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Lily’s Fairy Godparents


This is, I hope, a complete list of everyone that helped Lily. Please let me know if I missed your name. I compiled this from a metric ton of emails and messages, so it is possible that I missed someone!

Another HUGE thank you to every single person that helped Lily, you truly are fairy godparents to one little kitten!

More Lily photos coming soon…promise!

Monetary Donors:

  • Angela W
  • Shawny C
  • Catherine M
  • Robin B
  • Rachel G
  • Leslie W
  • Kerry O
  • Midge W
  • Taryn C
  • Linda A
  • Barbara S
  • Samantha M
  • Logospilgrim
  • Michelle T
  • Ann-Christin H
  • Lance R
  • Carrie H
  • Margie W
  • Amber L
  • Judy H
  • Alyssa R
  • Katherine C
  • Nancy B
  • Jenna C
  • Victoria H
  • Alisa W
  • Verlinda H
  • Eric M
  • Dominae P
  • Jennifer P
  • Rebekah C
  • Lorraine S
  • Kari S
  • Elsie W
  • Amber L
  • Brenda W
  • Donovan D
  • Pam M
  • Alice G
  • Beth Ann D
  • Jessica T
  • Amy M
  • Kristen N
  • Victoria E
  • Kathleen L
  • Sabrina G
  • Jaimie A
  • Elaine H
  • Katrina H
  • Hannah B
  • Cynthia H
  • Christina S
  • brian a
  • Julia W
  • Osie L
  • Eileen H
  • Meredith P
  • Kathleen D
  • Elizabeth C
  • Sheryl H
  • Allison S
  • Petra R
  • Gaia F
  • Victoria K
  • Lorraine R
  • Sarah D
  • Stephanie L
  • Anneliese K
  • Theresa D
  • Corinne J
  • Kent L
  • Jean M
  • JoAnna B
  • Lois M
  • Hottie M
  • Samantha H
  • Marjorie B
  • Darren M
  • Aunt Ann
  • Uncle R & Aunt C
  • Mom & Dad

Love For Lily Auctions

  • rivertempest
  • bonsaibetz
  • shecrazy13
  • hardhatcat
  • liljabs
  • Eric
  • quid_ink
  • robin8300
  • gelsey
  • floatingsoap
  • britfam
  • clumsey_chord
  • becca_8
  • elseinane
  • dozmuffinxc
  • pumagrrl
  • wildcard_47
  • enorto_1
  • craftylilthing
  • Secret Santa
  • dragonsinger954


  • irishredlass69
  • droxy
  • dragonsinger954
  • tripperfunster
  • ofenjen
  • hewtab
  • guineapigpeanut
  • delphipsmith
  • dozmuffinxc
  • hp5freak
  • hardhatcat
  • aalia7
  • logospilgrim
  • marus_puppy
  • sabrebabe
  • hypnobarb1
  • clumsy_chord
  • ldar28
  • timestep


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Please Spread The Word!

Lily Lily

We’ve topped $2000 in our Lily fund!

I’m waiting for a last couple of promised donations for the final total, but I think I can safely estimate $2,300 combined donations through PayPal, Cash and Check.


If you still want to help out, please make a donation to your local Humane Society, animal shelter or cat rescue organization in Lily’s name. There are lots of cats out there that need help and haven’t found the loving home and the generous friends that Lily has.

The PayPal button for Lily has been been disabled, but because Lily’s story spread fast and wide, I’d like to ask for one more favor; if you reposted Lily’s story, please share this message so everyone will know we have made our goal and that Lily is going to be alright.

We cannot thank you all enough for your help in spreading Lily’s story. The outpouring has been absolutely amazing!


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This Post is Made of Win

Lily After Surgery

This is going to be a post of GOOD NEWS!

We have winners and a happy kitten home after her surgery!

First…winners of my STITCHED Registration celebration are:





My Kitchen Window

They each win a PDF instant download copies of My Kitchen Window to celebrate STITCHED registration openng!

Congratulations to all three winners, I hope you enjoy your prize! If you do not hear from me in 24 hours, please contact me at sewhooked@gmail.com so I can get your prize to you.

There will be more giveaways coming this month, so make sure you stick around for you chance for some fun prizes!

Lily After Surgery

Lily is home with my sister and her hubby, and will be pampered and loved while she heals and finds some normalcy in what’s been a crazy life for a little kitten!

For anyone that missed it, Lily was adopted by my sister and her husband after she was abandoned on our parent’s property. Her leg was injured, but what we didn’t know what she had been shot. I’ve been on a mission to help my sister and her husband pay for the surgery Lily needed to save her life. Lily’s leg had shrapnel in it and was infected. She she was running a fever and her leg was amputated today to save her life. She’s on antibiotics and painkillers and short a leg, but she’s already improving, is happy, eating and being a kitten again, despite her big surgery today!

Lily After Surgery

In donations alone, we have raised $1300 to help pay Lily’s expenses!

I can’t say thank you enough. Really. THANK YOU.

Check out all the fantastic auctions going on at Love For Lily with all proceeds going to help with Lily’s medical expenses!

Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post.


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sewhooked blog – a new home

Just a quick update to test all your RSS feeds out there!

The sewhooked craft blog has moved from http://www.sewhooked.org/blog to blog.sewhooked.org.

I do apologize for the confusion and having to shuffle the links about.  I’ve left the Blogspot format in favor of WordPress and I think you’ll find the new format much friendlier and easier to navigate.

New crafts coming your way asap!