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My February Linus

scrappy Sideways Shell, donated Feb 2012

Sideways Shell, made from scrappy bright yarns.

The February meeting of The Linus Connection was this past Saturday, and as usual, I have some fun things to show! I’m way ahead of  goal of 2 per month this year, which makes me very happy.

4 1/2 inch strip quilt, donated Feb 2012

This was Saturday’s demo, pattern by Osie. I pieced this one and she quilted it.  I actually swapped the block strips around a bit (on accident!) but I still like the outcome, especially with the addition of the sashing. The block pattern pattern will be on the Linus website as soon as we clear up our technical difficulties.

Granny Gan donated Feb 2012

Lost and found Granny Squares, from my 2011 UFO list. I’m not sure how I misplaced these, but I did. They are found again and off to a good home!

I also received quite a few donations in the mail, always a bonus!

Linus Donations ready to pack up

 The box on the left is full of quilt tops, backing and bindings sent by Rachel, as well as some lovely fabric panels donated by Cat.

Sideways Shell made by Amber, donated Feb 2012

Sideways Shell, donated by Amber

Made by Adrith, donated Feb 2012

Lovely afghan donated by Adrith. You can see Chained Compass, one of my crochet patterns, on the top row.


Top made by Gabriel, donated Feb 2012

Gabriel sent a lovely Stars for Linus quilt top, which was quilted by Osie and bound by Linda. I’ve received quite a few blocks in the mail recently, and will hopefully have enough for another Stars For Linus quilt next month!

See Show & Tell photos plus the raffle quilt winner on the Linus blog!

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A New Year with Sewhooked!

A very happy New Year to you all!

Here’s a run down of where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing for 2012!


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class sample batik - pinapple quilt block 2012 will once again find me doing one of my very favorite things, teaching others!

For spring of 2012, I’m offering Introduction to Paper Piecing and Unfinished Paper Piecing (UFPP) through Honey Bee Quilt Store in Austin, Texas.

You can find my schedule here.



Don’t miss 12 for 2012 as we craft-along to finish 12 UFOs in 12 months!

UFO=UnFinished Object

Have more than 12? Pick the ones you want to see completed by the end of the year!

Have less than 12? Add in some projects you’ve been meaning to work on!

Post your list to your blog and keep us updated as the year progresses. You are also invited to share your progress photos with our flickr group!

Look for my 12 for 2012 list later this week!


There and Back Again, The Hobbit Block of the Month (affectionately known as TABABOM) continues throughout 2012 on Fandom In Stitches!

Look for a new block the first Wednesday of each month, with each block being a surprise as we journey with Bilbo!

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Find myself and the other Talk To Me Tuesday vloggers every Tuesday as we share our crafty goodness, ideas and challenges on the TTMT Livejournal Community and on our YouTube Channels.

There are lots of very crafty ladies currently making TTMT videos. The variety of talents is endless and always inspiring!

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Photobucket In November of 2012, I will celebrate my tenth year as a Linus Connection volunteer! I have spent almost all of those years at the Linus webmistress and am now on my second go as a Board Member.

I’m currently in charge of blanket packing and distribution during our monthly meetings, which simply means I make sure each facility gets what they need from the donated blankets we receive. I also write all the blog posts for our group, as well as take care of our Facebook and Twitter pages.

You will hear me talk about “Linus” a lot. When I do, I’m always referring to The Linus Connection of Central Texas, a small non-profit based right here in Austin.

My personal goal is 2 blankets a month, or 24 blankets per year.


In 2012, I will continue to collect Stars for Linus (see above!). In 2011, we donated 3 Stars for Linus quilts to The Linus Connection. This year, let’s try to make it 4!

Each quilt block needs to be 12″ (12 1/2″ unfinished) and made in bright colors with a light background.

You can use my free pattern or any star pattern of your choice, including Wonky Stars!

You can find my mailing address on the Stars for Linus pattern. For best results, print without scaling. If your pattern scales down, simply make the borders a little bigger and then square up to 12 1/2″!


We Are The Face of Quilting The Faces of Quilting come in all shapes, sizes, ages and skin tones.

Share your story of quilting on your own blog and post your photo in our flickr group!

Well, I guess that about sums it up! This week I’m planning a look back at 2011 as well as my 12 for 2012 post. I hope you are having a very happy new year!

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Happy crafting!


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Today you are You, that is truer than true.

Donated by Amber - Stitch Close Up

Where in the world would I be without friends?

Floating in a sea of empty Internet, no Bee, no Linus. That’s where I’d be.

Fortunately, none of those things are true. Whew.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve received oodles of packages in the mail from friends sending donations for my favorite cause, The Linus Connection.

I mention Linus often, because it’s a big part of my life. I’ve been volunteering as a blanket maker since late 2002. I’ve been the webmistress of linusconnection.org since 2003. I’m currently in my second term on the Board of Directors. I write all of the Linus Connection blog posts. I’m in charge of blanket sorting and distribution. Most of my local friends were met either through or because of my participation in The Linus Connection.

Like I said, it’s kind of a big deal to me.

When the Central Texas fires occurred, and I mentioned Linus and that we, the volunteers, would do everything we can to fill the requests of facilities that are helping the children affected, my friends, both near and far, stepped up.

They stepped up in a big way.


Stars For The Linus Connection 

a free 12″ pattern

for best results when printing, set scaling to “none”

We have already donated two Stars For Linus quilts and a third is in the making. I continue to accept not only Stars For Linus blocks, but Wonky Star blocks.

In addition to Stars For Linus blocks, I’ve received quilt tops, completed quilts, and a stack of afghans.

Like I said, my friends stepped up. See the full list of those that have donated.

In addition to the stack of quilts I showed in this post, the following wonderful offerings were donated to Linus yesterday, thanks to a few of my friends:

Donated by Mary
Donated by Mary

Donated by Amber
Donated by Amber

Donated by Amber

Donated by Amber
Donated by Amber

Donated by Amber
Donated by Amber

Donated by Kristel
Donated by Kristel

Donated by Kristel
Donated by Kristel

Donated by Kristel - Quilting Close Up
Quilting Close-Up…triangles!

Donated by Kristel
Donated by Kristel

Have you mailed Stars for Linus blocks or made a blanket donation? There’s a flickr group for that!

Would you like to help The Linus Connection raise funds for blanket-making supplies? Buy a raffle ticket! They are super inexpensive ($1 each or 6 tickets for $5). Click on the banner above for details. I am also personally happy to accept paypal payment or U.S. checks or Money Orders made out to The Linus Connection for your tickets. Please include your name, mailing address and preferred email so I can fill out your ticket information and mail the stubs to you. If you’d like to send a check or money order, please email me for more information.

Yesterday was The Linus Connection’s twelfth Birthday and our Annual Blanket Challenge. If you have not already seen all the amazing blankets that were entered in the Challenge, go see! We had an absolutely stunning turn out, breaking our previous record for number of blankets turned in for the Challenge.

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Seeing Stars

Stars For Linus Quilt Top #1

Well, well, would you look at that fun quilt top! Above is the very first Stars For Linus top, made from your donations, to be quilted this week and donated to The Linus Connection, which in turn will distribute it to a child in crisis in Central Texas.

And boy, has Central Texas been in crisis recently. Drought. The hottest summer on record for any state in the U.S. Ever.  Fires that have left thousands of people scrambling to find a new home.

Isn’t that a good reason to make happy quilts?

Stars For Linus Quilt Top #2

This second Stars for Linus top went together absolutely beautifully, and I still have another stack of blocks that’s just a few shy of having enough for another top!


Stars For The Linus Connection 

a free 12″ pattern

for best results when printing, set scaling to “none”

Because The Linus Connection is such an important part of my life, I will continue to collect Stars for Linus indefinitely. Use them for my organization, or your own favorite blanket charity! Get your friends together for a sewing day and bring the pattern along to share! It only takes 12 stars to make a comfort quilt for a child. 20 blocks will make a wonderful teen-sized quilt.

Wonky Star
Wonky Star, by mkissa

donated to the Bushfire Quilt Project

So, you’re not a paper piecer, but you’d still like to contribute? Inspired by WIP Girl, Kristel, known as Clumsy Chord on Talk To Me Tuesday, I will also accept 12″ (12 1/2″ unfinished) Maverick Stars or Wonky Stars (the same technique, different tutorials). To make a 12 1/2″ Maverick or Wonky star, your nine patch units need to be 4 1/2″.

See the video with Kristel’s Wonky Star quilt for Linus.

Check out the updated list of Stars for Linus contributors in this post!

Sew Something in Leander is hosting their first ever Linus Work Day tomorrow, October 8, from 10-1. I will be there, taking photos and helping in any way I can. I hope to see you there!

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Stars for Linus, An Update

Stars For Linus - Update

It’s been almost a month since the original Stars for Linus post. In that time, I’ve received 30 blocks in the mail!

All completed quilts will be donated to The Linus Connection of Austin, Texas. Our organization is comprised completely of volunteers who make and deliver hand-made quilts, afghans and fleece blankets to children in crisis in Central Texas, including those affected by the wildfires in September of this year.

In September, I asked you to share the love and help the kids affected by those fires by making a Stars For Linus block and mailing it to me to turn into a quilt top.

The very first block arrived just days later.

Each Stars For Linus quilt will be pieced by me and I will turn each one into Linus for delivery to a child that needs it. I will continue to collect Stars indefinitely, so any time you’d like to share a block, feel free to do so!

One Stars For Linus quilt top is pieced and ready to quilt. Another set of blocks  is sorted and ready to piece. A third pile is growing and will soon be a quilt top, too.

I wanted take a minute and share a special thank you to everyone that has sent Stars for Linus blocks so far, in no particular order:

  • Paige J., Nebraska
  • Amber L., Illinois
  • Judee K, California
  • Soma A., California
  • Carol M., Wyoming
  • Lynda M., Illinois
  • Barbara C., New Hampshire
  • Kathy P., Washington
  • Linda F., New Jersey
  • Terri J., California
  • Dawn F., Massachusetts
  • Michele F., Ontario
  • Midge W., Michigan
I will continue to add to this list as the Stars arrive! If you do not see your name here and you know I have received your Stars, please let me know so I can update the list. I don’t want anyone to be left out!
I’ve also received completed quilt tops that are now in the process of being quilted and bound, as well as completed quilts:
  • Jenn F., Oregon
  • JoAnn M, Louisiana
  • Kristel C., Calgary
My yarny friends are not to be forgotten! Afghans received from:
  • Amber L., Illinois
  • Mary C., Oklahoma

Stars For The Linus Connection 

a free 12″ pattern

for best results, set scaling to “none”

See more of my posts about The Linus Connection.

I cannot say thank you enough for all of your support for a cause that means so very much to me!

Quilt on!


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TTMT #128 – Froggy Returns

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The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright

Stars for Linus

Stars for Linus blocks have stared arriving in the mail! It’s only been a few days and I just need a few more for a quilt top. Keep them coming folks, keep them coming!

A note about printer scaling: if your pattern prints 8″ instead of 8.5″, you can either add a wider sashing or simply make your block finish at 12″. Either way, your blocks will get used. I personally promise you that each and every block will find it’s way into a Linus quilt. Every block counts!


Stars For The Linus Connection 

a free 12″ pattern

for best results when printing, set scaling to “none”

Click the image above for more details about the Stars For Linus block drive!


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