

Row 2 – Rep row 1, beginning with ch 3 and inserting hook in ch 1 spaces of prev. row.

Rep Row 2 for pattern.

For Coconut Candy Pattern: Crochet 5 rows in Pink, 5 Rows White, 5 Rows Green, 5 Rows Yellow, 5 Rows Lavender.  Attach pink to BACK of beginning row and follow pattern going the opposite direction.

If desired, sc around with a single color.

When the blanket is complete, weave in all ends.

Coconut Candy Blanket Detail

pattern detail

This pattern was created for The Linus Connection of Central Texas in 2005.

Happy Crafting!