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Previously For Sale Patterns

Hello, friends! I stopped selling quilt patterns as of December 31, 2019, though I do continue to have requests for my previously for sale patterns. If you find yourself in need of one of my currently retired patterns, I will offer you the pattern in return for a small donation to a food bank, non-profit, or other similar charity in your area.

Email your receipt and I’ll be happy to send the pattern. Please, only one pattern per receipt. 

Please note that my free patterns are still availble: Free Patterns, Free Fandom Patterns, Free Harry Potter Patterns.

New Pattern! French Macarons to Paper Piece or Hand Embroider

french macaron title

Fresh from the Sewhooked Suggestion box, with BIG thanks to Robin B for the idea, I’m pleased to share French Macarons, a new pattern now available in my Craftsy Shop.

This pattern is dedicated o $10+ Patron Susan Pepper. Thank you for your support, Susan!

This $2.95 pattern includes:

  • 6 – 4” x 6” individual Macarons patterns to make a 12” pattern to paper piece (12 1/2” unfinished)
  • 10” design to hand embroider (stitch on 12 1/2” or larger fabric)

Get it on Craftsy

macaron half dozen diff colors 12 in

Robin’s suggestion was for French Macarons to paper piece. I wanted a simple way to make as many of these delectable treats as you wanted for your quilt, so instead of designing an overall block, I went for something more modular. Make as many as you like. Make them one color or mix it up for a fun, colorful selection!

I’ve also been wanting to include more hand embroidered designs in my patterns. The embroidery is included here as a bonus to see how you like it as an option. If hand embroidery is something you’d like to see more of my patterns, let me know!



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Coming in September!

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TTMT #64 – Tour and Tell

In which I give a brief tour of my newly tidied work space, do a little show and tell and talk about the shiny and new Sewhooked Shop.

Guest appearance by Professor Snape.