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Summer Sue Makeover Continues!

It’s September now, and while hints of autumn may be in the air other places in the world, in Austin it’s still hot and sticky and feels like summer!

It’s a good thing, too, because the Summer Sue Makeover to update Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends is not quite done!

Today I bring you two updated sets from the Way Back files: Fanciful Fairies and Friendly Familiars. Both sets have been completely updated, and as with the previously updated set, each individual block is now available as a stand alone pattern exclusively from Craftsy!

How much do I love Sunbonnet Sue? She has her own page here on Sewhooked!

Fanciful Fairies includes 6 full color patterns of sweet fairies!


Tooth Fairy (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

My personal favorite is the Tooth Fairy. She’s a busy little lady!

Tulip Fairy (paper pieced), $2 on Craftsy

The Tulip Fairy always makes me think of my sister. Tulips are her favorite flower!

Rose Fairy (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

Rose Fairy reminds you to take time for the sweet things in life.

Flower Fairy (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

Flower Fairy is bringing a smile to a friend.

Fairy Godmother (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

Everyone needs a Fairy Godmother!

Daisy Fairy (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

Daisy Fairy is a close second for my favorite. I just love how she’s perched so sweetly!

Bonus Pattern! Water Fairy (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

Water Fairy is a bonus pattern not included with the set. When I was originally drafting these patterns several years ago for a book that ended up not being published, she was an extra that didn’t make the cut. Here she is now, in her sweet glory!

Friendly Familiars (Paper Pieced Blocks) , $7 on Craftsy

If you have been around Sewhooked for any length of time, you know that I love whimsy and magic.  Friendly Familiars is one of the original sets of patterns that were destined for the book-that-wasn’t. I can’t imagine a little witch or wizard worth his (or her!) salt not enjoying the company of a magical creature!

Wizard with Toad (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

I always imagined this to be a little wizard with a toad he found in the garden. He also reminds me of one of my all time favorite Harry Potter characters, Neville Longbottom!

Wizard with Snake (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

Snakes tend to be associated with evil. Bad boys need friends, too, right?

Wizard with Rat (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

The question that I ask myself about this pattern is what this Wizard is about to do. I’m voting for conjuring cheese for his rat!

Witch with Owl (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

Owls are just magical by nature, aren’t they? This little witch is whispering secrets to her feathery friend!

Witch with Cat (paper pieced) , $2 on Craftsy

Cats are by far my own favorite magical creature, having had quite a few of my own over the years!

There are still two sets to be updated: Busy Bodies and Wand Wielders. They’re in progress and I hope to have them to you soon! After that, I hope to have some NEW Sues to share!

Quilts from 100 Blocks, Fall 2013

In case you missed it, I have a pattern in Quilts From Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Fall 2013 – Buy it on Etsy!

Reminder: ALL Sewhooked printed patterns are 1/2 price on ETSY (no coupon needed) and will be gone after September 30.
As of October 1, all Sewhooked my patterns will be available exclusively as PDFs via Craftsy!

Have you made any of my patterns? I’d love to see them! Share a link or better yet, add them to the Sewhooked flickr group!


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Merry July…and Sue, too!

Recently, my 15-year-old commented on the absurdly early signs of Christmas shopping that are popping up here and there. It’s usually fantastically hot here in Texas and Christmas is a long, long way from most people’s minds. I’ve come to think of these uber-early retail nudges as Christmas leakage, which in my mind is any Christmas showing up pre-Thanksgiving!

The only exception for me is, of course, crafting! I explained to him that for crafters, Christmas in July is about giving yourself enough time to finish projects that you want to give as gifts. Some of us start long, long before July, but I think the countdown to completed projects starts about now! That, he agreed, makes much more sense than red & green twinkle lights at the mall when it’s over 100 degrees outside!


So, we have this conversation, and then I find out Craftsy is having a Christmas in July event…and that one of my free patterns, Sweet Sue Tops the Tree (seen at the top of this post), is featured…well, how fun is that!?

Sweet Sue’s new-found fame inspired me to do my own BIG Christmas in July post and share some Christmas & winter-themed patterns that I myself have designed.

Hey, well, they’re doing it, so why not me, right? 😉

Holly Jolly is part of Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends. If you’re new around here, I’m somewhat Sue obsessed. Just recently, I’ve been updating my older Sue patterns as part of the Summer Sue Makeover.

Holly Jolly was in the update queue. No time like the present!

Here they are, updated for 2013 and ready for Christmas in July! Each of these patterns is now also available individually. This update includes not one, but two bonuses! Wee Lil’ Penguin now includes two sizes when purchased separately and there’s a new pattern not included with the set, Santa & His Bag.

Wee Lil’ Penguin, now in two sizes! $2 on Craftsy

It all started with a penguin! He was the very first pattern designed for Holly Jolly all those years ago. I always imagined that this little guy was on the ground, motioning Santa’s sleigh in for a safe landing.
Here he is, St. Nick, ready to climb in his sleigh and deliver presents all over the world!
Where would Santa be without the Mrs. keeping him on his toes?
I tried to come up with a sweet name for this little guy, but imagination failed me. In the end, he (or she, it’s hard to tell with the present blocking the view!) became Santa’s Little Helper.

Wonky Lil’ Christmas Tree, $2 on Craftsy

Where would Santa be without a Christmas tree?

Bonus Pattern: Santa & His Bag (Paper Pieced), $2 on Craftsy

Santa & His bag are a bonus pattern designed at the same time as Holly Jolly. He’s not included in the original set and is available only as an individual pattern.

I always imagined  Holiday House as a supplement to Holly Jolly! I can just see Santa’s Little Helper standing next to the tree ready to deposit his gift! This wee house was designed for a Quilting Gallery event.

Sweet Skating Sue (paper pieced), free on Craftsy

Sweet Skating Sue was designed for an event over on Quilting Gallery for 2012. Not only is she a free pattern (and one I’m very fond of!), but I wrote a full, detailed paper piecing tutorial to go along with the pattern. See it here!

Topsy Turvy Trees was one of those doodles that insisted on being in fabric. It was fun digging out every bright green in my stash for this project. I love the lightning shapes between the trees. Hmm, I think I want to make another in batiks…

Tree Trimming is the gift that keeps on giving. I share it last for two reasons. One, it one of the earliest patterns I made available for sale and two, it has been a joy to teach. It’s an excellent beginner project for a class for both free-form and pre-cut paper piecing. I’ve seen this sweet wall hanging in every variety of fabrics you can imagine and many, many of my students have grown their very own “happy little trees!”

Happy, happy July! I hope you enjoyed this very unseasonable post.  Be sure to visit Craftsy and see my pattern featured for their event!

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 7
And, because I just can’t help myself, a giveaway! Win a free signed copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol 7. My very own design, Lemons Into Lemonade appears page 33. You can also see the quilt I designed around this block on page 10! To win, leave a comment and let me know know if you’re currently crafting for a holiday!

Gotta have a copy? I have a limited number available in my Etsy shop.


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TTMT #218 – Rebooting Sue

In this video:


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Featured Pattern: Snow White, just $2 on Craftsy!

Next Class: July 21, 2013

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Sunbonnet Sue Again – Monsters Afoot


Here’s a summary: in late 2008, I was contracted to design patterns for a book.

I did.

Those patterns became Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends. The book was never published, the contract canceled by the publisher. In 2010, after a long healing process, I released the first batch of patterns from The Book That Never was.

For quite some time since I started selling my own patterns, I’ve been asked to break these sets up so that customers can buy just the characters they like most and not have to commit to an entire set.

Because I love you guys AND because I really do think it’s a great idea, this is my summer Sewhooked project!

I think need a snappy name for it.

Revisiting Sue?

More Magic?

Whatever you call it, there’s no denying I’ve avoided working on this for some time because part of the process for me is updating all the patterns, which brings back memories and that feeling of incompleteness I had following my book contract being canceled. Somehow, redesigning these patterns has been cathartic and RIGHT NOW feels like the time to do it. There will even be a few surprises along the way as I release never before published designs that weren’t originally included in any sets!

See all my Sunbonnet Sue Patterns here

The book version of these patterns were all shades of one color when printed because that’s what the publisher wanted. The new, updated versions are full color, updated to match my current style and, I think, are easier to follow.

Each set is being updated and each individual pattern, for the first time ever, will be available on Craftsy for just $2 each.

Monster Madness is the first updated set. If you’ve previously purchased Monster Madness and would like a copy of the updated set, please forward your receipt to sewhooked@gmail.com and I’d be happy to email you a copy of the new version. If you purchased on Craftsy, the pattern in your library will be automatically updated.

Thank you for joining on this journey down memory lane. I’m well into updating the next set of Sue’s friends and hope to have them ready for you by next week.

Have you made these or other patterns designed by me? I’d love to see them in the Sewhooked Flickr group!


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Featured Pattern: Zombie (paper pieced), just $2 on Craftsy!

paper piecing club
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Paper Piecing Club @ The Stitching Studio
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Do you Sue?

Something Wicked This Way Comes Blog Hop Prize

There’s still time to win this fun prize pack!

Entering is simple:

Make Trick or Treat Sue and share her with my flickr group for a chance to win this fun prize pack! Winner receives Pumpkin Coasters donated by Jewells, an autographed copy of Quilt Sampler magazine, courtesy of Honey Bee Quilt Store, a featured store in this issue and a sweet Halloween bag of fat quarters!

Winner to be announced on Tuesday, October 30, 2013. Only photos shared via flickr are eligible to win. Click for the original blog post!

Check out who has been visiting flickr!

Trick or Treat Sue
by Susie’s Sunroom

Trick or treat Sue - Carin
by Carin

by kwilterPT

Trick or Treat Sue
by craftytokyomama


Santa and His Bag

Featured Pattern: Santa and his Bag, just $2 on Craftsy!

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Something (not so) Wicked…

Welcome friends, old and new!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year…




Scary movies!


Wait, did I already say that? 😉

TODAY is particularly special to me because it is my very best friend’s birthday!

*throws confetti*

Happy birthday, Jewells!

Trick or Treat Sue

>>> Trick-or-Treat Sue <<<

10″ paper pieced
free for your personal & non-profit use

In celebration of Soma’s fabulous Halloween-themed hop, I’ve created a pattern just for you in one of my absolute favorite themes: Sunbonnet Sue!

I love her so much, she and her friends have their own page here on Sewhooked!

This little Sue has dressed up like a witch and has headed out to trick-or-treat!

Is that candy I see in her pumpkin?

Trick or Treat Sue - EQ Version Trick or Treat Sue

From concept to block: EQ7 version on the left, in fabric on the right!

Tip: Reduce your pattern by 50% to create a 5″ block!

Spiderweb Sue Purple Trick or Treat Sue

How fun is she with a variety of different patterns?

Tip: Want your Sue to face the other way? Just print your pattern in mirror image!

Something Wicked This Way Comes Blog Hop Prize

Make Trick or Treat Sue and share her with my flickr group for a chance to win this fun prize pack! Winner receives Pumpkin Coasters donated by Jewells, an autographed copy of Quilt Sampler magazine, courtesy of Honey Bee Quilt Store, a featured store in this issue and a sweet Halloween bag of fat quarters!

Winner to be announced on Tuesday, October 30, 2013. Only photos shared via flickr are eligible to win.

More haunted fabric-y goodness…

A Little Haunted Wall Hanging
A Little Haunted, also available on Craftsy!


Zombie!  Part of Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends, Set 1: Monster Madness. Also available on Craftsy.

This complete set is one of the featured blog hop prizes on Whims & Fancies! Be sure to check out the details there.

Have a very Happy Halloween season…and thanks for stopping by!


Santa and His Bag

Featured Pattern: Santa and his Bag, just $2 on Craftsy!

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Welcome Paper Pieced Swappers!

Sweet Skating Sue Mini Quilt Swap

Welcome Quilting Gallery friends!

Long time, no see!

The last time you stopped by might have been the Ties That Bind Blog Hop in the spring of this year. Or maybe it was the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along & Super Deals for Christmas in 2011. However long it’s been, or if it’s your very first time to visit Sewhooked, I’m glad you’re here!

The fabulous Michele is always creating new ways for quilters to connect and have fun! This Swap is one of them and I hope you have as much fun creating a fun mini quilt for your partner as I did creating this quilt pattern for you!

I’m a sucker for Sunbonnet Sue. When Sue visits my house, she plays by my rules, which means she’s paper pieced!

Sweet Skating Sue Sweet Skating Sue, Purple and Green

And now, what you’re here for,  Sweet Skating Sue, the pattern for your Paper Pieced Mini Quilt Swap!

12″ (12 1/2″ unfinished)

Now available:

Get this complete

printable tutorial including

pattern for just $3 on Craftsy!

Haven’t signed up yet? Just click here!

In addition to sharing your photo with the Quilting Gallery’s flickr group, I would love to see your Paper Pieced Mini Quilt Swap project in the Sewhooked flickr group! Three participants will win autographed copies of Spring/Summer 2012 Quilt Sampler Magazine, a generous donation from Honey Bee Quilt Store in Austin, Texas!

The following is a quick paper piecing tutorial specifically for Sweet Skating Sue.  Keep scrolling to see detail quilting photos and how I prepare my mini quilts for hanging!

Need more instruction? Learn to paper piece with me now through December with my full-length video workshop available only through STITCHED. Membership gives you access to over 20 classes AND instructors and registration is now only $40!

Click for details.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (1)

Step one is the easiest! Print your pattern.  For best results make sure scaling is set to none so the pattern will print at actual size.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (2)Gather your fabric. Your scarf can be one color or two, it’s up to you!

In this sample, both parts of the scarf are made using one batik fabric. In the pink version, I used two different fabrics to represent the front and the back of the scarf.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (3)

Let’s prep that pattern! Cut the pieces apart using paper scissors.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (4)

Units B1 and B2 will need to be joined to create one Unit that we will call B. I like to use glue for this. Just a little does the job, and unlike tape, you don’t have to worry about accidentally melting it to you iron!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (5)

Using a light source will help you line up those pieces!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (15)

Set your  sewing machine for a short stitch. I like 1.5 on my machine.  A shorter stitching will make removing the paper easier at the end and will also help to keep those stitches in place when taking the paper out.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (6)

Time to sew! For Unit A is a great place to start! You will need background fabric, Sue’s coat fabric, a rotary cutter, a postcard, an Add-A-Quarter Ruler, an iron and an ironing surface. If you don’t have the ruler, you can use a regular rotary ruler. No rotary cutter? Just use scissors!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (7)

Now we’re ready to go! Your first piece of fabric (A1) will go RIGHT SIDE UP on the BACK of the pattern paper. Use a light source to make sure your fabric covers all the way around. Paper piecing is a great use for scrap fabrics. You can also cut a piece out that is slightly larger than your shape. Pin this piece of fabric to the paper.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (8)

Place the pattern with the printed side up and place your postcard (mine is spiffy and from Australia!). Using the postcard as a straight edge, fold along the line that is between the 1 and 2 on Unit A.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (9)

With the paper folded back, place the Add-A-Quarter Ruler on top of your fabric. The ruler has an edge that will butt right up against the paper, making it super easy to get a perfect 1/4″.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (10)

Use your rotary cutter to trim!

Note: If you’re using scissors, just estimate 1/4″. Paper piecing is absolutely doable with just scissors! It’s stitching on the paper that makes your block come out perfect!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (11)

This is your 1/4″ seam allowance after using the Add-A-Quarter Ruler.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (12)

And this is what it looks like from the other side!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (13)

***On the side of the fabric you just trimmed, place the next piece of fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN. You will repeat this and the following  few steps for every pattern segment from here on out.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (14)

I like to audition my fabric pieces before stitching. Simply fold the fabric up along the stitching line to make sure it will fit. If the fabric is too unwieldy, you can also pin along the stitching line before opening the fabric.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (40)

Stitch exactly on the line, taking one or two stitches before and after the lines that intersect the 1-2 line.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (21)

Be sure to snip those threads!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (16)

A1 and A2, stitched together! Press open as you go.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (17)

And this is what it looks like from the pattern side.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (18)

Repeat from the instruction marked *** for the  rest of the pieces on Unit A.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (22)

Unit A, all stitched!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (23)

And from the paper side!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (24)

We’re going to repeat the process on Unit B. I will go through a couple of extra steps here to show you how to deal with the crazy angels.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (25)

Remember, that first piece of fabric goes right side up!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (26)

Trim with your Add-A-Quarter Ruler & rotary cutter!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (27)

1, 2 and 3, stitched together

How To Sweet Skating Sue (32)

Now, here is where it gets a little tricky. We’re going add piece 5, which is long, skinny and pieced at an angle. If you know the following shortcut, no paper pieced pattern will ever daunt you!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (33)

Place a long strip of fabric, wrong side up on your cutting surface. Place the pattern on top, making sure the edge between 2 and 5 will be covered. Center the fabric so there is plenty of fabric to go over the long edges.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (34)

Fold back the paper using your postcard.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (35)

Cut the fabric with your rotary cutter.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (36)

Turn the fabric so that it is right sides together with the edge you just cut lined up to edge where 2 meets 5. Center the long piece of fabric over the fabric already stitched to the paper. It’s going to look wonky and sideways, but I promise, this is right!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (37)

Here is what it looks like from the front. If you’re not sure, remember you can audition your fabric!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (38)

Stitch along the line.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (39)

Fold out the paper, and guess what, it covers perfectly!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (41)

Pin the fabric to the paper so that it doesn’t flap around.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (42)

Unit B, with all the fabric stitched in place!

How To Sweet Skating Sue (44)

Continue with the above instructions for each remaining unit until they all look something like this.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (45)

Find the edge where Unit A will join Unit B. Using a rotary ruler, trim along the seam allowance that is printed on the pattern. If your seam allowance is not perfectly 1/4″, use your ruler to make adjustments and find the appropriate width.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (46)

Trim the seam allowance on Unit B where it meets Unit A, just as you did above.How To Sweet Skating Sue (47)

Push a pin through Unit A at the corner adjacent to Unit B.How To Sweet Skating Sue (48)

With the fabric sides of the pattern pieces facing, push the pin through the adjacent corner on Unit B.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (49)

Line up the seam allowance and stitch. If you need to, you can pin before this step. (This is Sewing order A>B, as listed on your pattern.)

How To Sweet Skating Sue (50)

Remove the paper in the seam allowance. It will tear off easily. Repeat for both sides.How To Sweet Skating Sue (51)

Press open as you piece the units together.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (52)

A & B, stitched together. Repeat the above steps using the straight pin to stitch together the rest of the pieces. The sewing order is on your pattern.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (53)


How To Sweet Skating Sue (54)

E>F; G>H

How To Sweet Skating Sue (55)


How To Sweet Skating Sue (56)


How To Sweet Skating Sue (57)


How To Sweet Skating Sue (58)


How To Sweet Skating Sue (59)

If you have a 12 1/2″ ruler, now is the time to use it! If you do not, use your rotary mat to square up your block.

How To Sweet Skating Sue (60)

Ta Da!

And now…a little bonus! I will show a little of the quilting process for the pink version of Sweet Skating Sue!

Curious about Free-Motion quilting? Leah Day has the most comprehensive FMQ tutorials anywhere!

Sweet Skating Sue

Quilt Sandwich. Yum!

Sweet Skating Sue

I used a combination of FMQ and straight line quilting on this project.

Sweet Skating Sue

Mmmm, metallic thread!

Sweet Skating Sue

Sue, you look fabulous!

Sweet Skating Sue

And a little white Fairy Frost to finish!

Sweet Skating Sue

Motion commotion!

Sweet Skating Sue

Another shot of that yummy silver thread!

Sweet Skating Sue

This Sue’s scarf comes in two colors!

Sweet Skating Sue

On small projects like this, I like to add fabric squares that have been folded in half to the back top corners before adding my binding.Sweet Skating Sue

This gives me a super easy label…

Sweet Skating Sue

And an easy way to add a dowel rod for hanging!

Ready to stitch some more? My new pattern, Santa and His Bag are just $2 on Craftsy!

Tabby Face Block Lotto

Join me for the  Tabby Face Block Lotto! You still have time to send those blocks in for a chance to win the lot! Click here for details!

Use coupon code TABBY in my Etsy shop to receive 10% off your total order during the month of September!


Learn to paper piece with me now through December with my full-length video workshop available only through STITCHED. You get access to over 20 classes AND instructors and registration is now only $40! Click for details.

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Fairy Tale Femmes

Fairy Tale Femmes

Fairy Tale Femmes

It took me by surprise to realize how long it’s been since I’ve shared a new pattern from the Sewhooked Shop!

These lovelies are my own interpretation of some of Fairy Land’s most popular pretty ladies: Rapunzel, letting down her hair; Little Red Riding Hood, off to visit Grandma; Snow White, contemplating the poisoned apple; The Princess and the Pea, trying to get comfy; A Little Mermaid, dreaming of a human Prince; and Cinderella, fleeing at midnight.

Just a reminder, in honor of my participation in the Quilting Gallery’s Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along, right now through November 1, 2011 get  Holly Jolly as an instant PDF download pattern for half price using coupon code CELEBRATE or get 10% of your total Sewhooked instant download purchase instead with coupon code QUILTOBER!

Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post!

Happy stitching!


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Quilting Gallery’s Christmas Quilt-Along: Sweet Sue Tops The Tree

Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along and Super Deals for QuiltersWelcome Quilt-Along visitors!

I have been excited about Quilting Gallery’s Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along since the very first moment of my involvement. What an amazingly talented bunch of designers Michele has brought together. I’m absolutely thrilled to be included and to bring you today’s pattern!

Am I always this excitable? Yes, yes, I am!

My goal was to share a pattern that would reflect both the theme and my personal design style. With that, Sweet Sue was born. Sunbonnet Sue has always been a personal favorite, and I’ve designed oodles of patterns that feature Sue characters. More on that later…

Presenting, for your Christmas quilting enjoyment

 Sweet Sue Tops the Tree

 Sweet Sue Tops The Tree – a free 12″ paper pieced pattern

For best results, print with scaling set to “none.”

New to paper piecing? Visit my Paper Piecing Resource Page!

See this block on Quilting Gallery.

Isn’t she just a sweetie?

I’ve been designing patterns for quite a few years now, and it never gets any less fun for me, but it’s only been in the ten months or so that I’ve started using EQ7.

For those that might be unfamiliar with it, Electric Quilt is a quilting software that allows you to draft quilt patterns using specialized tools just for quilting. I primarily use the block drafting tools to create my own whimsical paper pieced patterns.

One of the most fun things for me is getting the chance to see my designs in a myriad of fabrics before I ever start digging through my stash. If you’ve visited Sewhooked before, you already know that I love to share design variations to get your creative juices flowing!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Fabric variation is the spice of life! Each of these blocks was generated using EQ7.

Apart from designing and playing with fabric, one of the great joys of quilting, at least for me, is getting to share it with my friends! I am incredibly lucky to have quite a few quilting friends that are ready and willing to try out my patterns before I release them into the wild.

For your quilting pleasure, Sweet Sue has been tested by:




Feeling a little lost? There’s a tutorial for that!

So what’s all this about a slew of  Sunbonnet Sues? What I enjoy quilting most, whimsy and magic, found their way into my versions of Sue, entitled Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends. All of Sue’s Friends are available as themed sets in the Sewhooked Shop.

Mrs. Claus  Little Wonky Christmas Tree Lil' St. Nick Santa's Elf Wee Lil Penguin

Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends, Supplemental Set 1: Holly Jolly includes Lil’ St. Nick, Wonky Lil’ Christmas Tree , Mrs. Claus, Santa’s Lil’ Helper, and Wee Lil’ Penguin.

In honor of the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along, right now through November 1, get Holly Jolly as an instant PDF download pattern for half price using coupon code CELEBRATE. Yep, just $3 for five sweet patterns!

Sue doesn’t do it for you? How about 10% of your total Sewhooked instant download purchase instead with coupon code QUILTOBER!

Tree Trimming
 Tree Trimming

Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post! And don’t forget, if you’re playing along, please share your Sweet Sue photos in the Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along flickr.

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Busy Bodies

Broomstick Witch

Potion Maker Fortune Teller

Oopsie Daisy Witch Green Thumb Witch Old Wise Wizard

My journey creating Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends, while frustrating at times, was overall a good experience. I learned a lot about publishing and layout, despite not seeing my book in print.

I’ve had many people suggest that I self-publish the book. It’s something I definitely haven’ t ruled out, but for now, I’m very happy to own my own small pattern company and to continue to share both my for sale designs and  free patterns designed both by myself and my talented Guest Designers on Sewhooked.

This is the last “official” set of Magical Friends, meaning only that these cute little characters are the last of the patterns that would have been part of the book.  Like any other project, there are often tangents that occur that may or may not make the final cut. Those design will be presented as supplemental sets. Those sets were, in my own opinion, not quite obviously magical enough or they have other elements that aren’t very Sunbonnet Sue, or they got away from the basic theme I was following. They’re still fun patterns that I believe captures my my style and enjoyment of the work.

Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends (Set 5) – Busy Bodies includes Broomstick Witch, Fortune Teller, Green Thumb Witch, Old Wise Wizard, Oopsie Daisy Witch and Potion Maker.

Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends are inspired by the classic Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam blocks, with a fun, whimsical twist!

Complete paper pieced patterns and sewing order for each. Pattern can be printed in color or gray scale.

5″ finished
patterns can be printed in color or gray scale

Included: 5  paper pieced block patterns with sewing order.

These patterns and others are super-easy to buy from the Sewhooked Shop as an instant PDF download with PayPal payment – completely secure shopping through E-junkie! If you feel more comfortable shopping through e-junking, you can go straight to my storefront there.

With your PDF download, you receive a 6 paper pieced patterns with seam allowance and stitching instructions.

Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends

Set 1 – Monster Madness

Set 2 – Wand Wielders

Set 3 – Fanciful Fairies

Set 4 – Friendly Familiars

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