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No TTMT Today…Remembering with Stained Glass

Stained Glass by Carol

Hey all, I want to leave a quick note for my friends and readers and let you know that there will be no Talk To Me Tuesday today.

We’ve had another death in the family and I just can’t face recording a video right now. You may remember, that we lost my grandmother almost three weeks ago.

My wonderful, amazing, kick ass mother-in-law, Carol, passed away yesterday and aside from telling you this, I’m pretty much speechless.

Instead of sharing stories or thoughts or a lot of words, I want to share some of her stained glass. It was one of the many things that she mastered and she was amazing at it. This is just a tiny sampling from my own photos. I hope you enjoy them.

stained glass by my mil, Carol

Stained Glass by Carol, design by Archie

Stained Glass by Carol

Stained Glass by Carol

Stained Glass by Carol

Stained Glass by Carol

Stained Glass by Carol

Stained Glass by Carol

Stained Glass by Carol

My Kitchen Window

This final photo is a quilt that I made based on the piece shown at the very top of this post, which hangs in my kitchen window.Before I started sharing my patterns online, I made a version of this for Carol. With her permission, I then shared the pattern with the world. It makes me happy to think there are more versions of this floating around out there.


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The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

Another Furry Goodbye

My beautiful Merlin. #kitty

On Saturday, we said goodbye to our furry boy, and the eldest of our kitties, Merlin.

I won’t go into details here, only know that he suffers no more.

Almost exactly a year after we said goodbye to our other old furry boy, Tackett (the TTMT kitty), we let our Merlin go.

We miss him so much already.

Tackett & Merlin - A Temporary Truce

Tackett & Merlin, 2010, both of them fat & happy.

We adopted Merlin in March 2001, when he was 3 years old. We found him at the Austin Humane Society, where he had been for quite sometime. He was a big boy, 13 pounds when he was skin & bones, and no one wanted him because he was a black cat.

They don’t know what they were missing. He had the sweetest temperament, just low key and loveable. He and Tackett were companions and buddies for over a decade.

2002 - Merlin, our black cat

He was such a special part of our lives that in October 2002 my daughter decided that there would be nothing better to be for Halloween! It’s hard to see in this photo, but her tag says “Merlin” and she’s sporting a long black tail. 🙂

A Rose in the morning!  #kittyspam Marie says good morning!

We are very lucky to still have our two beautiful girls, the new: Rose (left) and Marie (right). Marie was the baby when we still had our Kitty Herd. The girls aren’t quite getting along yet, but we’re working on it and hope that they will have a long, happy life together.

To those of you that follow me elsewhere online and sent your condolences over the weekend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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Warm Holiday Wishes

Christmas Card from the Os

A very merry Christmas and warm holiday wishes to all of my lovely readers!

Thank you for visiting as I shared crafts and goodies from my family’s Christmas.

I have just a few photos to share today and I hope they bring you a smile!

Marie is enjoying my Christmas quilt.

This is Marie, enjoying our Christmas quilt.

Merlin in my lap.

This is Merlin, sitting in my lap while I enjoy our Christmas quilt! I love the way the light caught his white whiskers. 🙂

Best Christmas stamps ever.  One from @mkissa and one from my mom & dad! First Harry Potter stamp received!  Even though I sent a slew of these myself,  I am still very excited!

I’ve received several Christmas cards from friends and family adorned with the wonderful Harry Potter stamps offered by USPS. I ordered mine online some weeks before Christmas and put them on every single card we sent out!
Have I squeed a little with every card received with one of these wonderful stamps? Why yes I have!

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There will be no Talk to Me Tuesday today and I’ll be taking a small break from online life so I can spend time enjoying my family over the holidays.

I hope that you, too, will be spending quality time with people you love, whether they be family or friend, and you’re together or chatting online.


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Just A Few Things

merlin picture by elena

After losing Tackett, we’ve taken great comfort in our remaining two kitties. Neither Merlin (above, enjoying a sunbeam) or Marie (covered in toys below) are overtly people kitties. As long as they’re fed and have a place to sleep, they’re happy as can be. Even so, getting the odd petting session in here and there has been much needed by the non-furry people in the house.

Marie is covered in toys!

This is what happens when you have cats and teenagers. Marie was completely unphased by this turn of events.

Marie, lounging

She is also very good at napping. And extremely cute doing it.

The Doctor Who Stitch Along on Fandom In Stitches is chugging right along!

This most recent pattern was The Seventh Doctor, designed by Kristel over at wipgirl.wordpress.com, stitched by me. Her posts about the SAL are epic, so if you haven’t read her blog before, do eeet!

Doctor Who Quilt - 70" x 90" version

I’ve been toying with many layout options to create the perfect quilt for my daughter while building on the basic layout that I designed for Fandom In Stitches. I think this one is it. She loves it. I love it. It has Daleks. So, yeah…more on this as it develops!
Class of 2017

This is the reason why it was so quiet around here this week. My daughter and I were in Denton, Texas for her college orientation. My brain is still a little overwhelmed with all the information.

Parent Orientation, UNT

I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but I am now the mom of a college student. Eek!Mean Green Family

Everyone got t-shirts, even family members. We are now Mean Green Family. Caw!
Pineapple continues to grow

The wee pineapple on my front porch continues to grow.

The sky on my streetThis is a random sky picture from in front of my house one evening when I was out for a walk. It was such a beautiful sunset, I had to snap a picture.


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*throws confetti*

My daughter is graduating from high school tomorrow! We’re proud and sort of stunned, all at the same time. I guess that’s how this works, huh?

HOW is that possible? I’m still working on figuring that one out! I’ll let you know when it actually sinks in!

To celebrate her accomplishment, my family and I are taking two weeks off to spend time together before she gets ready to leave for college in the fall.

Because I want you to celebrate, too, I’m offering 20% off your purchase of $5 or more in my ETSY shop, just use coupon code VACATION! Offer valid only on ETSY. My store closes until June 18 starting tomorrow making this offer TODAY only!

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Have a fabulous first two weeks of June…see you on the flip side!


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Featured Pattern: Fleur-de-lis (paper pieced), just $2 on Craftsy!

NOT cancer!

Reading with Tackett

Just got back from the vet…and it’s NOT cancer!

*throws confetti*

Tackett has lymphoplasmacytic inflammation of the liver. He will continue to need treatment, but the prognosis at this point is good. We go back in a month for more blood tests to see if his liver is functioning more normally and then we’ll go from there.

THANK YOU for your love and support through the stress my family and I have been under.

*hugs you all*

*hugs Tackett*


In case you missed it, this is Tabby Face, a free pattern from me to you as a special thank you for all your love and support. Read more about it here.

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First Day

August 24 First Day of School

It’s the First Day of School.  Allow me a moment to discuss the two things I’m most proud of making: these are my babies. Except, they’re not really babies anymore.

Elena is a beautiful, smart, creative and independent young woman. She plays the violin, knits, reads everything with words, writes prolifically, speaks multiple languages and is learning to drive.

Gareth is a self-proclaimed Geek and is a boy genius, with full dimple-age in both cheeks, creating his own animations and comics, playing the clarinet, reading books that I don’t understand and voluntarily discusses math and science at the ripe old age of 12.

Already, I see them becoming the adults that are in their futures, and it amazes me. Affectionate, thoughtful, creative, and yeah, geeky, but they come by that naturally and are proud of it.

They’re also the closest brother and sister I have ever known, and that blows my mind on a regular basis.

I’m one lucky mom.