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Recycled Gift Bags from, ehem, paper wine bags

Recyled Paper Bag

The holiday head cold has grabbed me with both hands!  Fortunately, I finished my gift making and wrapping before I could spread cooties along with my Christmas cheer.

I did something I almost never do and *gasp* bought pre-made gift bags for holiday treats.  When I opened the packages, they all had a bottle neck.  After I forced my eyebrows down out of my scalp, I realized the cute little bags were practically useless unless the entirety of my holiday giving included M&Ms.

Without any time to spare, I started digging around in my “keep just in case” drawer and came up with a stack of paper wine bags that I’ve been holding on to forever.  Jackpot!

To make your own holiday gift bags/wrap from recycled wine bags, you’ll need:

  • paper wine bags
  • tape or glue
  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  • iron
  • something to cut the bags (paper cutter, rotary cutter, decorative or plain scissors)
  • stamps, stickers or other embellishments

Recyled Paper Wine Bag

If your bags are like mine, they’re likely to be in all different states of crumpled-ness.  So , first things, first, iron those bags!  Medium heat works.  Ironing on a paper bag will also clean your iron, so you might want to start with a sacrificial bag, just in case your iron has any Ghosts of Craft Projects Past lurking around.

Recyled Paper Wine Bag

Much better!

Recyled Paper Wine Bag

I happen to have a snazzy wavy blade for my rotary cutter.  You can use something similar, a straight rotary or paper cutter or just plain scissors.

Recyled Paper Wine Bag

Each wine bag will make 2 gift bags.  Determine how big you want each side to be, leaving about 1″ for folding for each bag. Recyled Paper Wine Bag

Bottom and top (L-R)

Recyled Paper Wine Bag

The top bag is open on the top and the bottom, so it’ll need to have the bottom sealed up.

Recyled Paper Wine Bag Recyled Paper Wine Bag

Glue works fine for this, but so does tape or a cute sticker. This is a good time to embellish your gift bag with stickers, stamps or drawings.

Recyled Paper Wine Bag

Top finish off, fold the top down and punch two holes through all layers.  Insert your gift and tie a ribbon through to close.

Recyled Paper Wine Bag

Repeat the steps for all bags.  The bottom half of your recycled gift wrap will only need the tops folded and punched since the bottom is already sealed.  I stamped mine, but you can embellish your bags any way you like. Now, fill with holiday goodness and gift it!  If you’re stuffing your gift bags with edible homemade goodness, I suggest wrapping it in plastic or wax paper before placing it in the bag.

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Craft: Recycle Last Year’s Calendar

I admit it…  I’m a hoarder.  I keep everything that I might be able to use or recycle later on.

If it’s pretty or cool or unique, it’s somewhere in a plastic bin or a drawer waiting to be reimagined.

Calendars are something we all have.  I’ve been recycling mine as long as I can remember.  Each December, I start eyeballing the soon-to-be-obsolete model wondering what it will be in a month or so.

In the past, old calendars have become post cards and gift boxes.  My favorite by far are envelopes.  Calendar pages, especially really cool calendar pages, make great envelopes!

You’ll need:

  • an old calendar, the bigger, the better!
  • envelope templates, A and B, printed, cut out and transferred to a piece of lightweight card stock or cardboard
  • staple remover
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • double stick tape OR a glue stick
  • Blanket mailing labels (optional)

Remove staples from the calendar

Separate pages and tear apart along the crease line

Position the template on a calendar page and trace with a pencil.

You might want to fussy cut here, if part of the page is more interesting than the rest.

Using scissors, cut along pencil lines.

Repeat for all pages.

Fold bottom of envelope up towards top, aligning with the bottoms of the side flaps.

For heavier paper, use your template or a ruler to crease.

Fold side flaps, making sure they’re even with the top and bottom.

Fold bottom flap out.

Place double stick tape on the side flaps, leaving 1/2″ to an 1″ at the top without tape.

Fold top flap down.

Finished envelope from the front.

Optional:  for darker papers, add a self adhesive mailing label.

Repeat until you have a pile of gorgeous envelopes!

For sealing, use double stick tape, a glue stick or fun stickers.

The same template, different calendar.

Same envelope from the front.

Now, what to do with the gorgeous thumbnails on the back of this calendar?

How about buttons!?

If you make this or any sewhooked crafts, I’d love to see a photo!  Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy Crafting!

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