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Bother, Bother, Bother

For those of you that don’t follow my quilting adventures over on Harry Potter Paper Piecing, I could not resist sharing our “week off” patterns.

Members voted to have one week off of the Project of Doom, our HP block of the week. That doesn’t mean, of course, that my brain turns off or I stop drafting new patterns!

Update: All of my Project of Doom patterns plus many more can now be found on Fandom in Stitches!

Here for your entertainment are some of my favorites as depicted by the brilliant Neil Nicieregaas’ Potter Puppet Pals.

Each pattern is 5″ (5.5″ unfinished).

Potter Puppet Pals - Dumbledore!

PPP Dumbledore

updated 2011

5″ paper pieced

Potter Puppet Pal Quilt Block - Severus Snape

PPP Snape

updated 2011

5″ paper pieced

Potter Puppet Pal Quilt Block

PPP Harry

updated 2011

5″ paper pieced

Harry Potter Puppet Pal Quilt Block


updated 2011

5″ paper pieced

Harry Potter Puppet Pal Quilt Block

PPP Hermione

updated 2011

5″ paper pieced

Potter Puppet Pals - Voldemort

PPP Voldemort

updated 2011

5″ paper pieced

I have long been entertained by (read: giggled at) the work of Neil Cicierega, creator of the Potter Puppet Pals. I think part of what I love the most, aside from the humor and general cuteness is the fact that his mom made the puppets for him.

Looking for The Project of Doom? Week 15 is right this way! There are links to all previous weeks in each post.

The Project of Doom resumes next week on Harry Potter Paper Piecing.

HP Snitch

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Way Back Craft: Potter Puppet Pals

You already saw Edward, now see what inspired him!

Original post on craftster, April 2006:

I had “sewing camp” with my kids over the summer and taught them both to use a sewing machine, how to hand stitch and some other basic stuff. After the basic lessons were over, the first thing they wanted to do was to make Potter Puppet Pals! We’re big fans of the videos and they thought it would be awesome to have versions of their own.

We’ve made Harry, Ron & Hermione so far. We’re hoping to make Snape, Dumbledore & Voldemort the next time they have a school holiday.

Made out of felt with recycled polyfil. Small amounts of fabric pain used for the faces. My 12 year old daughter made Hermione and my 9 year old son made Ron. I made Harry. I also painted all their faces.

Hope you like them!

Happy Crafting!