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vlog: TTMT – When Harry Met Data

If you make a Sew Awesome Craft or any pattern, craft or recipe from sewhooked, I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the sewhooked flickr group.

sew awesome craft: Hogwarts House Tote Bag


Drum roll please!  I have chosen the FIRST EVER sewhooked Sew Awesome Craft!

I’ve made a lot of online craft friends over the years, and I’m always excited when they share their talents with me.  One of these wonderful people, hermione_jean on Livejournal, shared a bag with me that has become one of my absolute favorites to carry around.

She then wrote a tutorial so you can make one for yourself!

This bag has particular significance for me because she has incorporated my Hogwarts House patterns into the design.

I proudly present the the first EVER sewhooked Sew Awesome Craft:  Hogwarts House Tote Bag Tutorial, by hermione_jean.  Also check out the variation for a Hogwarts Unity Tote Bag.

What do I love about this bag?  Well, to start, it’s huge, with a square bottom and awesome long straps for throwing over your shoulder.   It’s got a fantastic harlequin design, created with different colored blocks of fabric, with a Hogwarts House crest pieced front and center.   The tutorial itself is just COOL and the bag looks like a pinwheel before it’s actually finished.

The Gryffindor bag, made in the tutorial

Ravenclaw bag by hermione_jean
This is the bag she made for me!  Caw Caw Ravenclaw!

I hope you enjoy hermione_jean’s awesome bags as much as I do!

If you make a Sew Awesome Craft or any pattern, craft or recipe from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo.  Email me or add it to the sewhooked flickr group.

sew awesome: a sewhooked award

There are some amazing crafters that share their patterns, tutorials and ideas for free on the web and I fangirl them all!

To show my love and appreciation for these crafts, I proudly present the sewhooked sew awesome craft award!   I’ll be presenting this award completely randomly to for crafty ideas that I really like and then sharing links to those crafts here on the sewhooked blog!

Do you have a favorite craft?  Comment and I’ll check it out for a potential sewhooked sew awesome award!

Coming soon…loads of my favorite crafts!

Craft: Stampin’ on Stained Jeans

I found these fabulous unfinished kitchen chairs at the thrift store for $3 each.  A little wood stain and some clear coat later, and they are fabulous and in-use.

Unfortunately, I managed to forget to not put my knees down on the tarp I had covering the garage floor and got matching brown spots on both of my knees.   Did I mention I was wearing one of my favorite pairs of jeans?  You might remember them from the Hem Extension post.

I wore them once with the stained spots and it drove me crazy, so I had to think of something else.

My first thought was applique patches, but I’m really busy lately and that would take a bit longer than I have to invest.    I have loads of paint and a lot of stamps, so, hey, why not?  They were already in bad shape and I couldn’t possibly make  it worse.

You’ll Need:

  • Acrylic Fabric Paint a shade or two darker than the spot you want to cover
  • stamp big enough to cover the spots
  • small paper plate or piece of freezer (or wax) paper
  • foam brush

Smooth jeans out, with spots facing up and easy to reach.

Place a small amount of paint on the plate or paper.  Use the sponge brush to add paint to the stamp.  Don’t dip the stamp in the paint or you’ll end up with a blob of paint on the fabric.

Place the stamp on top of the stain and gently press.


I added a few more stamps to give a sort of pattern and now my favorite jeans have a bit more wear!

As always, if you make any pattern or craft from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting

Way Back Craft: Gryffindor “Canopy”

Elena's "canopy"

Elena’s Gryffindor Canopy, approximately 2002

Well, we’re way past due for a Way Back Craft!

So, you want a Harry Potter bedroom?  The very first thing I think of when I think of Harry’s dormitory, is the four poster bed with house-colored hangings.  Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

It definitely would be.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the means or the space for a four poster bed.

This is the problem I encountered when designing a Harry Potter room for my daughter.  Her room has a ceiling fan and the room is just too small for a four poster bed.  The Gryffindor canopy was on her Must Have list when the room decoration was being planned.   I have the great fortune to have two very DIY parents and the first thing that popped in my head was mounting something lightweight on to the wall.

How about a faux canopy that gives the feeling of those hangings without the actual expense or space requirements of a real four poster?

Then I started thinking price.  Cheap would be good.  Very good.  PVC.  PERFECT!

A fun aside on this project – when I was buying the fabric, the woman at the cutting table at the fabric store asked if I was making a dress.  When I told her I was making a Gryffindor canopy for a Harry Potter bedroom, she stared with her mouth open.  It was the first of many stunned looks directed at my fandom crafting!


  • 3 lengths of 1 to 1 1/2” PVC pipe cut into 18” (45.7 cm) pieces (use a hacksaw or have it done at your DIY store)

Note: PVC under 1” is not recommended because it’s too flexible. Make sure the threaded plug & metal flange will work with the pipe you chose. They’re easy to test at the DIY store.

  • 3 threaded plugs
  • 3 metal floor flanges
  • 3 flat PVC caps
  • 3 decorative wood rosette with a flat back
  • Epoxy, Liquid Nails or other cement-like glue
  • Primer spray paint
  • Gold spray paint (Use silver for Slytherin, bronze or silver for Ravenclaw and black for Hufflepuff)
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill (optional)
  • Screws with anchors
  • 5 1/2 yards (5 meters) of red satiny fabric  (Use green for Slytherin, blue for Ravenclaw or yellow for Huffelpuff)
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine (optional)


  1. Prewash fabric then hem on both ends, set aside.
  2. Following manufacturer’s directions, use epoxy to glue the threaded plugs to one end of each of the PVC pipes. On opposite ends of pipes, use epoxy to attach the PVC caps. Epoxy the wooden rosette onto the cap. Allow epoxy to dry. Screw pipe into metal flange. Stand up on it’s end in a well covered, well ventilated area.
  3. Paint with primer. Allow to dry according to manufacturer’s directions. Paint gold. Allow to dry overnight.
  4. Find the center of your bed, mark a light line on the wall. Depending on the width of your bed and where you want the fabric to reach on the sides, you will need to attach the flanges lower or higher.  If you have someone helping you, it’s a good idea to hold the center pipe in place with the fabric, centered, on the pipe. You can then determine how high the center pipe should be and where to place your two side pipes. They can be low or high, depending on your preference.  Use measuring tape to assure the three pipes will be symmetrical.
  5. Attach the metal flanges to the wall using screws and anchors, using the drill for pilot holes if necessary.
  6. Screw pipes into each flange. Arrange canopy fabric.

Makes a great window treatment, too!

Also for your Harry Potter room:  HP Bookcase Mural

p.s. I made the afghan, too.  😉

As always, if you make any pattern or craft from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting

also available on The Leaky Cauldron- Crafts

Crafty Retrospective: Don’t Waste, Thrift-cycle

A good deal of my crafting is recycling, reconstructing and repurposing.  Thrift stores are gold mines of raw materials and I rarely walk away empty handed once I set my mind to treasure hunting!

Here are a few crafty make-overs from over the years.

tire swing close up

Recycled Tire Swing made from a thrift store tire and a few dollars of hardware.  A back yard necessity!

Potions Bottles

Recycled thrift store bottles with simple paper labels turn them into potion bottles.   Given as part of a Harry Potter Secret Santa Swap.

Crafty Cabinet Full of herbs and spices?  I don't think so!

Repurposed thrift store find – a spice rack that now holds my beads and other wee crafty paraphernalia.

Yarn Ball Cozy from a CD Canister Recycled 2-Liter Bottle into Yarn bag

Recycled CD canister and 2-liter bottle into Yarn Ball Cozies

kurt cobain wallhanging

Thrifted Kurt Cobain tee, recycled into a quilted wall hanging.  Made as a gift.

Gareth's "Punked Out" Shirt Elena's Gauntlets - handsewn by her!

Recycled tees made with and by my kids, inspired by Generation T by Megan Nicolay

Binder Recon - Back to School Recycling

Binder Rescue - Back to School Recycling

Back-To-School binder rescue, a complete revamp (top) and minor fabric additions (bottom)

"handmade by" labels

Recycled cereal box labels

potholder tutorial 038.JPG

Recycled Pot Holder

earring hanger

Picture Frame Earring Hanger

quilt hanger before

quilt rack makeover with friendship quilt

Upcycled thrift store quilt hanger, before (top) and after (bottom)

Recycled Calendar Tutorial

Recycled Calendar Envelopes

Mumu for recyling

Monk's Bag made from a thrifted mumu

Monk’s Bag made from a thrift store mumu (pattern from Purl Bee)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle a Thrift Store Sweater!Recycled Sweater Bag Tutorial

Recycled Thrift Store Sweater bags

Recontructed leather shirt bag

Recycled, thrifted leather shirt.  I carried this purse for ages!

sweatshirt update

Easy Pockety Hoody hides an unwanted logo and adds a touch of thrift store chic.

Do you have a favorite crafty recycle project?  Post a link in the comments!

As always, if you make any pattern or craft from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo. Email me or add it to the Friends of sewhooked flickr group.

Happy crafting

Don’t forget about the Friends of sewhooked challenge!

Friends of Sewhooked Challenge

If you know me, then you know I like contests, challenges and drawings. I have a drawing every month on my Livejournal group, hp_paperpiecing, with a Challenge thrown in whenever I can manage it.

It’s about time the love is spread to the rest of my crafty universe!  I’m proud to announce the first ever Friends of sewhooked challenge!


If you’re a Friend of sewhooked (which equates to a friend of Jennifer!), all you have to do to participate is to post a photo of something you’ve made from Sewhooked to the Friends of sewhooked flickr pool by Monday, February 16, 2009, 10 am, CST (U.S.).

Follow any pattern or tutorial and then share your photos…that’s it! I’ll draw a name from the pool and notify the winner via pm or email. Please, no cross-posting entries for the hp_paperiecing challenge.   I know you won’t, but I had to say it…just in case!

The winner’s craft will be features on the Sewhooked and that person will receive a hardback copy of Scrap Basket Crafts: Over 50 Quick and Easy Projects to Make from Fabric Scraps.


If this works out, I’ll have another drawing in the future. Fun, fun, fun!