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31 Days of Halloween – Easy Crochet Jack-O-Lantern Finger Puppet

31 Days of Halloween on

Welcome to October 4, Day 4 of 31 Days of Halloween right here on Sewhooked!

Today, we’re dialing the craft clock WAY back!

As you all know by now, I spend a good deal of my time designing quilt patterns, sewing and making quilts.

In another life, when I had small kids to attend to, I designed and shared many crochet projects. You can find many of those for free right here.

Jack-O-Lantern finger puppets

One of my fast favorites is this Jack-0-Lantern finger puppet/pencil topper, originally created for my daughter’s kindergarten class. I’ve made many of them since then, usually for gifts or swaps. Sometimes, just for fun!

That daughter, by the way, is 20 years old.  😉
Jack-O-Lantern Finger Puppets, October 2000

You can make a whole pile of these assembly-line style in an afternoon in no time flat!

In addition to pencil toppers, you can pop one on a lollipop, add a French hook for earrings or crochet a chain to create a necklace for a small person in your life…or for yourself!

Crochet Pumpkin Finger Puppets

  • Small amount worsted weight yarn: Orange, black, green
  • H hook
  • tapestry/yarn needle

Pumpkin Body:

With orange, make 2 (for fridgie magnet, make 1):

Ch 4, dc in 4th ch from hook 11 times. Join with sl st in top of ch 3. Leave a tail about 8″ long for stitching later.

Jack-o-lantern face (black shows up best)

Using black yarn with yarn needle, make Jack-O-Lantern face on one circle. Finish off.

Joining the the halves:

Using tail, and a yarn needle, join two circles by whip-stitching through both sc. Leave an opening at the bottom large enough to put your finger or a pencil inside the pumpkin. Finish off.

Stem (green or brown):

With pumpkin facing you, sl st in sc one st to the right of center. using face as a reference. Sc in next st, sl st in next. Turn. (Do not ch 1) Sl st in next two st. Ch 5, sl st in 2nd ch from hook. Sl st in next 3 ch, sl st again in base sc. Finish off.

If making a fridgie magnet, only make one circle before adding the stem and then glue a magnet to the back.

For earrings, add a French hook with a jump ring through the stem.

For an easy child-friendly necklace, instead of a stem, with green or brown, sl st in sc one st to the right of center of your circle (use face as a reference), sc in next st, ch until you have a chain the proper length for the necklace you want, sl st in st, Finish off.

Are you making projects from 31 Days of Halloween? Share your photos with my flickr group! There will be a fun surprise after Halloween for one lucky winner!

See you tomorrow for more Halloween goodness!


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smartphone quilt along

Visit Fandom in Stitches for the Smartphone Quilt Along happening now!

How can evil be so cute? And Cats, just because.

Two #Cthulhu are better than one! #crochetHappy Saturday!

Yesterday, I crocheted the dark green Cthulhu you see her for my hubby to take to work.

Baby C has lived in on his bedside table for quite a few years now and he really wanted another to geek up his desk at work, so I obliged. Big C was relatively fast to make and just so cute! Baby C was Caron Simply Soft, and Big C was made from worsted acrylic. It was a cake of yarn, so I’m not sure what brand, could have been Bernat.


The free pattern is here.

Hanging out with Rose.  #sheltercat #rescuekitty #catsofinstagram

Our new baby, Rose, is doing well. She is still mostly hiding, but I can coax her out with treats and when I do, she is so, so sweet and snuggly. For some reason, some loves my big toes and will lay in my lap with her paws on either side of one toe, like she’s holding on to it. That’s a new one on me!

She has met both Merlin and Marie, and while there had been very mild hissing, there was an initial 5 seconds of tail poufing and that was it. M & M have pretty much ignored her since becoming aware of her existence. I think once she comes out of my bedroom, they will take more interest. The door has been wide open for three days, but Rose hasn’t ventured past the door yet. I carried her to the top of the stairs and she was pretty much scared silly, so I put her down and she dashed back under my bed.

Merlin in a sunbeam.
This is Merlin in a sunbeam, just because. At 16 1/2, he’s the old man of the house now. He’s had a few health issues recently, but as my wonderful vet said, he’s doing pretty good for a guy his age.

marie face
Our beautiful Marie is no longer the baby of the house, but the sassy lady. She’s very curious about Rose and I have a feeling that once the Miss R settles in, they will be excellent playmates.


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Easy Crochet Stocking Ornament

Easy Crochet Stocking Ornament

A couple of weeks ago, while searching for a crochet pattern, I unearthed a hand written pattern dated Christmas 2000 with a note “adapted from an ornament on Mom and Dad’s tree.”

I had a vague memory of what the ornament was, but decided to pull out some yarn and work it up.

As you do!

This makes a 5-sided Granny Square, which is then folded in half to create a stocking. It’s SUPER EASY and only takes a teeny tiny bit of yarn.

I will not take credit for the original pattern but will share my reverse-engineered version.

Free Printable PDF or Get it on Craftsy (also free!)

Add it to your Ravelry queue:

You will need:


  • H hook
  • small amount of worsted weight yarn

I made mine from worsted yarn, but because gauge isn’t so important here, you could use another weight and a smaller hook and it would work just fine.

Start: Ch 4, sl st to form ring (sorry, no picture for this step!)

Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking

Row 1: Ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2. [3 dc, ch 2] 4 times. sl st to top of ch 3 to join.

Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking

Row 2*: Sl st to next corner. ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 1. [3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 1] in each corner.  sl st to top of ch 3 to join.

Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking

Row 3: Sl st to next corner. ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 1. [(3 dc, ch 1 in ch space) (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc in corner), ch 1] around. sl st to top of ch 3 to join.

Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking
Joining**: Sl st to corner then fold in half, wrong sides together.

Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking
Joining, continued: This is the toe of the stocking. Making sure the two sides line up (spaces, corners, etc), 2 sc in the first stitch and 1 sc in each stitch and sp up the side, 3 sc in corner (heel).

Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking
Hanging chain: Ch 15, sl st in sc at start of ch. Finish off. Embellish as desired!

*For a smaller ornament, finish off after row 2.

**If you’d prefer, you can also whipstitch the sides together.

For added variety, make each round in a different color, add pompoms, bells or buttons for even more cuteness!

Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking

Two of these cuties together. Love!

I love to see your Sewhooked projects…and there’s a flickr group for that!


A picture of my cat Marie, just because.

Paper Piecing Vintage: Sign-ups start TOMORROW!!

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See you tomorrow with TTMT and Paper Piecing Vintage sign ups!


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Revisiting Ariel

Ariel's Blanket

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away (when my kids were elementary-aged!), I was commissioned to make a crocheted blanket for a little girl. I was to recreate a blanket her grandmother had made for her and her mom was going to make a donation on my behalf to The Linus Connection.

Ariel's Blanket - The original blanket

In the past, I’ve used the expression that her blanket was loved to pieces. That is meant literally. After quite a bit of trial and error, I reverse-engineered the pattern, created a new one, delivered it and she loved it.

Sometime later, and with the family’s permission, I shared the pattern online. This was, oh, maybe 2004, 2005?

The pattern was copied and recopied as I moved from free website to paid website and from website to blog format. Eventually, I offered a printed version, too. I even added the pattern to Ravelry, so the world could share Ariel’s Blanket.

And somewhere in there, something went a bit wrong.

Last week, commenter Michelle got in touch and let me know that something just wasn’t quite right with row 5. Unfortunately, she caught me in the middle of being crazy busy and I just didn’t have time to check it out.

Fortunately, I have Facebook and some of my readers there came to the rescue. With their feedback and a copy of the pattern, I finally had time yesterday to sit down and sort it all out.

So here, for you, is the updated pattern with spiffy new pictures of the block that makes up Ariel’s Blanket.

Ariel's Blanket Block

Queue this pattern on Ravelry!

Printable Pattern

And, because it’s what I do now, you can also get the pattern free on Craftsy!

The original afghan uses Red Heart Baby Sport Pompadour Yarn: small amount blue, yellow, green, peach & pink (approx. 1 – 1½ oz.), 40 ounces white For one square: small amount for center color, approx. 2 oz white).

For the sample block, I used Red Heart Baby Fingering Weight and & F hook. I also changed color on row 10 so you can really see the popcorn stitches. It takes a little more colored yarn in this variation.

  • PC= Popcorn
  • Ch 3 counts as DC in PC st
  • Size “F” Hook
  • Finished Blanket is approximately 44″ x 54″

Row 1: Starting with center color, Ch 6, join with sl st in first ch st. Ch 1, 12 sc in loop. Join with sl st to first sc.

Row 2: Ch 3, 4 dc in beg sc [drop loop from hook, insert hook in top of first dc, pull loop through to make first PC] ch 4, sk 1 sc, 5 DC in next sc, follow [ ], ch 4 around until you have 6 PC, ch 4, join to top of first PC with sl st.

Row 3: ch 1, sc in same st. 7 dc in ch sp, sc in PC join st around. Join with sl to first sc. (6 “Petals”)

Row 4: ch 1, sc in same st, [ch 5, sc in next sc] around, join with sl to first sc.

Row 5: ch 3, 4 dc in first ch sp. [In next sc: Dc, ch 3, dc. In next ch sp: 4 dc. Dc in sc. In ch sp: 3 dc, ch 3, 3dc] Dc in sc, 4 dc in ch sp. Repeat [ ], join with sl st to top of beg ch 3. Finish off. (This seems very odd, but take your time with it and I promise it works out!)

You should now have a square with equal sides, 9 stitches per side with a ch 3 in each corner.

Row 6: Join white with sl st in any corner sp. Ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in same corner space. Ch 1. {[Dc in each of the next 3 dc. Ch 1] Repeat [] to corner space. In next corner space, 3 dc ch 3, 3 dc,ch 1}, Repeat {} around. Join with sl st at beg ch 3.

You should now have 5 clusters of 3 dc with a chain sp between on each side with ch 3 in each corner.

Row 7 & 8: Sl st to corner sp ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc. {3 dc in ch sp to next corner. 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in corner}. Repeat {} around. Join with sl st at the top of beg ch 3.

Row 9: (do not sl st to corner) ch 3 (counts as first dc), 1 dc in each dc to corner. {[3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in corner], 1 dc in each dc to corner}. Repeat {} around. Join with sl st at the top of beg ch 3.
(for added variety, row 10 can also be in a contrasting color)

Row 10: ch 3, PC in next dc, 1 dc, PC, 1 dc, (3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in all corners), 1 DC, pc, 1 dc, PC around. Join with sl st at the top of beg ch 3. (13 PC per side)

Row 11: ch 3, DC in each st around, (3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in all corners). Join with sl st at the top of beg ch 3.

Row 12: ch 1, sc in each st around, 3 sc in corners. Finish off.

Make 20 squares. Join squares 4×5 either with whip st or sc. Add border.


  • ch 3 counts as first stitch
  • cluster = 3 dc, ch 2, sc in 1st ch, 3 dc
  • Here, your cluster is 3 double crochets with 2 chain stitches, then you single crochet in the first chain stitch you just made. This makes a point in the middle of the cluster. You then make 3 more double crochets to finish the cluster.

Join white in second sc of corner, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, sc in first ch, 3 dc, skip 1 sc, sc in next ch, (cluster, sk 1 sc, sc in next ch, cluster), around.

Each square should have 6 clusters, not counting corner clusters.

Join with sl st, finish off, weave in ends.

Ariel's Blanket Block

Center block from the front. Row 5 is the last colored row before the color changes to white.

Ariel's Blanket Block

Center block from the back.

Ariel's Blanket Block

Popcorn border.

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

Join me later this week for the Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways hosted by The Quilting Gallery!

REMINDER!  I’ll donate $1 to Movember for every Mustachio! pattern set sold during November!


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Crafts of Halloweens Past: Candy Corn Hat

Candy Corn Crochet Hat

A hat that looks like Candy Corn? Well, it’s more the spirit of Candy Corn, but it does the trick!

Halloween Bats

From the wayback machine of 2009, enjoy this simple sweet crochet pattern created in homage of one of the most delightful, delicious and downright bad for you treats of all time.

The pattern is free, just click here!

To make reliving the Crafts of Halloween Past even more fun for you, I’m offering a challenge with a prize!

Quilts from 100 Blocks, Fall 2013

Make any of my Halloween projects or patterns posted during the course of the month and post a photo to the Sewhooked flickr group tagged “halloween.”

At the end of the month, I’ll draw a winner to receive a free copy of Quiltmaker’s Quilts from 100 Blocks, which includes my pattern Corn Maze! Heck, I’ll even sign it, if you like! ;)

Mustachio 2.0

Don’t Miss Week 3 of Name That Mustache, posted this Monday!


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socks from snowie44These are my feet in the socks hand knitted for me by snowie44.

❤ them!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Use coupon code TACKETT right here on Sewhooked and in my Etsy Shop for 25% off your total order during the month of August. This special coupon has been created as a fundraiser for my beloved and sick kitty, Tackett. Tackett is a regular visitor to Talk To Me Tuesday and even has his own Facebookpage. The great majority of the patterns I’ve designed have come into life with Tackett sitting in my lap or on my feet.

Have you made patterns or projects from Sewhooked? I would love to see!  Add them to the Sewhooked flickr group for a chance to be featured on my blog!


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Cooking With Crochet


I have some insanely talented friends. They are inspiring, creative, fun, supportive and just oh-so-many other things!

Amber is one of these people.

She’s the Crochet Princess responsible for Amber’s Originals. She has supported me though many an endeavor and I’m absolutely bouncing to share her exciting news!

Amber has created the most amazing one-woman amigurumi crochet food display, possibly in the history of EVER…

Cooking With Crochet: Tasty Textile Treats features crochet food made by Amber Lowery. The show is live now through July at the Peoria Public Main Library.

Cooking with Crochet: Tasty Textile Treats
Peoria Public Main Library (lower level 1)
107 N.E. Monroe
Peoria, IL 61602-1070
Monday through Saturday:  9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Amber created 655 pieces for this show AND she made each piece herself over just a three month period!

She’s amazing, creative and insanely talented. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of her show…

Basket foods
Basket Foods
Healthy choices  Healthy Choices

Fruit basket and some cheese
Fruit Basket and Some Cheese

Mexican basket

Mexican Basket

Dagwood and friends

Dagwood and friends

Sandwich fixins
Sandwich Fixins

Ice cream

Ice Cream!

See more pictures of Cooking With Crochet!

 Be sure to visit Amber’s Originals and Like Amber’s work on Facebook!


 Sewhooked 2012 Summer Challenge

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Lost in Stash


Carpool Dishcloth

My yarn stash, which is a drop of water compared the the ocean that is my fabric stash, has been neglected for quite some time. I crochet most evenings, making blankets for The Linus Connection. I usually dig out the yarn I need and leave the rest.

Unfortunately, my poor yarn stash had been neglected so long, that I “lost” two small projects in there.


I rectified this situation last night by sitting and sorting all of my yarn, rewinding messy skeins and bagging yarn by intended project.

There was one mostly completed dishcloth, using my Carpool Dishcloth pattern. After sorting the yarn, I sat and crocheted for five minutes and finished it up.


Really? I wonder why I left it unfinished in the first place…

Long Lost-Granny Project
Turn Around Granny

The second project I found was a small stack of variegated and brown granny squares, made using my favorite technique, that I call Turn Around Granny. I turn my granny squares after each row, which keeps them from tilting. It also removes one of my least favorite parts of traditional granny squares: they have a front and a back.

These have been sorted out with more brown and variegated yarn and I will endeavor to make these my next Linus Connection afghan.

Free Yarn Patterns


Now, back to enjoying my family!



Workshops are open!

Register Now!


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A Little Focus

Box Stitch

My 8th grader is flying home from Seattle right now, on a plane full of middle school honors band kids, directors and (I’m sure) exhausted chaperones after a very successful concert at the Western International Band Clinic (scroll down to see Deerpark Middle School Honors Band).

Knowing he’s headed home after not seeing him for almost five days is making it a wee bit hard for me to focus on anything for more than a few minutes.

That’s a good time for crochet. I can let my hands work the yarn while my mind jumps around in excitement at seeing my kiddo!

Today, I’m working on the Box Stitch Carriage Robe pattern, which is really just fancy talk for a baby blanket! This pattern is an old favorite for children’s blanket charities, originally shared by a Project Linus volunteer.

Mine blanket will go to The Linus Connection, as usual!

While Project Linus and The Linus Connection are not the same organization, we do have the same mission, to provide blankets to children in crisis and all of our patterns can be used interchangeably.

Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post.


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TTMT #136 – Mood Lighting

In which I discuss general craftiness, updating my living room, Fandom In Stitches (we have a FB group for TABABOM!), The Linus Connection, specifically Stars For Linus, and making baby goodies!

Gift for Baby T

Baby Sweater pattern by Beth Koskie
Rib Look Baby Hat pattern by Kathy North
Very Easy Newborn Booties pattern by Beverly A. Qualheim

Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post.


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