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TTMT #141 – So Short

A short video for you this week. 🙂

The bookmark tutorial that inspired this idea:

Bookmarks for my Bee
See more in the video.

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TTMT 91 – Crazy Hands

I referenced a photo in the video that I totally forgot to add….

Three Year Old Jedi

Three Year Old Jedi
He still makes that face when I take his picture and he’s trying to be serious! Notice the pod-racer made out of Legos on the floor.

Let me tell you, do not try to learn to use a new camera and new software all in the same day that you want to post a video. What happens? You start at 9 am and don’t finish until 8:30 pm. That’s what happens!

That said, Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 is quite awesome. If you’re a WMM user, definitely upgrade (it’s free!) and try it out! The previous version I used was always locking up on me, but this version was smooth sailing and there are lots of new widgets.



vlog: TTMT – Hats, Blocks & Sue

In which I share lots of hats, Christmas Cottage Swap blocks, a few ornaments and an update on Operation Save Sue!

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