Counting Down To Harry, Tuesday

Counting Down to Harry, Tuesday

Save Ginny, purchased at a live H&tP show during Lumos, Las Vegas, 2006

I’m not sure when I first discovered Wizard Rock, but it was probably some time in 2005.

I had heard a whisper, a whisper about Harry & the Potters. Back in 2005, Facebook wasn’t the thing, MySpace was. So I went there, and I looked, and I found them.

They’re not the best vocalists in the world, but I love their lyrics and I love their heart. They’re fans and they get it.

The first opportunity I had to see Harry & the Potters perform was at Lumos in 2006. I bought this shirt without a second thought and I have worn it until the threads are starting to come out. It’s one of my favorite H&tP songs…and one of my favorite fandom tees.

We’ve got to save Ginny Weasley from the basilisk

We’ve got to save the school from that unseen horror

We’ve got to save Ginny Weasley from the basilisk

We’ve got to save the school again

Since the early days of Wizard Rock, about a million other bands have come on the fandom scene. My heart still belongs to Harry & the Potters…and I admit it, a little of it belongs to Draco and the Malfoys.

What?! Every girl has a little touch of poison. Click for a listen. 😉

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