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Conversation Hearts

Less Than Three
click on image for pattern


Back in November when I put together the post for Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, I talked about my own penchant for designing heart patterns (see below).

Geeks need love, too, so I present Less Than Three (above)!

The Linus Connection Heart My Scrappy Heart My Scrappy Heart II

click on image for pattern

In addition to Less Than Three, with the Pink & Red season looming and Cupid stringing his bow for another year, I thought it would be fun to find all the heart patterns online that I could get my hands on and then share them with you!

After searching around for a bit, it’s obvious to me that I’m not the only one obsessed with hearts.  It doesn’t surprise me greatly, but I didn’t expect the quantity of patterns I found floating around out there.

The variety ranges from simple hand drawn patterns to chic professionally published ones.  There were a few websites that I’m sure haven’t been updated in a decade.  The patterns are still fun, cute and just waiting to be made!

Make a heart, it’ll give Cupid a target!

Free Heart Patterns:

*site has multiple heart patterns


Not in the mood for all these happy hearts? How about a broken one?

Broken Heart

click on image for pattern


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