PPV 2017 – Block 11 & Rainbow Cascade Announcement!

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2017 quilt along.jpg

Welcome back to our Paper Piecing Vintage Quilt Along (#PPV2017)!

JUST ONE MORE BLOCK AND WE ARE DONE! It’s been an amazing time so far and I’m thrilled that you have been quilting along with me!

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As our second round of PPV nears completion, I’ve been hard at work on the next Sewhooked Quilt Along and my very first entirely free Sewhooked QAL brought to you thanks to our Patreon Patrons!

rainbow cascade badge.jpg

I’m very proud to announce Rainbow Cascade, A FREE Quilt Along for a brand new quilt pattern designed by yours truly to take place September 2017 – April 2018!

Rainbow Cascade is unlike any quilt I’ve designed or any quilt along I’ve hosted. It’s a single pattern quilt that is all about COLOR!

The quilt along will include 5 quilt sizes so you can make your version as big or small as you like. We’ll be piecing our blocks in a cascade so you can watch your own quilt grow from the corner out.

I will keep the Second & Fourth Monday schedule we’ve had for PPV, so even if you’re making the biggest quilt (70″ x 80″), you will never need to piece more than 4 blocks in a two week period.

I myself will be using Rainbow Cascadas a stash busting project. I’ll release fabric amounts in August so you can pull (or purchase!) fabric for your own version of Rainbow Cascade!!

I very much hope you’ll play along for fun and rainbow-themed piecing!

As during PPV, you will find Quilty Fun & Prizes in the Sewhooked Facebook Group.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program, Paper Piecing Vintage!


The following is the November 2014 block (Block 11 for us) made for my 1930’s vintage fabric-inspired version of this quilt (above).

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11 nov PPV (3)

Today’s pattern, Block 11 (November 2014), is Vestibule. You can find it beginning on page 53 in Paper Piecing Vintage, or you can purchase JUST this block pattern here.

All patterns for PPV are 6″ & 12″ (w/o seam allowance). The size you make is up to you.

The vintage version (above) is from my 2014 PPV.

My 2017 PPV Halloween Quilt Block

Block 11 - Vestibule

The Vestibule block is another really fun one to use with tiny prints! I had a single square of this purple eyeball fabric and I used every smidgen of it! The white with tiny sprinkles was a 2″ strip of fabric left from another project. I do love how they go together!

The next PPV post will reveal my final Halloween block and my entire PPV Halloween Quilt! It’s almost pieced and I’ve been loving every minute of it!

signature block

Are you quilting along with Paper Piecing Vintage? Share a Signature Block for the PPV Signature Quilt! This special project is a for a commemorative signature quilt that I will keep after Paper Piecing Vintage has concluded. Find this block on page 21 of Paper Piecing Vintage. If you’re only making a few blocks, you can also find the Signature Block Pattern right here.

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Join me later this week for Free Pattern Friday, right here on Sewhooked!

patreonOur next event, Rainbow Cascade, will be entirely free thanks to Patreon Patrons! Become a Sewhooked Patron to help support more free patterns & events!

I’ll see you tomorrow for Talk to Me Tuesday!

Happy sewing!

5 thoughts on “PPV 2017 – Block 11 & Rainbow Cascade Announcement!

  1. Alida

    Finally a great use of my scraps bags sorted by color! They are starting to overflow, not sure I can wait unti September 🙂 I will for sure sew along!!

  2. Heather Price

    Hi Jennifer!
    Your projects are always great and I’d love to join your Rainbow Cascade project. Sounds exciting! How do I join?


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