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Free Pattern Friday – Wonky Logs


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

Hello, my friends!

I’m back after a bit longer of a hiatus than I had planned. Travel and then sickness kept me away, but I’m finally starting to feel a tiny bit better.

Today I’ve dusted off two patterns that were languishing in my archive folder. Wonky Logs date back to before I owned Sewhooked. Here they are, updated for 2018. Both patterns are super simple to paper piece and finish 6″



wonky log title

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As Wonky As You Want To be

Wonky Log Cabin

As I’ve gone through my older patterns the last few weeks, I find myself remembering how much I liked certain blocks. Some, for their complexity, Wonky Log Cabin, for it’s simplicity.

Log cabin blocks of all shapes and sizes are very common in the quilting world, so I wasn’t reinventing the wheel with this pattern, but it was simple and fun and fast to make.

I used the block in a sampler quilt, which was donated to The Linus Connection.

Upon revisiting the picture of this bloc, I started wondering what the repeat would create, much like I wondered with Slightly Twisted. Enter my handy-dandy quilting software,  EQ7.

wonky mock up

Free Pattern – Wonky Log Cabin

I re-drafted my original pattern (which was itself drafted in Photoshop), and colored it in pleasing light/dark fabrics, much as the original had been.

wonky log layout 2

I then began to create repeats. For this bloc, I turned the more lavender of the purples inside, creating a cool medallion effect with a center star.

wonky log layout 1

By continuing to turn the blocks, the center star from the first layout can be repeated throughout the quilt.

wonky log layout 3

Add even more blocks for a striking continuous pattern.

Like I said above, I’m not re-inventing the wheel here. Log cabin quilts are both traditional and popular, but add just a little slant to the logs in the block and all kind of interesting designs and shapes can emerge!