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Free Pattern Friday – Love Flag!


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

After YEARS and years of being asked to do so, I have created a Sewhooked Suggestion Box! The Suggestion Box is a way for you to suggest pattern ideas directly to me.  I can’t make any promises that I can (or will) create a design from every suggestion, but I will do my level best to take them all seriously.

You can find the Sewhooked Suggestion Box linked in the main menu at the top of this page. More details at the link.

Today’s pattern, Love Flag was a special request that went something like this, “I really wish a pattern like this existed…”

Well, now it does! It’s super simple to paper piece and finishes 6″ x 9″.

Extra special thanks to my Instagram followers for the encouragement and to Jessica for testing!

Enjoy. ♥
rainbow flag

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Beautifully tested by @sharkgoddess3 on Instagram!

rainbow cascade badge.jpg

Coming in September!

2017 quilt along.jpg

FINAL post on Monday!!

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Free Pattern Friday – Mug O Love


Hello, my amazing friends! Thank you so much for your very positive response to Free Pattern Friday!

I’ll keep at it as long as you continue to enjoy it. 🙂


Mug O Love is a 5″ pattern originally designed for the Beat the Winter Blues Blog Hop + Giveaways hosted by Michele from The Quilting Gallery. It still makes me think warm thoughts of my favorite beverages.

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Need help paper piecing? Check out this page of resources I curated just for you!

Want a different size? Check out how to enlarge & reduce quilt patterns using Adobe Reader!

2017 quilt along.jpg

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Get the complete Paper Piecing Vintage quilt pattern for $10 from…


Happening now on Fandom in Stitches!

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TTMT #355 – Birthdays & Surprises (and a free pattern)

Today, I share some gifts made for the hubster as well as hinting at some secrets in progress and talking about an upcoming DIY project.

Cross My Hearts

In honor of the memory of my mother-in-law, Carol, who we lost one year ago today, I please enjoy my pattern, Cross My Hearts (previously $2.95) for free. ♥

This block is 6″ paper pieced (6 1/2″ unfinished).

Want a different size? I have a tutorial for that. 🙂

Cross My Hearts

Quilt idea using Cross My Hearts

Our February drawing will be for a custom quilt label professionally embroidered by Sarah’s Sewing Studio (photo soon!). Entering to win is easy, just share your photos with the Sewhooked flickr group, making sure your photos are set to share. You’ll be entered to win for each photo you share!

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Happy stitching!


I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along coming 2016 on fandominstitches.com

Paper Piecing: Drawing a Patchy Heart

patchy heartPatchy Heart Pattern

One of the most constant requests I’ve had over the years is for a video tutorial showing how I design paper pieced patterns.

Putting together a pattern is a step by step process, but designing is not. It’s artistic and intuitive.  Even so, there are some basic techniques that stay the same every time you start a new pattern.

The absolute best advice I can give you is practice, practice, practice!

This is how I do it. In the next two videos, I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, my own process. Both videos are real time.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

If you make any pattern, craft or recipe from sewhooked, I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting!

Paper Piecing: Bee-Treat

Bee-TreatBee-Treat 6″ & 12″ Pattern

$2.95 on Craftsy

Bee Treat

I am an extraordinarily lucky woman.    Every year, I go with my group of quilting friends for a long weekend of sewing, eating and giggling.  We join forces in a house by the lake and leave the world behind.  I honestly don’t know where I’d be without these women in my life.  They inspire, encourage and bring loads (and LOADS) of laughter to my life.

There is a wall in the house where we have left mementos of previous years’ retreats.  So far, all of them have been made by Shirley, one of the wonderful ladies in my group.

This year, Shirley issued a challenge.  We were all to make a 6″ block out of our communal scrap basket.  These blocks will go into a quilt that will hang on the wall next year.

Quilt Retreat 2009

previous years’ quilts made by Shirley, along with a bonus applique birdhouse by Osie (bottom right)

On the last night of retreat, we all set to work.  The basket of scraps was dumped and we started to choose fabrics.  We were unusually quiet as we went about planning our blocks.  I pulled out my graph paper and started to draw.  Normally, I design my patterns in Photoshop, so hand drawing my pattern was a challenge in itself.  After about 20 minutes of sketching, I was ready to sew!

We sewed, and sewed and were very secretive about what we were doing!  We waited a respectful distance to use the ironing board, holding our blocks close to us so no one could see.  The whole plan was for what we made to be a surprise.

Even though we’d planned to take our time, none of us did, and a small work-frenzy took place that lasted no time at all.

When the last one of us said “done” we shared our work.

Quilt Retreat 20092009 Retreat Block Challenge

extra pinwheel blocks on top; L-R Top:  by Osie and Linda;

Middle Row: Marylin and Shirley; Bottom Row: Marge and Jennifer

We all had fun with our Block Challenge and loved seeing what everyone made.  There’s an inside joke here and there in the blocks, not the least of which are the giggles surrounding the projects these scraps came from.

Now, I wonder what we’ll make next year?

Quilt Retreat 2009Bee Friends L-R:  Jennifer (me!), Linda, Osie, Shirley & Marge
front:  our hostess with the mostess, Marylin

In honor of these wonderful ladies and the fun we always have at retreat, I’ve named my 6″ block Bee-Treat.

If you make any pattern or craft from Sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo.  Add it to the sewhooked flickr group for a chance to win a prize!

Happy crafting!

Conversation Hearts

Less Than Three
click on image for pattern

Back in November when I put together the post for Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, I talked about my own penchant for designing heart patterns (see below).

Geeks need love, too, so I present Less Than Three (above)!

The Linus Connection Heart My Scrappy Heart My Scrappy Heart II

click on image for pattern

In addition to Less Than Three, with the Pink & Red season looming and Cupid stringing his bow for another year, I thought it would be fun to find all the heart patterns online that I could get my hands on and then share them with you!

After searching around for a bit, it’s obvious to me that I’m not the only one obsessed with hearts.  It doesn’t surprise me greatly, but I didn’t expect the quantity of patterns I found floating around out there.

The variety ranges from simple hand drawn patterns to chic professionally published ones.  There were a few websites that I’m sure haven’t been updated in a decade.  The patterns are still fun, cute and just waiting to be made!

Make a heart, it’ll give Cupid a target!

Free Heart Patterns:

*site has multiple heart patterns

Not in the mood for all these happy hearts? How about a broken one?

Broken Heart

click on image for pattern

Also check out:  Paper Piecing:  Step By Step


Paper Piecing:  Seams To Me (adding seams)

Free Paper Pieced Patterns On Sewhooked!

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