Making The Best of It

Hand Quilting In Progress

Oh my, have I ever been sick the last couple of days!

A stuffy nose crept up on me Thursday evening and by Friday morning, I was a sick mess. Stuffy nose, fever, aches and pains.

How fun!

In an effort to not spend my long weekend as a complete lump, I pulled out a hand quilting project I started ages ago. I had to go all the way back to my 2010 UFO list to find where I first started talking about this quilt.

Really? 2010? Come on Jennifer, get a move on!

Grannie's Signature Quilt
This is my granmother’s signature quilt, before quilting and before I added the border.

This quilt inspired the Extra Credit block for the Project of Doom.

You may remember that I’ve worked on other quilt tops that came from Grannie’s house after she passed away.

Grannie's Trunk Quilt
Grannie’s Trunk Quilt

Grannie's Nine Patch
Grannie’s 9-Patch

I did, apparently, at least get the borders on Grannie’s Signature Quilt and start quilting in 2010, as evidenced by my 2010 UFO Round-up.

I’m keeping the quilting super simple. Grannie was not fancy and everything she did or made was practical and frugal, and I’d like the quilting to reflect that. I’m planning to bind the quilt in muslin.

It sure would be nice if this quilt did not make it to my 2012 UFO list!

Back to my tissues…and my hand quilting.


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4 thoughts on “Making The Best of It

  1. Aalia

    The friendship quilt is looking great! I loved seeing the other two quilts from your Grannie’s estate, too. (Not to mention the UFO flashback…how cool!)

  2. Barbara

    What a treasure. Your grandmother would be so pleased to know you are finishing up her quilts. I have a few of my grandmother’s quilts too. A few are quite worn. One day I’d like to repair them. Feel better.

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Thanks, Barbara! My grandmother taught me to hand stitch when I was a little girl, and it feels very full circle to work on the things she left behind. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.


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