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TTMT #409 – Storm the Castle!

Today I share my FINISHED 2015 version of The Project of Doom made during the quilt along hosted the same year on Fandom in Stitches. This is the third full version of this quilt I’ve made by myself. I’ve also made several as part of collaborations for charity. This one is made from Stonehenge fabric. It was designed, pieced, quilted, and bound by me. It will also be labeled by me a.s.a.p. so I can start using it!

In this video:

2017 quilt along.jpg

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TTMT #370 – Keepin’ It Short

Pre-order a personalized copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol 13 from my Etsy shop. My supplies will be limited, so order now! 

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sewhooked.com May Flickr participation prize
We have a fun new prize for May: a charm pack of Moda La Belle Fleur by French General with two, fun, Texas-themed charms! Big thanks to Susan & Janis for sharing these goodies.:)

Entering to win is easy, just share your photos with the Sewhooked flickr group, making sure your photos are set to share. Once a month, I’ll share your photos right here on Sewhooked and announce that month’s winner.

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My Favorite Things. a Block of the Month by Jennifer Ofenstein

Free Pattern Day is the first of every month during 2016!

TTMT #309 – Corner Shift

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Vol 11. This is my sixth isssue!

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Happy crafting!


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The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

A Very Special Monday

Alida (tweloquilting.blogspot.com) recreated one of my later mother-in-law's stained glass pieces as a quilt for my birthday. I'm absolutely overwhelmed with emotion. #paperpiecing #gift #tweloq

Over the weekend, I received an unexpected parcel in the mail from Alida over on Tweety Loves Quilting.

There were many wonderful things in the parcel, with one very special one tied with a ribbon. When I opened it, there was a beautiful wall hanging inside:

Stained Glass Quilt by TweLoQ

I looked at the gorgeous quilt and I knew it reminded me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it right away. It was only after I walked away and into my kitchen that I realized.

Alida recreated one of my mother-in-law, Carol’s, stained glass pieces that I had shared in this post the day after Carol passed away.

The original piece looks like this:

Stained Glass by CarolTo say I was gobsmacked is an understatement. I immediately raced up stairs to pull the photo up so I could compare. The gorgeous birthday gift is a recreation of this piece, there was no doubt about it.

Made for Linus by AlidaMade for Linus by Alida

Not only did Alida send me this beautiful piece she obviously worked long and hard on, but she also included two wonderful quilt tops for donation to my favorite blanket charity, The Linus Connection.

Color me speechless.

After the private thank you I sent, I had to share a huge public one. Thank you, Alida, for your thoughtfulness and generosity.


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The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

TTMT #297 – The Swing of Things

In this video:

My Kitchen Window

In honor of my mother-in-law’s memory, I will be giving away one free copy of My Kitchen Window to a Sewhooked Flickr Member that shares photos of projects made from my patterns during February 2015. This wall hanging pattern was inspired by a stained glass piece made by Carol and gifted to my family many years ago.

My patterns can be found on Craftsysewhooked.comfandominstitches.com,  & various Quiltmaker Magazines. Photos must be shared with the Sewhooked flickr group to be entered to win the monthly giveaway.


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The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

TTMT #280 – Blanket The World

Paper Piecing Vintage

Share your projects made from any Sewhooked pattern with the Sewhooked flickr group in September, including Paper Piecing Vintage, and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends, Set 1: Monster Madness. The set includes 5″ patterns for all the classic monsters shown…just in time for Halloween! Winner coming soon!

Saturday Sewing

Headed out for some charity sewing this morning!

Yesterday morning, I headed out for a day of charity sewing with my favorite blanket charity, The Linus Connection. There were about sixteen of us, all told, stitching binding and quilt tops for kids in crisis in central Texas.

For this venture, I used my handy Singer 301A, which I made in to my “to-go” machine last fall. It has it’s own bag filled with all my duplicate sewing tools so that I don’t have to pack up my home machine every time I want to go sew with friends. I can’t even begin to tell you how much easier that has made events like this!

@clumsykristel, Marie approves of your quilts!  #blanketcharity #kitty Stitching binding on a charity quilt.

My first order of business was to stitching binding on two quilts donated by Kristel from Work-In-Progress Girl. Marie happily modeled the pre-bound versions of Kristel’s lovely quilts! I’ll be showing the finished version on TTMT this Tuesday.

Chain stitching for my favorite blanket charity. Two quilts bound and one top pieced! Almost 3 more hours to sew!  #blanketcharity #thelinusconnection  #Singer301A

After binding Kristel’s two quilts (which were quilted by my friend Marge on the Linus long arm machine), I moved on to piecing a simple top made of bright and cheerful 6″ squares.

 Last few stitched for this top!  #blanketcharity #thelinusconnection #Singer301A Quilt top #2! #blanketcharity #thelinusconnection #Singer301A

After the sweet squares were complete, I moved on to a large tumble block quilt. For sewing days, volunteers pre-cut fabrics that have been donated in to kits to make quilt tops. We try to keep it pretty simple, but use beautiful, fun fabrics that will make a very happy quilt.

Kit #2 today. #blanketcharity #Singer301A #thelinusconnection

This pre-cut is made from a layer cake (10″ pre-cut squares) using a large tumble block template. Because the piecing are so big, the top stitches up super fast.


A friend's awesome custom table for her Singer 301A


Lastly, I just have to share this amazing extension table that my friend’s husband made for her Singer 301A. It’s pegboard, an old broom handle, a few screws and felt pads for feet! Total cost, approximately $5! Isn’t it fantastic?!


Paper Piecing Vintage February Flickr prize from sewhooked.com! #paperpiecingvintage #sewhooked  #flickr

There are still chances for prizes! Just share your Paper Piecing Vintage photos with theSewhooked flickr group in February and you’ve got a chance to win the fabulous prize above! There’s a new prize each month during 2014, so be sure to stop back by!


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Sign up for Paper Piecing Vintage
and get a new pattern in two sizes each month during 2014!

That’s 24 patterns for just $12!

Random Doings

Buttercup complete!
Just this evening, I finished stitching my first set of blocks for the As You Wish Quilt & Stitch along.

 photo AYWBadge_zpsfd93af71.jpg

The Princess Bride. Seriously! The Buttercup blocks were designed by Elizabeth from Such A Sew & Sew. The quilt layouts for the event were designed by me.

Four Patch Layout for As You Wish
This is the one I’m using, though the more popular of my two designs for this event is definitely this one.

Making it real. #finishin2014
I did an epic post and my TTMT this week all about the UFOs I want to at least touch, and hopefully finish, in 2014. Today I made an actual, physical list on a giant piece of paper. My goal is to finish 2014 with less projects than I started with. I thought that maybe marking projects done from a real life list would inspire me and remind me of my goals!

New projects aren’t on this list, just stuff that’s been hanging around prior to this year.

Smug kitty is smug. One more of Merlin, then I'm done, promise! #mycatisadorable
Marie and Merlin say hello!

Four puzzle postcards for my David Tennant-loving daughter! Mailing one a day for the next four days. #geekmom #itsasecret
I made these postcards to send to my daughter. You see, I’m a giant geek mom and send my college freshman daughter a postcard every day. Yeah, you heard that right. EVERY day. She loves it. I love it. We’re all happy!

Anyway, I have these ancient printable postcards that are essentially a sheet of cardstock with perforations. To make these, I found an awesome wallpaper on fanpop.com by deedeedee123 and printed it to an 8 1/2″ x 11″ document without borders. It seriously worked a treat!

Because. David Tennant. Yeah.

Current crochet project…for The Linus Connection, my longtime favorite, Sideways Shell.

This one is slow going because I’ve mostly been working on hand embroidery the last month. My monthly goal is to donate two blankets per month to The Linus Connection. I missed it by ONE blanket in 2013 and I was super bummed. Seriously. ONE short. Pffth. I’ll do better this year!

Super old UFO #1 for 2014!
This is the first UFO I’m tackling for 2014. It’s 11 on the list. *points up* I’ve already gotten a good start . It’ll be a baby blanket and will again be donated to Linus. This one is so ancient, I don’t even remember when or why I started it! So far, I have done a quilt as you go technique and have most of it done. The goal is to have this one finished before next Tuesday!

Share your Paper Piecing Vintage or any other Sewhooked-inspired photos with the Sewhooked flickr group for a chance to win fun prizes all year long!

Happy Thursday, friends!


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Paper Piecing Vintage BOM, just $12 on Craftsy

12 patterns in two sizes = 24 patterns!

Join the Paper Piecing Vintage Facebook Group and piece with friends!

Busy Bee!

It’s been crazy cakes around my house this week!

My high schooler is back to school, doing what 16 year olds do and my college freshman hit the road and is now back in the dorm, ready for her second semester as a college woman. How did my kids get so grown up? This is a mystery I will never solve!

Paper Piecing Vintage has been amazing so far, with lots of beautiful blocks and fantastic participation in the facebook group.

And now it's a star again! #linusconnection
The crazy mistake I found during this week’s Talk To Me Tuesday has now been rectified. Whew! Now I just need backing fabric to finish up this little quilt of orphan blocks for The Linus Connection.

How I keep projects and events coordinated and on time: clip boards! I've had the one on the bottom for about 30 years. #oldschool
As You Wish, the Princess Bride quilt and stitch along that I’m organizing on behalf of Fandom In Stitches, starts next Wednesday and has been keeping me busy every minute in between!

Quilting is my job and my hobby, what can I say?!


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Fanciful Fairies (Paper Pieced BlockSet)

6 Blocks to Paper Piece, just $7 on Craftsy!

TTMT #145 – beep, beep, beep

In which I finish Papa Bear!


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