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7″ embroidered
It’s no secret that I love my fandoms!
It should also, by now, not be a secret that I love Star Trek.
My very first website was a Star Trek fan site, way back in the early internet days of 1996. Seriously, 1996. I wrote the HTML in Notepad and hosted it through my ISP. It was back in the day of Geocities and entire pages consisting entirely of links. I still remember creating my first animated .gif: the Voyager ship flying across my website, and how unbelievably proud I was of that.
My, how times of changed! Fortunately, my love of fandom has not and since then, it’s way cooler to be a geek. Who knew that would ever happen!
To celebrate Star Trek on Summer of Stitching, I created a Picard Quote sampler of some of my favorite utterances from the man himself. The pattern is free for personal & non-profit use. I do hope you’ll enjoy it!
Harry Potter stitch in progress
Sneak peek of my design for the current theme, Harry Potter Quotes. I have been planning this one for the entire event, and I really can’t wait to share!

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You have through this weekend to share photos of projects made from Sewhooked patterns, including Paper Piecing Vintage and any of my fandom-themed patterns with the Sewhooked flickr group to be entered to win a copy of Topsy-Turvy Trees!


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