TTMT #517 – Oodles of Orphan Blocks!

Sorry, no kitty cameos today. I have been a bit too incapacitated to follow cats around the house! 😉

2019 Fat Quarter Lotto

April is my birthday month and you’re invited to help me celebrate by participating in the 5th Annual Fat Quarter Lotto

It’s super easy – send up to four fat quarters & I’ll draw a winner (or winners) “live” on Talk to Me Tuesday on April 30, 2019. There will be 1 winner per 50 fat quarters. Last year we had two winners with 50 fat quarters each and one winner with 25 fat quarters!

Watch last year’s live drawing!

Want an extra entry? Include orphan blocks for The Linus Connection! The Linus Connection is an Austin, TX-based blanket making charity. I use orphan quilt blocks to make quilts to donate. I also share orphan blocks with fellow volunteers to make quilts. Any orphan quilt blocks collected will be turned into quilts for kids in crisis in Central Texas. This collection is personally done by me, Jennifer Ofenstein, and is not sponsored or endorsed by The Linus Connection.

The Sewhooked Fat Quarter Lotto is not a sponsored event and I am not eligible to win. This is just my way to say Thank You for another fun year of sharing! There is no purchase necessary and no obligation to play. I will pay for all return postage.

Click for Details

All entries must be received by April 29, 2019.

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7 thoughts on “TTMT #517 – Oodles of Orphan Blocks!

  1. Gina

    Hi There! I just saw this in my email newsletter from you and am going to put some fat quarters and orphan blocks in the mail tomorrow with my filled out form. Just wanted to let you know since it’s so close to the deadline and I’m shipping from Wisconsin. I hope you receive them on time for the deadline! I’d have done this sooner, but like I mentioned above, I just came across it today.

      1. Gina

        You’re very welcome! I have been hanging on to those for too many years, LOL…time they get put into something special!


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