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TTMT #529 – Vacation Brain

It’s good to be home, but my goodness, my head is still on vacation!

And, because I mentioned it in my video, The Batty Bat song:


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TTMT #460 – Not Sick Yet

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Block set assignments by color & quilt size on the

second and fourth Mondays through April. ♥ 




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TTMT #429 – with love from Hogwarts 

A surprise vacation edition!

Spoiler alert for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 😊

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Coming in September!

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Stop by Friday for another fun free pattern! Click here to see free patterns from Fridays past!



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TTMT #389 – Post-Travel Edition, Some Housekeeping & a Flickr Prize!

I’d love to ONLY talk about our trip to England, but I have some housekeeping to do as well.

First of all, Craftsy relaunched on October 1. They’ve changed their entire structure, including how links are created. Among other things, the permalink to the Sewhooked pattern shop disappeared. I’ve emailed them for help and hope to have it sorted out soon. In the meantime, you can still find all of my patterns published through Craftsy, including My Favorite Things, by going to my Craftsy profile.

Secondly, Google has been doing some updates to Blogger. Fandom in Stitches is hosted on Blogger. I came home from vacation to a half-functioning FiS. (Do you, too, sense a post-vacation trend?) The menus disappeared, among other things. I’m working on it as quickly as I can, in the meantime, if you can’t find something, please let me know by emailing the Fandom in Stitches Admin address.

I’m happy to share that The Linus Connection website has been unaffected by all this craziness! Small favors, right?


October My Favorite Things – Needle & Thread

I was so excited in my video today, that I forgot to mention that the October BOM pattern went live on Friday. Thank you to everyone that’s already commented and shared photos of your blocks!

Starts tomorrow on Fandom in Stitches!

The September 2016 sewhooked.com participation prize is a digital copy of my pattern set, Mustachio! 12 Mustaches to Paper Piece. Just in time for Movember!
Get it on Craftsy or Etsy!
Jacks Lanterns quilt!
The September winner is Rainey Turner with this awesome Jack’s Lanterns quilt!
I apologize for not posting all of the September photos from the Flickr Group. As you might imagine, I’ve been swamped with all the website issues and I’m doing my best to catch up. If you’d like to see the rest of the awesome project photos for this month, please visit the Sewhooked Flickr group. If you’d like a chance to win next month, share your photos with that same group.

Want to sponsor a 2016 prize? Please drop me an email!



My Favorite Things. a Block of the Month by Jennifer Ofenstein

Free Pattern Day is the first of every month during 2016!

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One Day Sale!


*throws confetti*

My daughter is graduating from high school tomorrow! We’re proud and sort of stunned, all at the same time. I guess that’s how this works, huh?

HOW is that possible? I’m still working on figuring that one out! I’ll let you know when it actually sinks in!

To celebrate her accomplishment, my family and I are taking two weeks off to spend time together before she gets ready to leave for college in the fall.

Because I want you to celebrate, too, I’m offering 20% off your purchase of $5 or more in my ETSY shop, just use coupon code VACATION! Offer valid only on ETSY. My store closes until June 18 starting tomorrow making this offer TODAY only!

Prefer instant download to waiting for hardcopies in the mail? My Craftsy shop is always open!

Have a fabulous first two weeks of June…see you on the flip side!


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